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Is... not the greatest today. Been off from Hospital for a week to accomplish much work on the Ranch, and succeeded at most things on that list. Amongst other things, LittleJon Deere Tractor Growliebeast now sports a new front right tyre, and is quite happy about it. More on that in a bit, as it will figure with a portion of the State of the Artist on Art.

Yesterday I started feeling some gut level disturbance, and during the night up several times emptying out the old GI tract. Woke up this morning with a low-grade fever, been resting most of the day. Helps that it's been a rain day. Yesterday we got rain too, but I pushed myself to get two moderate chores done in the House which will improve overall live-ability. Replaced the ceiling fan in the Library/Tube Room, and assembled two small drawer cases which fit underneath our coffee table. The latter two will help Herself organise some of her crafts work supplies, since she does a moderate amount of that work on evenings while watching Tube.

On a heavier note, working, we moved some hay roll bales into the Goat Paddocks. This is the part which will contribute a tad to the Artist side. Teasing? Yes, because more later.

I also meditated on something on Saturday evening while indulging in a Hot Soak Tub. Herself doesn't join me for these, usually, as she says I am actually par-boiling myself. I say I am boiling away my troubles and tribbles. While doing so this time I listened to my Celtic Music playlist, and though about voices. Or Voices, if you will.

One of my co-workers does not like instrumental music, prefers by far and away music with lyrics. Specifically, lyrics in a language zie understands, as well. This rules out most opera, for example. And while I listened to my Celtic playlist, some of which pieces the lyrics are in Gaelic and I speak not a word (well, OK, a very few words) of Gaelic. It's the Voices I listen to. And each musical instrument provides a Voice. All those Voices, combining together to express joy, agony, sorrow, bliss, love, hatred.

I dabble with music. It's been years since I've played any of the instruments (only a couple) that I dabble with.

That's part of the art, and the other part is both Art and Ranch related (here we go folks!) Getting an intact tyre back onto one of our tractors gets a major tool back into the work stream. If one is raising grazing or browsing animals, one is also providing them, periodically, with hay. Purchasing hay is like anything else; the larger the quantity, the better the price. Big round hay bales are usually less expensive per unit of weight than the square/rectangular bales. So we like to buy that way.

Now, one of these big round bales weighs in around 500 Kg dry (do the math, Yanks, or just get over it and learn the metric system like the Whole Rest of the World). Rolling them by hand is quite a workout. Fine if one really wants to burn off those calories, and part of the reason ranchers and farmers need heavy equipment.

LittleJon Deere is a compact tractor; his 3 cylinder diesel is rated to 26 horsepower which is, curiously enough, the same horsepower rating as Harrison Ford 8N. Harrison is physically much larger, and more massive. And still in a tractor coma.

LittleJon Deeres owner manual clearly, quite clearly states not to use this compact tractor to lift large round hay bales. I like to think I'm not stupid, my Grandfather once taught me that ignorance is correctable but stupid gets you dead. I've got a pretty good track record for not being dead so far at three score years and a bit, so I like to think, I'm not stupid.

Crazy is another thing altogether. Hellooo, note the user name on the blog, folks!

And after careful, thorough reading, there is absolutely nothing in the user manual about this...

Moved three of those puppies in about 15 minutes. Now, the credits read one thing. The actual cameraperson is Herself using her iPhone. She watched the little short and mentioned next time, she's going to leave the phone in 'Landscape' orientation. Good plan, I think.

Also done, in free moments over the past week, prepped six images for prints and two sets of business cards for printing. Running out of time for the Autumn festival season to start. Need to get to work on that.
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I may not of done exactly what was on the To Do list today when I went to bed yesterday. I'd thought to do a recycle run, hauling our plastic recycling to the drop-off. I also had Studio Time on the list for today. The latter I put off to tomorrow. The former didn't happen.

Morning rounds got done, no worries, and then the Bros enjoyed some water sports after feeding everyone. Touch up on some laundry, lunch, then out to the work shed. Built it about 12 years ago to be my workshop, it turned into a storage shed some time after that. Now I'm hauling storage out and cleaning up. Getting the place ready to once again be a work shop. Rather a bit of work to get there in one sense. I never did bring power to the place earlier. This is fine. I've different plans for that now.

And even clearing the bit of space I've done meant space to work on one tool. We purchased a new weed trimmer, a 'weed wacker' a couple months back to replace old dead one. Old dead one is a cheap and 2-cycle engine model. New one is a 4-cycle engine, a bit quieter, and with exchangeable work heads. Came with the string attachment for weeds and edging. Purchased a brush cutter blade as well in the past couple weeks, mounted that today to clear the last stretches of Herself's garden needing clearing from the summer overgrowth.

Now she can run the mower on the yard tractor through the same zones, and then we can fire up the tiller. Winter Garden time, eh.

Another reason for getting the work shop up and running again is related to the art. Custom framing is bloody expensive. Looks good, and bloody expensive. It is possible to shop around, both in retail and at yard sales or flea markets, for frames to handle pieces with mat sizes up to 16x20 inches / 40.5x51 cm, and for those frames to look good. Or at lest, not horrible. However, working with prints that start at that 40x50 cm size and the matting around them is that much bigger, and the frames start looking... not so great. Except, of course, for custom frames. Which are bloody expensive. In case you didn't hear me the first time.

In my tool collection there are a number of right-angle clamp sets, including three specifically for making frames. Herself's Mother Mary gave me a radial arm saw about six months before her death; she knew she wouldn't be using it and knew I could. Also in the inventory is an item called a ShopSmith; it's a multi-purpose power tool which I inherited from my father. So, table saw, disk sander, lathe, drill press. Perhaps none of them as potent as a design-dedicated tool, yet the one tool brings all four to my space limited shop. Two other recent acquisitions add a great deal of versatility to my inventory, a wide belt sander (floor mount) and a big compressor. Air powered tools, hooyah!

So. I've a roof and walls providing 192 square feet / 17.8 square metres. This I built with an eye to expansion in one direction for enclosure, and another direction to shelter items, even if not directly accessible from the shop. First, clear the floor, clean it up, and resume working with the hand tools. Second, lean-to roof off the south side, shelter for equipment. There I will build a 'closet' for the compressor, outside the shop proper for sound control. There also, I shall put one of our portable generators and provide power, initially, from this. First item to be wired is, of course, that air compressor. That facilitates the rest of the construction/additions.

Today may not of involved a recycling run. It is still an accomplished day, with trash cleared from the shop (even with more to go), and tools up and running. There's more to go - it is a never ending story. Still and all, we are also coming into the Winter months, and while Winter here in North Central Baja Jorja is no where near the experience of the Northern States or Canada it is the time I get the most accomplished outside.

So. Feel free to ask me, come April or May, if I've not mentioned it sooner, if I indeed completed the refurbishment of the workshop, and am I indeed making frames, or even, yanno, posing benches for the Studio.
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Tired this morning, and what a hook that line is to bring you into reading here eh? Still, that's the way it is, after working until 21:20 yesterday evening. Nearly a 14 hour shift. Good news, all with my current service, so a 'comfort zone' of sorts. Other good news, it will be five and three-quarters hours of overtime. Bad news, there's no rest today because it is a Weekend Night Shift day. Oh Well, gainful employment is gainful and so why am I moaning?

Two (not so) Mysterious Packages arrived yesterday, as previously mentioned. I've eyeballed the outsides of the packages and there is no damage visible. One is about 1.3 metres (4 feet) long by 30 cm square. The other is about 60 x 60 x 60 cm (2 ft/side). Both are lighter, at least to us, than the Point Of Origin implied in their description, though their desire to reclaim their space is pertinent. Objects inside will be a bit smaller than the exteriors, but not much. I will open said boxes after feeding teh Ranch this morning. Tomorrow will be a good day to start getting used to the contents, as the weather forecast is for rain, and potentially severe thunderstorms. Therefor, Houdini will be happy if we spend some time together in Studio 318.

A Clue For You, if you are playing the Guess What MadShutterbug Is Being Mysterious About. Looking at the B&H web site for a necessary accessory which I know is not in either box.

Oh, and ETA: First mobile bill after the upgrade to two (2) Smart Phones with data plans for both, including upgrade fees (which I must check into, as I am fairly certain I should be getting the upgrade 'free' but not positive): $154. This is not extreme, yet, as I say it includes some 'one time' fees. It also includes some 'data expenses' from the prior plan with NotSoSmart Phone, primarily some text messages since texting wasn't included on the old plan. We did not exceed either data use nor text use on the new plan for the better portion of a month.

So, wait and see what the next bill looks like. Should be at least 1/3 less than this.
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Yesterday was StayLate at Hospital. Regular readers know the rest of this. I Stayed Late. Today legs are tired & achy. Tuesday was Camera Club, which involves getting home from work, turning around the Ranch chores moderately quickly then off to City for dinner and meeting. Dinner is on our own, not with the Club. Both ways, not much reading of blog for two days now.

I am planning a variation on that poll process with the Pic'o'Day for audience participation. Will probably implement today, simply because today is off from Hospital (working Saturday) so I'll have time later. Fairly simple in concept actually. The following is quoted from Club Competition Manual:

Technical Quality, Impact and Composition. This is a standard judging method often referred to as TIC.

Technical elements include (but are not limited to); lighting, focus, use of depth-of-field, exposure, color or tonal contrast, appropriate backgrounds, lack of distracting elements and the presentation of the image in print.

Impact elements include (but are not limited to); A strong first impression, the pictures ability to command the viewers attention, emotion, sensory stimulation, a new imaginative approach, and whether the subject matter is made more interesting by the photographer.

Composition elements include (but are not limited to): the placement of the subject matter, dynamic symmetry, rhythm or repetition, definition and strength to the center of interest, balance, simplicity, framing, texture, and pattern.

The judge(s) will assign a numerical score from 1 to 9 in each of the three judging categories. The values of the scores can be interpreted as below or the judge may apply his own method.

1 to 5 Below Average
6 Average
7 Above Average
8 Superior
9 Outstanding

So the concept is, the Pic'o'Day is displayed and the poll underneath consists of three questions, Technical Elements, Impact and Composition. The answers will be radio button numbers, 1 through 9 (no multiple choice on values). Y'all then get to practice Judging a Photo.

Don't worry, there will be a gratuitous offering of Ticky Boxes.

Just now, though, it's time to go Feed teh Ranch.
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Meeting Marathon Wednesday.

What is it about the middle of the week that it is become the Day to schedule meetings? And the Third Wednesday of teh Month? The Worst.

Well, it's done. I'm brain fried. Smell that? Fried brains. Yup.


That is all.
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Spending time in Surgical Theatre again. Putting in my time. Y'all have fun, don't break the 'Net.
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I am tired. Meeting Marathon Wed Nes Day opened up a can of whup *ss on me. I am pushing the accelerator and the engine sez, Wha?

I. Go home now.

About Time

Dec. 19th, 2008 04:48 pm
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About time to pack it in and head home for the weekend. Today's payday, need to stop on the way for some things. Including salsa, need salsa to make Cheezie Piggie tomorrow. Maybe some bagel chips too... then we can call it Blasphemous Dip! Many thanks and a nod to [ profile] janetmiles for that latter, eh?

All afternoon long I've been 'Rating' songs in my iTunes. Somewhat torn about iTunes. Basically, it involves a friend who ran into a rough-edged spot not transacting some business with Apple Store, source of iTunes, and wanting to provide support. The app itself is generally free, and one then buys music from them. I use it because of the iShuffle. Which, itself, was 'free' as a raffle prize from Major Vendor at AORN Congress. Thus, I don't really spend any or much money at the Apple Store. I just use the software.

But it's time to go. Been a week. And it's odd, but all day long I keep thinking I hear Houdini...


Oct. 30th, 2008 11:13 am
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I can haz shiny new PC at Hospital.

Also, I can haz catch-up on installing work-related software & settings which were tied to old PC IP address. *G*

I can haz that tomorrow, because now I can haz go to Senior Nurse Retreat, and make presentation.


Aug. 27th, 2008 07:40 am
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You've reached [ profile] madshutterbug's LJ. [ profile] madshutterbug is not available at this time, as he's in an All-Day Class. Please leave a message.



Aug. 19th, 2008 07:43 am
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You've reached [ profile] madshutterbug's LJ. [ profile] madshutterbug is not available at this time, as he's in an All-Day Class. Please leave a message.

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The week is over.

I am leaving.

BossStaysHomeDays are staring, Houdini.

I do not think I shall be online this next couple of days.

I think I shall estivate.


Jul. 17th, 2008 05:06 pm
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Not sure if I'll show up on LJ tomorrow; I am taking the day off work because Saturday will be some more training classes, though that's for a one-off project. Do you think I should tell Houdini that BossStaysHomeDays are going to be weird again? Or let him find out on his own?

That is all.
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Today's sessions are done. This includes the Business Meeting luncheon. The largest chunk of the CE are presented on Saturday, so some folk won't be here tomorrow. I will be, but that's beside the point.

Winding down now. Got a few things to do before going to eat dinner, and there's a party on the beach starting about 20:00. I'll probably go for a bit. Not a lot else to report.


Jun. 19th, 2008 08:19 am
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Yesterday proved a good day, spending clinical time in the OR. I did manage to miss spreading Hippie Birdbaths for [ profile] nurse_tabby, yesterday, so they're a day late. Being she's a fellow nurse, I'm gonna guess she understands. So, today, Hippie Un-birthday, [ profile] nurse_tabby!

Thunderstorm last night, just around sundown. Knocked the power out, though not for a length of time. Still, we're good.

Smudge BorderCollie woke me up at 01:00 barking about something, which set his brothers off. Not sure what he was barking at, as all quiet outside, all chickens roosting contentedly, goats sleeping, cows... didn't check them, but they were all present before the storm started. Usually they don't wander after dark. Before it's dark, yes, and trouble later but not after dark.

Quieted down fine after I did my checks. However, could not get back to sleep. Then when I did, disturbing dreams. I've often mentioned here it's unusual enough for me to even recall dreaming, much less content. I do not call these dreams nightmares. Disturbing yes. Very unpleasant things happening to dogs, not our dogs (though one briefly started me to think Mudge, only it wasn't her), nor do I know who did the unpleasant things. Just... yeah.

My iShuffle needs to be charged. No music today. Oh well.


Jun. 10th, 2008 05:24 pm
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I am a Plan of Care class teachin' machine!

Long story, sorta short. We booked up the computer training room fairly solid for the first three weeks of June for the user training for the Shiny New Electronic Interdisciplinary Plan of Care. Then another group hit us with Oh We've got the room booked, been for months. It weren't in the Groupwise calendar folks. But they could show the dates on a paper calendar.

So someone messed up. But we had to cancel classes and compress the training schedule.

Then this other group came back and said Oh, but we don't need it on 6/10.

So we got to add classes back on.

Guess who was the only person available to teach all four of those classes? Two hours each, all four classes? Go on, guess.

Here's a clue. It wasn't Houdini.


Jun. 5th, 2008 03:04 pm
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Taught 2 classes this morning. Yea.

Slept through the alarm. OhNoes.

Since you already know I taught 2 classes, made it to work on time even waking up a bit later. Yea.

Thought I'd lost one of my thumbdrives. OhNoes.

Found it. Yea.

Found it in the pocket of trousers I'd washed and dried already. OhNoes!!!!!

Good news; if you find such a thumbdrive after it has well and truly dried out, it appears to still be working. Yea!

So far for today, the Yea's! are ahead of the OnNoes! by one.

Edit: Nope. Got a call from Herself. Mamma Mudge Bordercollie just died. She was a grand old girl, and we will miss her.

The OnNoes! are definitely ahead now. ::sighs
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Testing is proceeding again today. This is good. Evidently whatever we did preparing the testing scenarios, is working.

Reporting on the Treo Smartphone Migration is lacking, on the other hand. Still unable to achieve a successful sync between Outlook and Treo. Proved entirely unable to achieve a successful export of Palm OS Calendar information. Wound up hand-transcribing things from one to the other, while doing laundry on Sunday.

Called ATT support line yesterday to work this out. Kudos to the ATT support person, who ran through the entire process with me. Granted, what we determined is I've done everything which their web site, and Palm's web site, says to do. So there isn't any more support to be had from teh web sites.

So, she gave me the number for Palm's tech support, then forwarded me to them. Kudos not so much here. First, we are definitely dealing with tech support people for whom my native language is not their native language. Second, the first fellow took nearly 10 minutes to determine that the number to which the ATT rep forwarded me is for the Palm OS. Oh, you must call the Windows Mobile people for this, yes, must call someone else.

Why thank you. Never did get that number. Did get forwarded again. Once more, we are definitely dealing with different langauge situations. Which version of ActiveSync are you using? Oh that is very bad, very bad. You must use version 4.5. Download and install 4.5.

Downloading now. Installing now.


Hello? Um, haven't tried it yet. Hello?

To be fair, this could be due to bad phone connection. To be honest I don't care. To be brutal, received the same error message after trying to sync after the upgrade that I'd been receiving before.

Called ATT back, quite over it and ready to trade the Treo 750 for a Treo 680 (which does use the Palm OS). The hapless ATT rep this call discovered that why no, despite selecting a new plan while upgrading phones (because I had to select a new plan to upgrade the phones), my calling plan isn't upgraded. And features are turned off. Maybe that explains why the Treo won't sync?

Well. Maybe that explains why the voicemail isn't working, and I can't reset my voicemail password, but sync operations with PC located applications shouldn't be affected by the phone service plan.

At this point I completed the call to ATT, and went home. During the evening I tried some more things from the ActiveSync help files to get teh phone to sync, unsuccessfully. Thus neither Microshaft nor Palm are playing particularly well with this process. However, I've calmed down overnight and will spend a bit more time today trying to get the sync to work before calling ATT back. First thing there, where is my calling plan? Since I couldn't find any files on what I selected, I'm now working on the premise that the selections didn't transmit.


May. 16th, 2008 12:31 pm
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Today I feel like a flounder. Or at least like I'm floundering, despite the concept that I'm supposed to know what I'm doing. Now, I do know what I'm doing because we're getting ready for Integrated Testing on this project we're working on, the Interdisciplinary Plan of Care. I know what I'm doing on the following points:

- Anything on that Plan related to Nursing
- What we're doing, specifically, is writing a script. Do this, Do this, Do this.

Where I'm feeling like a flounder is that Interdisciplinary part. Interdisciplinary means, in this instance, various and sundry professional disciplines which provide some aspect of care to the patient, namely and to whit: Nutrition, Planning Services (discharge planning), Rehab (PT, OT, Speech), and Respiratory. I feel like a flounder because two of those services have their own, dedicated areas of the on-line charting application. As a member of Nursing, I don't have access to those areas of the application. Thus, I've no idea what their screens look like, what data fields they need to fill in, other than the Plan of Care.

Isn't that special?

The bad news is, we (the Nursing Systems Analysts) are responsible for preparing six of these scripts.

The good news is, my two cohorts are feeling quite just as Flounderish.

The very good news is, once we dissociate from the concept that This Scenario Must Make Sense, and assume the concept that Testing Must Touch Everything, being a scriptwriter becomes a bit easier. And for the parts where we don't know the Screens/Data Fields?

Service: Enter Data in All Appropriate Fields on All Appropriate Screens.
Service: Add Appropriate Problems.
Service: Select All Outcomes and All Interventions for Selected Problems.


Now, do this six times. For two 'record touches' per day of testing.

We may be here all night.


May. 2nd, 2008 04:57 pm
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New phone (Palm Treo 750) is now recognised by laptop & will sync; however there's nothing to sync just yet. Phone is activated, so if you've got my cell # and you call me, that's what I'll be using. If you don't have my cell # & I know you... why don't you? If I don't know you... fuggetaboudit!

I shall research later, when I get home, about exporting from the Palm Desktop software all the contacts/memos/calendar/to-do things and such. Either that or if I can specify the microshaft windersheissync software use the Palm Desktop database for such things, which would be nice.

Oh, and the Treo 750 has a cellcam. Just what I need, another camera. Heh.

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