Teh Horses

Sep. 6th, 2011 08:19 pm
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Today, evening, remnants of today's weather off the Gulf to the east.

Sage and Stormy )
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Beware My Sleepyons )

I'd say this completes the postings for the week of 9/13, and it does, yet... well, what I did getting ready for the week of postings. Uploaded the group to Flickr, then on that occasion copied and saved the HTML coding to link to the photos. Posted a picture a day, with one exception that wasn't on the list, and another exception being the Stay Late at Hospital day.

Today, as I've griped about before, my connection to Flickr isn't playing nice. This is why I've started setting up for a week's worth of postings as it were when I do get connected. I'm fairly sure it's hardware, not sure if it's the router or the laptop itself. Happens with more sites than Flickr, may involve weather at the Internet Satellite Provider location. Seems to mostly involve sites which are major band-width intensive, so graphic sites. Or it could be the laptop, which is also acting a bit odd lately, nearly a year after the Big Laptop OS Crash. Probably I should just bite it and get a new computer, except there's that whole the economy sucks thing and our current bills pretty well did expand to meet available income.

Still, nobody wants to hear things like that as it reminds them too much about their own problems.

Herself is back from her SCA weekend refreshed and full of stories about helping cook the feast. When she got home Houdini and I were playing Hose while also washing out one of the dogs igloo-style dog houses. More on that later (house-washing) because Herself needed me to move the Subaru to back in the Nissan, and I wasn't about to let a soaked dog into the car, and he wasn't about to move without getting a ride. End result, no one hurt, Herself moved the dog, I moved the car, the Nissan got backed in, and we unloaded LEFTOVERS for dinner. Om nom nom.

I've also prepped photos for next week, actually tomorrow evening, Camera Club #2 meeting & show. Eight photos, three to the theme Nature which means natural things without any signs of Man, three General and I more or less stayed with the Theme except I allowed some signs of Man, and two Monochrome one of which shows no signs of Man and one of which is a Portrait of Woman.

This one is different from Camera Club #1. When time comes to look at photos, that's what the club does. Maker of Photos speaks a bit to each one, and other members then comment as they feel the need. Critique is available yet must be asked for specifically. No Place Ribbon prizes are awarded; everyone is there to make, look at, and enjoy photos. Probably quite a few that I'm running in this one I've used a a Pic'o'Day at some point; I'll reference back to them after I know how things went. Others I'll put up as Pic-o'Day sometime soon, same purpose.

For now, it's time to go feed Cows and Horses and Hungry BorderCollieBros and then me.
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NapNao )

Been a difficult week, overall. Monday, not so bad though with some of the precursors to the following events. Tuesday, Stay Late, stayed late, didn't sleep well. Wednesday never did really get into the groove, felt behind on everything even though really, I probably wasn't. Except, of course, for the big event which happened at home and I didn't know about until much later.

Being mysterious again, aren't I. Ya, talking around things.

This weekend I've got Ranch Watch, as Herself is off to SCA and helping (not doing, helping) another friend be feastcrat. I'm looking forward to hopefully a quiet weekend, feeding the Ranch, working on photos, being home.

Maybe, even, taking a nap.


Sep. 16th, 2010 04:34 pm
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Madame Queen Mary Kitteh Observes Her Domain )

Yesterday's post not for comments. Today's post for comments.

That is all.
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Future Beefs Of America )

Well, might not exactly be the Black & White you might of expected from me. *G* These two are about one week apart for calving day, both young bulls. We don't need more than one bull, and right now counting the adult we've got five. We're thinking about selling these two, though.

So. The 'Judging' Game. Last week I ran this concept, the poll with the three categories Camera Club #1 uses, and numbered selection for your votes which match the numbered values we ask the judges to assign, 1 - 9 points in each category for a possible total score of 27. Not many polled, which is OK (I shall not guilt trip you. I shall not guilt trip you. I shall not... who am I kidding? Those two previous sentences are of course guilt trips. Probably not very successful ones, though.) because hey, game, right?

OK, here on DW (site of writing post to be cross-posted to site of polling) no polls.

Anyway. I counted five participants in the Judging Game. Four of them on only one photo, one of them on three photos, four photos presented for the theme. Now, no offense Mike but you always vote the same, so your entries are the ones tossed out for the statistical validity test. Don't worry though, because in the long run none of you came anywhere close to the Judge that Judged.

Judge that Judged proved... harsh. I mean, the high scores, the photos which took 1st Place positions? They received 10's to 12's out of that possible total of 27.

And, I learned that I need to learn a lot more about High Key. Three of my four submissions should count as 'disqualifications' per the Competition Committee. However, they chose to use this competition/show as a teaching opportunity and publicly announced which photos would be disqualified with a cursory explanation of why. Cursory primarily to help move the competition along; they provided some more in-depth answers later. As is, the Judge that Judged moved the competition right along as well, since it didn't take much time to record those low scores. In fairness and open-mindedness, the scoring is consistent across all the categories that showed.

One category, Novice, received no entries. Either the Novices went elsewhere for the evening, or they truly didn't get the concept of High Key, or chose not to try with 'simple' cameras. Mind you, I keep telling people, particularly when I'm teaching, that a camera is a camera is a camera, and all of them are capable of recording as good a photograph as the photographer can make.

So Herself and I are continuing to study High Key, with an eye to gaining a much better understanding of just what the hell it is and how to do it.

Now, on to the first of the Judging Poll posts, (this one of the World War Two Memorial at night) and why I asked you to provide your input. Back in August for the Silhouettes theme, this one took an Honourable Mention with a score of 18. Five of you played the game this time, and yes, Mike, you are still the statistical fluke for the same reasons. The scores from y'all were 21 to 24 for an average 22.5 score.

Then again, that Judge that Judged didn't judge so harshly as last nights. Just sayin'.
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Mad Cow, Anyone? )

This is one of four photos going into tomorrow's Camera Club meeting critique/competition. The theme this time is 'Silhouette'. I believe I'm past worrying about how they're going to place. Simply had fun looking for pieces I've done which are silhouette or close, and submitting them.

In other news, did some fence repairs after work today. Young Mr. Bull is crossing fences. Time for a change in occupation. His change, not mine.
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Feed your Piggies Watermelon! )

The original of this is bigger. I debated posting that one. On dial-up it would be a horrendous download time. Pretty much everyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line on this continent likes watermelon during the summer. Not everybody, but pretty much everybody. Herself running the camera, Yours Truly luring them over...
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Odd name for a pub... probably won't use it for that. )

Or, at least, potential neighbors, as that is the second of the two Purple Martin Houses put in this spring.

Teh Horses waited for me to finish photography to come over & feed dinner.
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Triple Bella! )

New triplets (see file name below for date) and their mother, 'Nose'. So called for the white blaze on nose. Named in order (more or less) Annabella, Eirabella, and Isabella. Isabella is a wee thing. Not a lot of room in the oven on the bake cycle, I guess.
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Prince One Himself Spreadables )

One Kittehs Of Apocalypse has now acquired an additional name...

Back in the hurricane season of '04 he and his siblings were just old enough to be exploring the house and getting into lots of trouble the weekend Hurricane Frances sat on us for 3 days. Hence, originally their names were/are One, Two, Three, and Four Kittehs Of Apocalypse.

Their sister, Four, is the second to receive a name, being called Princess Four Tubby Herself for *ahem* obvious reasons. A rather forceful catality, she tended to push her brothers out of the way when food became involved. Three is the first who received another name, when he discovered mirrors and started grooming himself, then dancing back and forth singing 'I'm too sexxy for mah tail...' Srsly, never any posturing, hissing or spitting, he knew it to be Himself in Reflection. Thus did he become Three Fooftah. Only recently did One receive an additional name.

Two Kitteh Of Apocalypse is Absent, alas.

Not Yertl

Apr. 29th, 2010 08:36 pm
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But Turtle )

Turtle living in the courtyard garden pond of the Flamingo Resort in Las Vegas.

Worked a bit later today, on my Stay Late. Not as late as last week though.
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Elsa the Kid )

You saw Elsa in part yesterday, behind/beside her sister who needs a name. Regarding that, her sister is behind her in this photo, simply the angle & distance & focal length hide her. Names proposed for Sister are being delivered to Herself this evening.

In other news, it is time for dinner.
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Name The Goat ... Warning! Insulin Hazzard )

Curious kid is curious, but un-named yet other than Elsa's Sister. That's Elsa beside/behind with the black & white face. We're bottle-feeding these two.

Might allow more time for the Tell the Story post from yesterday. So far only three stories, what's with this, I know there's a bunch of writers looking at these photos. *G*
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Houdini and teh Hose Game )

Anyone who reads here will stumble across the occasional comment (or even hi-jacking on Talk Like A Pirate Day) by the BorderCollieBrs. These are our three Border Collies, Houdini, Smudge, and Squrrl. Their mother, Mudge loved this game too, though...

Take a garden hose. Run water through it. Point it at, and move it around, three or more Border Collies. Watch the hilarity that ensues... These guys take this game very, very, very seriously. Herself started to water some new purchase plants (getting ready for her garden) yesterday evening after we'd fed the cows, horses, and kids. Houdini -- well, if you've looked you know he leapt into action.

I'm tempted to post an even larger, wider version of this one. Except I know that IE in particular doesn't seem to like wide photos in either the DW or LJ places.
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The Amazing Flying Houdini )

Makes him sound like a circus performer or something. Nor, of course, is flying. Simply perched on top of a long bird cage fastened to remnants of the old kennel fence. I suspect he does this to be 'rescued'. An alternative is to provide a better vantage point to watch for my arrival home. I provide the alternative because if I ignore him he'll climb down the opposite side, where he climbed up.

That's Smudge in the background.

It is Friday. I am home. I am tired. Why am I tired? What possible reason for being tired do I possess?
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Nap Nao )

Lounging regally upon his fooftah pillow, 3of4 KittehsOfApocalypse AKA Fooftah deigns to open his eyes and glare at the intruder interrupting his nap.

Today's weather is... wet, here. Will be again tomorrow most probably. Warmer, and therefor hinting of Spring. We've also seen a lot of Robin Redbreast, and I am wont to think fondly of my mother when I do. She loved Robin Redbreast and I suspect not least of her reasons for this included that seeing them in Michigan truly meant that Spring arrived.

Weather today providing a bit more data to figuring out the problems connecting to Flickr, because initially this proved not so successful from home today. However, now we've uploaded to there and to here and... achieved Pic'o'Day.

However, my knees and elbows are unhappy about the pressure changes.
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Not A Pet )

Despite being the subject of several photographs, do not misconstrue the cows as pets. Nor should a name be taken to mean this cow is a pet. A unique combination of letters in the key field of a database is a required value, and the database is the inventory of shares in the live stock market.

One of the things I'm feeling lately is that I'm not contributing much; not a lot of chatter. I may 'swing' through while in Hospital these days, don't usually log in though. And I'm tired by the time I get on-line at home, forgetting things I thought about nattering on through the day.

On another hand, Houdini and I walked about with the camera today when we made evening rounds, and thus this portrait of Rowena, second oldest cow in the herd, dame to several calves, and smart enough to learn at a younger age that wandering over the fence where the growliebeasts roam is not a good idea. Still, you probably don't want her retirement plan.
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More 'non-cooperation' between Laptop and Flickr. Today's picture choice is 'apparently' posted to Flicrk, yet not displaying there. I get a 'broken link' icon. We'll see.

A Dog and a Tangerine )

This is (if this works/worked) Sergeant Smudge BorderCollie Bro, who decided one day that a tangerine which fell off our tangerine tree (not particularly sweet, the tree suffered too many freeze burns) is a particularly wonderful toy...


Mar. 1st, 2010 07:15 pm
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That would be today's connection to Flickr, rather than the subject of the photograph.

Swallows Silhouette )

Swallows on their nesting box, overlooking a salt marsh on the inland side of the dunes at Sandy Neck, Massachusetts. The nesting boxes are part of a study into territorial behavior of this particular species of swallow. I used one of my older telephotos for the shot, in manual mode and not recalling shutter speed or f-stop. Doesn't matter, I rather like the silhouette.

Hospital, specifically the OR where I am once again practicing Nursing, shifted the start times forward by a half hour today. First Case in Room is still 08:00, but our clock-in time is now 07:00 rather than 07:30. A full team Shift Report is also re-instated. This might not seem like much for a lot of folks in Nursing, as most units do a full team Shift Report. Keep in mind, though, that most units are looking at maybe 20 people sitting in that report.

There are 26 OR's in North Tower. That's an RN and a Surgical Tech (or in a good handful of rooms these days, two RN's) per room, plus a dozen or so PST (Patient Service Techs) and Anesthesia Techs each, so we're up to 76 people crammed into our Staff Lounge. Not quite so crowded/cozy in South Tower with only 12 OR's.

Still, starting earlier also means finishing earlier. Today that provided time enough to swing across campus and deliver a CD of proofs to Doozer, then stop for Kitteh of Apocalypse kibbles on the way to Williston to pick up more Kid Milk Replacer. This got me home to teh Ranch a wee bit later than 'normal' for the old quitting time.

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