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Off of work early yesterday, Boss came into the office around 13:00 (an Early Warning about this did get an alert...) to see if we were done with our work for the day. According to Boss, the answer proved Yes across the board. So, we packed up and left.

Get Out Of Town - cuts are because this got long-ish )

Signs of the Times, or Should Ranch Get Bigger? )

Dog-Eyed, Plumbing, and Dinner )

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. A Yank holiday. Hospital gives us the Friday after as a holiday as well, so it's a long weekend. Time to catch up on those things detailed above. Today, as well, time to reflect and be thankful for:

Herself, teh Home Fuzzies, teh Ranch, our home.
Gainful employment, and recent sales from the Ranch
Friends, local and far, seen, spoken, corresponded.
Health. (Last year at this time I knew I'd be a patient at Hospital, divesting myself of Mr. Stone.)

May you also find good things to be thankful for today and all days.
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Herself did the feed run yesterday, she told me when I called to check in that I left Hospital. As it turned out we passed each other in Archer. Twice. I saw Forrest NissanPickup at the feed store as I went past. I stopped at the Post Awful to check the box, and she was in our road, stopped and unloading the horse feed when I pulled onto teh Ranch. So no feed run today. Houdini was disappointed.

Instead, after making morning rounds, we loaded up Forrest NissanPickup with a lot of paper and plastic for recycling and a bit of the trash ready to go, and headed off to the County Dump did Houdini and I. Trash cost us $1.50, recycling is free. I swear Houdini gets quite concerned when we're there. Probably because that's also where the County Animal Control Shelter is. I reassure him he is coming home with me.

We ran into Archer to check the Post Awful after the Dump, because Popper Aussie Ot-tar said he expected a package. It arrived. All the ot-tarz are over in Studio 318 just now and I don't want to know what's happening. So I'm continuing to clear out the Home Office in the Big House, preparation for moving Herself's workstation in here from the other room.
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Actually, back a bit further I suppose. Many thanks to [ profile] ichthyus who did manage to track me down in teh Discharge Unit and visit some. Greatly appreciated, that. As well as the offers to go get food from the cafeteria, though what would of come from there be the same that eventually arrived. AND because there still is no excuse for drug-induced humour which is only humourus to the drug-induced, I wish to say that I've received excellent professional advice from [ profile] quietdarkness which proved quite useful getting through the past couple nights. And with that, onward behind the cut for the faint at heart... )
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Second week back to work following mini-vacation to Vegas. More of the same, more of the same. At least today is payday here at Hospital.

On other fronts, a couple new kids at the Ranch, healthy so far, and at least one more goat mamma likely to kid in the next couple of weeks. We'll see what happens.

And a short, very pleasant visit yesterday evening with [ profile] alienorade who stopped by on the way home from something in Hoggetowne. Delivered a functioning disk of her portraits from the April session. I'd burned a disk shortly after the date, and evidently did not finalise the DVD so those files are unaccessible. Rather a Doh! experience, that. Now, however, she's got accessible copies and shortly will let me know which ones are her picks for prints.

More later. Time to do other things.

Oh, and (something no doubt at least [ profile] zompus will appreciate, along with others) it's Hawaiian Shirt Friday. Which doesn't mean others are wearing Hawaiian shirts, simply that I wore one in. At least long enough until I changed into scrubs for work. Then I put on my tropical turtles OR hat.
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We arrived alive back at the Ranch at Wee Oh Dark Hundred this morning; staggered out of the rental, made a warm but brief hello to all the Border Collies, threw some food at the Kitnz of Apocalypse et al (out of sheer survival mode), and fell into bed.


It wonderful! Well, people wonderful. Vegas fun. Will probably "Do Vegas" again some day, there's more to see. But this Rancher is glad to be back at the Ranch.

Definitely people wonderful. Meeting folks one's gotten to know through corresponance is a gas. How close does the 'voice in my head' for what they sound like match the Voice coming out of their mouths? Now, that's purely a sound thing, because all of the folk I've met first via corresponance (like, here on LJ) match the 'Voice' as written. Which is to say, people pretty much are people, and while there are the nasties about it's a Good Bet that they'll be like they are here on LJ when one meets them face to face.

Dredd Phredd Ot-tar quickly discovered that Vegas is a place that never sleeps... just passes out now and then. Saturday and Sunday nights he was out all night, got back to the hotel room about the time we woke up. Monday morning he showed up wearing a cowboy hat with an extraordinarily pleased look on his drunken face.

I don't want to know.

Home Again

Jul. 29th, 2007 08:21 pm
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Home again, jiggedy jig jig.

Or, according to Houdini, waggedy wag wag.
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Was indeed a late travel day; got back to the ranch at half past midnight. Slept well, though. Today is laundry, errands (including bank), and packing, and either later this evening or very early tomorrow morning off again for the second nursing conference.

It is bloody humid. I didn't miss that.
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For the United States of America. I imagine it’s a very different thing today than it was 231 years ago.

Williston did its July Fourth fireworks display last night; indeed today's icon is brought to you courtesy of the 2004 July 4th fireworks. Went to watch that, joining friends S & K, S's brother J and spouse [ profile] chaosloki and their offspring. Had just recently moved into the world of digital cameras and wanted to see how well it handled the fireworks. Particularly since there is/was (that camera not so much functional these days) a setting for Fireworks. Fairly happy with the results, and learned that response time for point-and-shoot cameras is way slower than the higher-end DSLR cameras. Well. Duh. *G*

I’d warned Houdini about it so he might be cool. He did not panic, and in fact climbed into his igloo den to hide. There followed local fireworks sporadically throughout the evening, which is how I know he went into his den. Well, more like I came out to check on goats, and he came out of his den, then went back into it.

This, after Monday evening attempting to hang himself again due to thunder.

I fear for this dog sometimes. Probably because he did find a way into my heart. And even though I’ve stated publicly that Squrrl is saleable, in all probability he will remain with us for his lifetime as well. And Sergeant Smudge is just too good looking for his own good. Smudge is also the best of the group with the cows. He's not afraid of them; perhaps a good thing, perhaps not. He's not allowed time with them unsupervised so it's unlikely he'll get into much trouble.

I’ve got book keeping to do today.

And I’ve been doing the odd bits and pieces working on photography. Specifically working with Photoshop and learning techniques. Played with curves manipulation (something I’ve done a moderate starting amount with already), using the Calculations command to convert an image to black and white, and layering filters for varied effects. Yesterday I also practiced ‘multi-exposures’ (as I think about it), where I’m emulating the double-triple-multiple exposure in camera technique. Not a lot of work I’d show outside of a fairly circumspect grouping but progress.

Generally I use a trackball with my computers. I’ve a trackball at work, and one over in Studio 318 office. However, I’ve a small travel mouse as well which wanders with the laptop, and which is what I use in the Big House office. It’s an optical mouse, not little roller ball, and the cursor wanders every now and again. Actually, it’s happening more frequently. I’m not sure if it’s related to the laptop also having a touch-pad pointing device (which I use, but rarely). Any ideas or comments on this, oh Most Geeky Readers?
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Yesterday my friend LJ seemed to be feeling a bit wonky. At first, nothing would come up except a message about LJ experiencing a power failure. Then I could access and read my LJ, but not my profile or my 'Friends' page. Some of my 'Friends' pages were accessible, others not so much. Today seems better.

As these things do, it all worked out. Herself was off (after morning Ranch rounds) to help folk at the Shire with work out at the horse arena where they host an annual SCA equestrian event, which event is next weekend. This left me to keep an eye on things, including one baby goat in need of milk at a couple points through the day. As baby goats go, this one is fairly quick on the uptake. Took him hardly any time at all to centralise the concept that he has two "mommies" that provide milk and safety. And now he's getting into the separation anxiety stage, hollering extremely loudly when left behind in the maternity pen.

Life it so tough when one is a baby goat.

Houdini and Smudge and Squrrl were happy to do a tramp about, even a short one. Then I turned myself loose on the house and hoovered. This being the time of year when things cool off, and we occasionally turn off the ceiling fans, we also notice the detritus buildup on the leading edges of the fan blades. Now seven fans are lighter by dint of suctioning off accumulated dust, hair, and et cetera. Since I'm trudging the bloody vacuum cleaner about to do this, it just seems sensible to hoover the carpet at the same time.

I'm extremely impressed at the difference in suction capability between the new machine we bought Herself (nearly a year back, now), and my old Electrolux. The Electrolux is now stationed in Studio, since hard wood floors (notice I don't say hardwood floors, as I don't think that plywood qualifies as hardwood) are easier to hoover than carpet. It used to be we'd put a new bag into the Electrolux and change it out after finishing the whole house. Now, we're usually emptying the cannister (the new one has one of those reusable cannisters and clean-able filters) once for each room.

Following all that, a brief visit by R on her way home from a blue-grass festival in Dunedin FL. Herself wasn't back from horse arena yet, though she did call while R and I were out visiting with baby goat and border collies. I didn't get the message right off, as I then went out to make sure teh Horses were fed before adjourning to the House. So Herself was past the point of turning to pick up a pre-ordered pizza (she'd not pre-programmed the pizza place's phone number into her mobile, something now rectified). Thus, when she got back to the House we ordered out pizza, she jumped into the shower, and I ran into town to hunt and gather.

This morning, much of the same so far. Not sure if it's another work day on the arena but could well be. I've some other things to do, since the house is done being hoovered. It's that other never ending story, eh? Laundry.

That, and photography work. Time to go through those photos made during the Month of Travel and put some of it out there for your enjoyment. Shameless personal promotion, larger, higher quality prints are of course available from Mad Shutter-Bug Photography, a division of Studio 318.
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I'd feel wrong except that I've been commenting around and about, bigmouth that I am.

Week at Hospital: it's the Fall again, number of cases is picking up again, people needing time off work to get children off to school, again. Spent a fair amount of time in OR's this past week, and what time not spent there I played catch-up with other deadlines. Far from all of them, but some.

Week at Ranch: Houdini evidently discovered one of my bath towels and put it to good use during the week. Rather a bit of rain, and one day of that with a lot of lightning and associated thunder. Herself described him sniffing at the towel, then pulling it off the bed and over his head, then laying down and napping.

Week of Photography: Not a lot. A wee bit more cataloging during the week, and a wee bit more this morning. I'm thinking I've not pulled all the images off the backup hard drive yet. Yhere are things I think I've scanned, which I don't find on the local hard drive. Of course, that backup is over in Studio 318 and I'm using House Office connections to get onto the 'Net. Plus, still need to get the thermostat wire over there repaired.

Quick summary, that. If you want more, go sort through the commentary on the Flist. Right now, it's time for other things. Hmm, what is on the Honey-Do list for this weekend?


Aug. 20th, 2006 08:50 am
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Hospital is... hospital. Work progresses. Have been getting out earlier than pre-go-live with upgraded software, but not every day. Probably doesn't help that after our go-live (which pointed up some weakness in how our IT dept. is distributing access), the IT dept. also did an upgrade. Which didn't exactly fix things. Like, am I surprised?

Did a photo-shoot on Thursday, an interesting and fun session to provide some portraits, head-shots, and other needed portfolio work for someone local. Will be posting a few pieces sometime this week but first need to deliver the CD of the "raw data" to the interested parties. More on that later, probably behind a filter unless cleared otherwise.

One minor mishap that evening... cut for TMI )

The rest of the evening passed without noticable incident.

Yesterday proved to be a day of rest, with a little other round the ranch work and a touch of studio (but only a touch). Today should be a bit more productive, albeit just as slow.

Herself wandered down the road yesterday for a family meeting, which hopefully proved productive. Also means I couldn't answer a couple questions which came up, those questions needing consultation with Herself as she will be the most involved in either point. Will see about answering those today.

Meanwhile, time to go.
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I foxed myself trying to be light and pseudo-elegant with the mat board storage. The 5mm plywood I bought will not be sufficient with the existing framing; I'll either need to bump it up to half-inch (minimum, maybe a bit more), or add some additional framing which will amount to the same thing. The current trend is bump it up, but not today.

Herself took the Nissan to an SCA demo in Ocala, and I'm not going to try moving full sheets of plywood with the Subaru. The past couple of times into the Lowe's where I'm buying my wood, their panel saw is down and so they can't pre-cut my wood for me. I'd have been willing to spend that for the convenience and the moving the wood via Subaru, but I'm not willing to spend the gasoline to find out the saw isn't working still.

Yesterday we put a replacement water tank into the system, out by the well head. There's two types of tank which can be used in a system such as ours; the old style which is galvanized and requires a "larger" tank to match capacity, and the new style which incorporates a pressurized bladder to match the pressure capacity of that larger tank. Our friends S & K, up the road and where we went to the recent celebrations, have a galvanized tank which has been there 30 years they've owned their place. No problems. We've gone through four bladder tanks now in the 18 years we've owned our place. Curious, neh?

Some of that may be that we've been putting in tansk too small in capacity for the load we've been working; we added a second tank to the system the second time we replaced a tank, as that increased capacity. Even so, those two tanks were still below the suggested rating, which I didn't know at the time, and which I've since studied up on.

Simple rule, actually. Count every fixture in the line, both inside the house(s) and outside. Ah, so then it adds up like this for us:
Big House - 11 fixtures
Studio 318 - 8 fixtures
Outdoors - 16 fixtures (4 tanks for livestock, 3 points for hogs, 9 hose bibs about)
Total - 34 fixtures. We need a minimum 86 gallon holding tank. Now, we've got one, plus the 30 gallon smaller tank which is still good, for a capacity of 106 gallons.

So far, it's all good. We no longer notice a surge in pressure when the pump comes on. With the larger storage capacity, the pump runs longer when it does come on, but cycles less frequently. Anyone of you reading this familiar with electrical motors will know that this should decrease the wear on the pump, as starting loads are significantly higher than running loads. So, fewer starting loads, less wear, and less demand on the grid, possibly lower electric bills to pump our water.

That's been my weekend (well, with some of the other entries) if you've been reading, and so today I plan on taking some time for myself. A wee bit of photography work, probably sorting and cataloging.
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Sort of a laid-back weekend but not really. Yesterday morning started off pretty much as planned. Houdini, Mudge, and I wandered out to feed everybody (I'd take all the dogs with me but truth be told, Smudge & Squrrl aren't so much with the obedience work off-lead and I get concerned about them wandering off, being curious fellows and all). Discovered that Saturday I'd be making a run to Fortner's Feed for 10% Cow, that wonderful gourmet dining experience which bovines swear by. Or at. Finished up the feeding part of the day while it was still fairly cool but getting hot; call it 09:30 ish.

Left the dogs to home because, well, the pickup air conditioning consists of 3 windows and 50 MPH. Sit still (and there's no shade at Fortner's for the loading zone), and it gets HOT in there. Cools off OK with motion, but still I get hot and I won't do that to the dogs. Got back to the ranch and opened the Road Gate (we've been keeping it closed for two reasons: 1st the goat-brains enlarged a hole in their paddock fence and rather than run the chance of injury due to fencing wire, we've been leaving their gate open and Road Gate closed; and 2nd Herself tells me various and sundry unknowns have been driving up our road and back out again when they get there, what it looks like maybe it's a county road? not so much... they don't do this on the w/e when I'm here. Maybe because of the 12 Ga pump I'm carrying?) fell off the hinges.

OK, so the bottom hinge fell off the gate; the top hinge pin points down so that bovinebrains can't lift the gate off the hinges if they get out of their paddock. Still.

So I parked the truck in the shade of a young-ish oak next to our road, walked back and figured out that the bottom hinge had pulled the mounting screw through the bottom rail. See, this gate is fairly old (oh, near 15 years) and we're now using the opposite end to hang the hinges from when we originally hung it, and we've had some enough wind in storms (like, say the Month of Storms in '04) that has actually torqued the gate off the hinges. So the bottom screw wore through the hole. No worries, a couple fender washers will provide sufficient surface area for the system to work again.

Only, the pickup won't start. It'll turn (once) and sieze. This could be one of two things. The starter motor is going (possible; it's been replaced once, but I think that was about 60,000 miles back), or the battery isn't holding a charge well. More probably the latter though with the truck running you'd think it would be fairly well charged. See, the past couple weeks, the brake lights started flashing at us. No body in the truck stepping on the pedal, but the lights are flashing on (5 seconds or so) off (5 seconds or so). And Tuesday after the big rain from Alberto on Monday, they stopped flashing and just stayed on. Battery charge dropped (been on a long time?), needed to hook it up to the charger. OK, keep an eye on the battery because once stressed that way most automobile batteries suffer micro damage which affects how well they'll hold a charge.

So up to the house to get the Subaru, and go out to jump the truck. He's too far from the Studio (building closest to the road with power) to run an extension cord and use the charger. (The Studio and House are nearly a quarter mile from the road. We like it that way. Used to be a dirt road, lots of dust. It all settled to the ground before it got to us.) Little red GasolinePump light comes on. OK, need to go get petrol; don't know why I didn't do that Friday on the way home, except that I was getting home late as is. Whatever, we get the truck started do Houdini and I, then shut down Subaru, go unload the 10% Cow, and park the truck by Studio so we can put the battery on the charger PRN.

Then deal with a pouty-tailed Houdini when I head back out to get petrol, Pepsi, and washers (didn't have any in stock) and he can't come with me because I'll need to stop three times, no shade, and can't leave the Subaru running with the AC. Doesn't take long, back to the ranch, tools in the Subaru and I re-hang the gate. Hot. It's now about 14:00 and it's hot, and the gate has no shade.

Up to the house, unload the Pepsi, take a tepid shower. Well, first hot then tepid. Hot cleans me off. Tepid to cool down. It was that hot. I felt that hot.

Sat to watch the tube for a bit; some things on the Tivo. Face feeling hot and flushed, and I'm thinking wow, must have got more sun that I'd thought. Then I start feeling chilled. Um, what's up with this. Checked my temp; low grade fever. Wow.

So I got into bed, under the light quilt we're got on it now, and slept until 21:00 wandering in and out of delirium dreams. Got up then because I was hungry, Herself made us ramen (just ramen, nothing fancy, and it tasted great!), started sweating, and went back to bed.

Today I feel fine. WTF? Finished up some work I needed to submit to AORN, and some other odds and ends but nothing in Studio. I need to go buy plywood for that, and I want the truck in better operating shape for that. Now I should do some book-keeping, and it's about time to go feed the Boys and Mamma Mudge.


May. 27th, 2006 08:58 pm
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Today. Hot. Yes. Finished up with outdoor things by about 11:00 and didn't do any more outdoors for some time. Other than walk between buildings, that is. Houdini went with me to Studio 318 (all 120 feet of commute; he says he enjoyed the car ride to Newberry Cold Storage more). Shelves and a desk surface are now suspended from the wall with the heavy-duty shelving system. I've been using this in the current home office for several years now, it's quite satisfactory.

However, turns out I'd left two windows open in that room. No big deal right now even at night, as it's cooling off quite nicely. But it did contribute to a warm experience even working indoors on that project. So I stopped after getting things mounted. I'll move the things around which need moving tomorrow.

Tonight, pot roast from crock pot which my sweetie left for me.

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Up early today, somewhat in anticipation. Then again I'd gone to bed early yesterday after a bit of work on the Ranch and being tired, so that may be part of it. At any rate, a light fog this morning, would of been quite nice for photography excepting there waited a wee bit more house straightening to finish before our guests from Birmingham arrived. Quite nearly succeeded in that. Was just finishing wiping down the sink in lavatory when I heard a cheerful "Hello" from just outside the door. Of the house, that is. Lavatory is just inside the side door of the house.

In Which Your Narrator Spends a Day With Friends From Overseas )

Kitchen cleanup is first stage done (i.e. the first round of dishes are in the dishwasher and running; second load waits until first is done, of course). I'm here rather than watching the Tube. Time to go read some other things.
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We now possess Sky TV. The particular package includes the four local stations we could receive with the Rabbit's Ears, and of course plus. For a three month trial, we've got Starz, and a bundle of HDTV stations (those may be more permanent). After the three months, we need to decide if we care to keep the bill low, in which case we'll drop about half the stations (probably including Starz).

The good news is SciFi is on the list that will remain, regardless. The bad news is apparently HBO is not on the list, at all. So no Deadwood for me, other than on DVD.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.


Mar. 2nd, 2006 06:02 pm
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I am staying late at Hospital, though Off the Clock, to shamelessly steal high-speed Internet connectivity while installing TurboTax on my laptop. This is something I learned several or more years ago the first time I installed a TurboTax. Downloading the updates on a rural, North Central Baja Jorja telephone line is not a time-saving enterprise. Things are moving along swimmingly using the In Tar Net, and I shall soon (barring Schwartz' Corrolary to Murphy's Law) be packing up to head home.

In other news, it is now 14 days until my annual hadj to AORN Congress. If you don't know what that is, feel free to ask. *G*
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Most people think of Baja Jorja as being flat, and there is a good reason for that. It also doesn not prove to be the case, though I won't claim mountains. Even as far south as the I-4 Corridor (between Tampa and Daytona, a diagonal line running roughly south-west to north-east) the Karst Formation which defines the penninsula geologically provides some ups and downs. One needs to be more central on the penninsula, or into the Panhandle, to find anything rather steep in incline, but it is not flat.

There are times, though, that light and weather combine to offer illusions. Most often in the twilight of either dawn or dusk, and usually involving clouds. There are some spectacular skys to be seen here, and not only by the coastlines. Yesterday provided such; with a weather front moving across the land and a lot of rain. In the evening twilight when I headed out bringing the Border Collie Bros dinner, there appeared a mountainous ridgeline off to the north. Something believable, too, not something out of the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada. More like the Blue Ridge brought a bit further south.

We were just back from a provisions run into Ocala, spending a moderate sum but also picking up a goodly quantity of our staples. And also getting just a tad wet, driving through a bit of that mentioned rain. Teh Horses received hay for an evening meal, not wanting to provide them with mush which the sky would make by adding rainwater to their feed buckets even as they ate. The Bros are a bit more sheltered than Teh Horses, so they got the usual kibble.

Today I'd planned on wandering down to Tampa to go to a Japanese Sword Show. That is, until my travelling companions and I discovered the admission price. I could still have gone, it's not terribly steep but is a tad high, particularly since all of the demonstrations or classes were offered yesterday and today would be just looking at swords. However, counting in the gasoline for the round trip and the time I'd actually be able to look at swords, without travelling companions it's not worth it to me. And the admission price is dear enough to knock out their interest.

So instead, I'll spend some time with the Bros, and with Teh Horses, and working on some of the physical plant issues with Studio 318. Once that's done, I'll see about sorting through some of the photos I've made of that structure, since I'm working on a photo essay that documents the process of conversion from dwelling to studio. In between moments, I'm probably going to work on e-mailing some recent contacts who are interested in doing some photography work. There's headshots and portraits in the future, as well as potentially some opportunity to experiment some more with a technique called "painting with light."

But the studio needs to be cleared a bit first. Which will involve a run into town to pick up a couple of sawhorses. As a temporary tool, sawhorses make an acceptible saddle-stand, and there's these saddles stacked up on some of my studio props...

Though Herself has sold two of them via e-Bay. Just waiting on the payment to ship them off. One of them is going to Canada, so I guess that makes her an International Seller.

Hella Storm

Feb. 3rd, 2006 07:25 am
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Shamelessly nicking a turn of phrase from [ profile] tassie_gal simply because it's a great description of the rain last night. Got woke up by the thunder, matter of fact, and I usually sleep through such things. However, may have been because Squrrel started hollering his "Boss! Houdini got out again!" holler, and sure enough, Houdini knocked on the side door shortly after that. That dog is just too well named. Though just like his mother, he really doesn't like big storms.

Still raining this morning. Enough downpour to enlarge our pet sink hole slightly; mostly things settled deeper, with just a bit of collapse on one wall. Still, we probably need to invest in a delivery of some limerock and dirt to fill that up, at least a bit.

Today is "Sticky Dollar Day" at Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, when schools from Counties Around send their students on a field trip. And here I am, stuck at Hospital, working. *sigh*

ETA: 09:51 Just rang off with Herself; the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire is closed for today due to being rather well drenched. Several vendor's tents were blown down, though not ours. Water on the ground, not a flood but standing water; the fair grounds doesn't drain terribly quickly, being rather, well, flat. The school children are apparently dissapointed that they'll be going to Museums instead of the Faire. Such is Life.
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Quite the eventful day yesterday. As mentioned, Herself off early to Hoggetowne. All ranch critters fed by 10:00, and a call in for delivery of two round bales of hay. These are the big rounds you may see if you go for a drive in the country, and observe that a farmer/rancher has just cut their hayfield. They're heavy, between 3/4 and 1 ton each, depending on how fresh, how moist. I'd have gone to get one, but Herself had the pickup truck with her.

Shortly after all ranch critters fed, and right after my lunch, a phone call from Next Door Neighbor. Michael Alert, Michael BorderCollie is done disapeered from by her side. Since Mama Mudge is both smelling very interesting to her sons, and there's been some dribbling on the floor in the bathroom, good probability that She's Getting Ready to Entertain Gentlemen Callers. Which means Mike; she still sits when and of the Bros get too interested, and lets them know they Aren't The One.

Sure enough, Mike came out from behind the house. While waiting for Neighbor, discovered Solly wandering blithly through the 'front yard' over near the old hog pens. Hay not slated for delivery for another two hours yet. Moved him over back by the gate to the East Pasture, but no further.

No Fear calling in the distance keeping teh Horses interested, though not calling back to him. Oh, did I mention that? No Fear came a courting on Friday, got himself all the way into the East Paddock with teh Horses. Neighbor came over to bring him home around 18:00 Friday; he's confined until further notice i.e. when teh Horses are no longer smelling Interesting.

Hay delivery around 14:30, taken straight over to the East Pasture. Many Happy Cows, and Solly came right through the gate behind the truck delivering... as did Polka Cow. When did she cross the fence? Not sure, but she's also showing tendencies to do this. Her first instance was two and a half years ago, and she wound up with another neighbor's herd of Black Angus; hence Solly looking so much like a Black Angus. Since she's given us a second calf since then (from Neighbor's Bullregard, who is now Ground Beef), she may also be What's For Dinner soon.

However, all this wrapped up too late in the afternoon for me to opt driving across G'ville to get to the Faire. I'll do that today, since there's a supply run on the calendar as well.

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