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I am still in Surgical Theatre, working. Enjoy the night off of viewing, eh?
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Anesthesia: Pooh Bear
CRNA: Piglet
Surgeon: Christopher Robin
Fellow: Rabbit
RN: Eeyore
Scrub: Tigger
PST (Patient Service Tech): Kanga & Roo
Anesth. Tech: Owl

Srsly, we do post the staff in the room on a white-erase board. Today, this is the staff assignments in my OR.

I Can Haz

Feb. 12th, 2010 07:41 am
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Be Ortho Scrub today. Sick calls, short staffed...

Welcome back to Orientation.

We Achieved

Nov. 3rd, 2009 05:04 pm
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New office location. No windows. (sighs) I shall need to purchase a Digital Picture Frame soon.
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About time to head home from a working Sunday. Some problems with some of the units and information systems, nothing overly major. The vast majority of the patient moves were done by 14:00 local time.

I go home now. Tomorrow morning comes much too soon.

Moving Day!

Nov. 1st, 2009 11:18 am
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Today is Moving Day. Three years ago Hospital Health Care began construction on Shiny New South Tower, and today we are moving Heads in Beds. I am at Hospital supporting the move; Houdini is not happy. However, there will be a comp day this week, and he will be happier then.

Meanwhile, yes, I'm busy. Not back-breaking but busy. More as time permits.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 06:56 am
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Today. Might be here. Might not. Have fun! Don't do something that will wind you up in my Surgical Theatre, eh?
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Meeting Marathon Wednesday.

What is it about the middle of the week that it is become the Day to schedule meetings? And the Third Wednesday of teh Month? The Worst.

Well, it's done. I'm brain fried. Smell that? Fried brains. Yup.


That is all.

Just a Test

Dec. 9th, 2008 10:27 am
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Working on testing a new feature in one of the applications we support. Needed to enter the following:
Misc. Patient Care Verbal Orders

It's sort of a free-form free text thing, eh? For those occasions when you just can't find the whatever it is the doctor says they want. Because, yanno, they probably don't know what they want, but they know they want something.

So I ordered: Just a dance before I go, waltz please

Because this particular bit of duty is otherwise Booooorriiiiiing
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May be seen here. May not.

Y'all have a good day, now, hear?
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So I am in the OR. Thus far helped get first case starts going on time. Now doing some other work related to providing required supplies for ongoing and upcoming cases.

Ah, the more it changes, the more it stays the same.
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The week is over.

I am leaving.

BossStaysHomeDays are staring, Houdini.

I do not think I shall be online this next couple of days.

I think I shall estivate.


Jun. 10th, 2008 05:24 pm
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I am a Plan of Care class teachin' machine!

Long story, sorta short. We booked up the computer training room fairly solid for the first three weeks of June for the user training for the Shiny New Electronic Interdisciplinary Plan of Care. Then another group hit us with Oh We've got the room booked, been for months. It weren't in the Groupwise calendar folks. But they could show the dates on a paper calendar.

So someone messed up. But we had to cancel classes and compress the training schedule.

Then this other group came back and said Oh, but we don't need it on 6/10.

So we got to add classes back on.

Guess who was the only person available to teach all four of those classes? Two hours each, all four classes? Go on, guess.

Here's a clue. It wasn't Houdini.


May. 16th, 2008 12:31 pm
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Today I feel like a flounder. Or at least like I'm floundering, despite the concept that I'm supposed to know what I'm doing. Now, I do know what I'm doing because we're getting ready for Integrated Testing on this project we're working on, the Interdisciplinary Plan of Care. I know what I'm doing on the following points:

- Anything on that Plan related to Nursing
- What we're doing, specifically, is writing a script. Do this, Do this, Do this.

Where I'm feeling like a flounder is that Interdisciplinary part. Interdisciplinary means, in this instance, various and sundry professional disciplines which provide some aspect of care to the patient, namely and to whit: Nutrition, Planning Services (discharge planning), Rehab (PT, OT, Speech), and Respiratory. I feel like a flounder because two of those services have their own, dedicated areas of the on-line charting application. As a member of Nursing, I don't have access to those areas of the application. Thus, I've no idea what their screens look like, what data fields they need to fill in, other than the Plan of Care.

Isn't that special?

The bad news is, we (the Nursing Systems Analysts) are responsible for preparing six of these scripts.

The good news is, my two cohorts are feeling quite just as Flounderish.

The very good news is, once we dissociate from the concept that This Scenario Must Make Sense, and assume the concept that Testing Must Touch Everything, being a scriptwriter becomes a bit easier. And for the parts where we don't know the Screens/Data Fields?

Service: Enter Data in All Appropriate Fields on All Appropriate Screens.
Service: Add Appropriate Problems.
Service: Select All Outcomes and All Interventions for Selected Problems.


Now, do this six times. For two 'record touches' per day of testing.

We may be here all night.


May. 8th, 2008 04:28 pm
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Any of you who are afraid of clowns (those disguised, costumed individuals who try so hard to make one laugh, they really must be hiding something) need not read further.

Clowns are wandering through Hospital today.

This is all part of something called 'National Nurses Week' here in the States. Rather a commemoration for all the members of my Profession, it is held annually and usually to correspond to Florence Nightingale's natal anniversary. I'm not so much afraid of clowns as they are more serving an unpleasant reminder of how much I've come to depend on a wee bit of technology that isn't currently functioning well. Nor is my progress to replacing that functionality progressing well.

It's all right though. I've not forgotten Flo's natal anniversary. Y'all will be subjected to something about that on another day.
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Working on catch-up, things not done while I went away because I'm the one responsible for doing them. Not a worry; there are things my cohorts are responsible for that may not get done when they're away. The high priority things are covered. What it makes for is a day spent at the desk almost exclusively. Falling asleep here, eh?

One of our office-cohort accepted a position with another department. He is an analyst/programmer, not a nursing systems analyst. There is much scuttlebutt whether or not his position will be posted for hire. However, yesterday also a news item that there is an upcoming cut in Medicare budget cuts which will result in a $280 million cut in federal matching funds coming to Hospital. I'm leaning strongly towards the 'redistribute workload' rather than 'post and rehire' on the open position.

I'm OK with that; it's all things which I find interesting and useful and hey, RN's are supposed to be versatile.

In other news, today is payday, and I see that for my five days of AORN Congress I received 40 hours Administrative Leave. This means most of the trip, and all of last week, did not come out of my time-off bank. In fact, when it is all settled out only three days (24 hours) will be out of the time-off bank. The most I received in prior position for AORN Congress was three days AL. I'm thinking this is because I'm now in an exempt position; sweet.
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Good trip, enjoyed myself, had a great time in San Diego and many thanks to everyone (both LA and SD) for the hospitalities. No problems with connections on the homeward legs. Even after shifting loads and books and an extra bag provided by [ profile] wedschilde and [ profile] goth_huntress, got tagged for overweight bag. I guess I just bought too many books.


Herself picked me up at the airport in Tampa. Traffic proved horrible (no surprises) until we got past the I-4/I-275 interchange and were heading out of town. Turns out the Women's Final Four NCAA Basketball games are in town. We didn't stick around for them. Got back to the Ranch around 23:00, pulled bags out of Syndey SubaruOutback and went to greet the Border Collies and give them snookies and noogies. Dogs love noogies.

Then plop.

Then up way too soon and in to Hospital today. I think I'll get something accomplished. At least one thing. I think.

Need more coffee.

Fri Day

Mar. 15th, 2008 08:18 am
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Yesterday I did my clinical time for the month. A good day overall, though at the end of it I felt even more tired than any day previously. For a week I've been covering both Hospital and Ranch it shouldn't of felt like more, yet it did. My patients did well, their surgeries went well, and it was payday. Why more tired?

Being the introspective type I am, I meditated upon this after a pleasant simple dinner of leftovers from the refrigerator whilst soaking myself in a tub of water so hot most people might contemplate boiling shrimp in it... and came to realise that the day provided a good example of one of the core reasons I'd decided it was time to change. No I'm not going into details. They aren't particularly pertinant, this is a public entry, and I've actually rarely gone into details about Hospital. What matters is, dealing with that core problem requires a lot of energy expended in manners which aren't particularly productive.

Besides, I think that bath served the purpose of parboiling the problem away.

Today, make rounds, feed the critters, transport and do some laundry, possibly try to trouble shoot the washer. Or not, as once Herself gets home (Monday, Tuesday) there will be someone here for a service person to check in with. And sometimes, paying someone with expertise is worth my time.

Managed to sleep in about an hour and a half before being woken up by feline property rights discussion. I suspect Grayling, the semi-feral who's adopted us for a free meal, came inside to raid the bowls of the KitenzOfApocalypse. Someone objected. I still might not of noticed except the course of the discussion took them through the bedroom.
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Educational presentation went well. It felt like all the coffee I drank this morning finally kicked in just as I started. In fact, it FeltLikeITalkedTooFastBecauseOfAllTheCaffiene. Right. However, it did go well, people actually understood what I presented (I know this because the quoted it back later during the focus group sessions.

Now it's a continuing project. Back to work.

It occurs to me that my RN Self Hard At Work icon here isn't totally accurate anymore. Don't scrub very often in this role.
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And I must work. Really groggy this morning, even after coffee. And today we're doing an education presentation. I need to review my speakers notes.


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