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Posted this to both Flickr and Deviant Art a couple days ago, and showing them locally I am getting a question rather consistently: where is this?

In this instance the answer is 'In my mind, eh!' Astute observers may deduce they know 1/3 of the where (which is, itself, a small clue). Yet this is only true of source material. Really, guys, this is in my mind.

Transporter )
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So Camera Club #2 (as I call it) meets on the third Monday of the month. This month the theme for the submissions is/was Panorama. These are wide format images, either composited, 'stitched' together from several frames (or many frames in some instances) or cropped to the panoramic format which is landscape out the ying-yang, or possibly photographed using a panoramic camera. Those beasts are interesting devices, where the lens pivots on a central point to expose a strip of film to the wide-format landscape (usually) to be recorded.

I've done two variations on these. Compositing, and 'faux' or cropping images to that long, slender, wide format. Not all the images I submitted this month were panos, in fact, only two. I did learn that since the second 'category' in the submission rules is 'General' it is possible to submit a few more images to the overall theme. Store that for next time. I didn't put in any of my 'faux' panos, though I thought about it for a bit.

Panorama #1: Lake Chelan, Washington )

Panorama #2: Storm Over Paddock )

Now, on to the other portions. First, the General Three:
Lyre, Lyre )

Gathering for the Photo Walk )

Architectural Feature )

Popper Aussie Getting a Close-Up )

Take Off )

There are more from the Naples trip, of course. These are simply the ones I put into the show on Monday.
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So these two, along with Trout Haven comprised the General Category this past Monday with Camera Club #2.

Lake Chelan, Washington )
On my Flickr-stream this is my most-viewed photograph,as well as most Favorites. Flickr allows registered users to mark a photo as a favorite of their. I like it as well; a good scenic of a high-country desert lake. There is a bit of a 'punch-up' in post-production, emphasizing the blues closer to what my eyes saw. Do remember, though, I see colour in my own unique manner.

Sterling Falls Triptych )
Sterling Falls is one of the waterfalls (out of, some days, thousands) in Milford Sound. It is a constant waterfall, rather than the many which result from the amount of rain received; with more rainfall there may be those thousands mentioned, most of which will trickle down and disappear as the rainfall eases off.

What is fun for me is that many people who've seen this first assume I've 'zoomed in' with the lens. Not so much; the Mamiya C330 is an interchangeable lens camera, however all the lenses are fixed focal length. Could of done this changing lenses, yes. They're all with the 'normal' 80mm lens (normal is the focal length for a given image size format that most closely matches the perspective/proportions seen by the human eye... wide angle will spread up to the extremes of fish-eye lens distortions, and telephoto lenses 'compress' the perspective) as our tour boat slowly approached the edge of the fjord and the falls.

Night shift last night. Thus today is a 'compressed' day, sleeping the morning away and muddling through the afternoon and evening until bedtime later. Not unproductive, however I've long found that my post night-shift day is one to work on things not requiring a lot of thought. Or energy. So I'm doing laundry while reviewing photos that need printing (for various reasons) and preparing to locate those files for a CD burn, to take to printer.
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Today will be the three selected specific to the theme, "Nature".

Morning on Milford Sound (Rivendell) )
Two alternate titles for this piece, which I usually do much closer to a square crop (or, actually, full-frame). Because there is a boat along one edge, I've cropped in on that side for this 'show' theme. Still works well, and I will perhaps move to the current crop for any future printing/display. Time of day for the photo is ten-ish. I'm recalling that our tour boat served lunch, so departed close to that time, however without digging through old notes won't specify that. More idle thoughts related later in the post.

Ferns, Hagley Park Botanical Garden, Chch New Zealand )
I put this one in both for the irony and the location. Irony, because there is nothing in this photo showing Man yet the location, Hagley Park Botanical Garden is in the heart of Christchurch and in fact not far from downtown. Location I would hope just now to be obvious; Christchurch, Chch, where the people are still experiencing aftershocks to the big earthquake of a couple weeks ago, and those 'aftershocks' measuring as fairly intense earthquakes in their own right. I spent perhaps nine days in Chch, most of them sequential, and I feel a very strong affinity for the people and their place.

Chrysalis )
This is right here on teh Ranch. For me, one of the fun parts in this photo is doing something that boggles the minds of a lot of current photographers. One of the big 'advantages' of digital photography is that memory cards (storage, essentially the equivalent of 'film') now are such most people may record hundreds of images before filling the card - even if they are using the highest quality largest file size settings. Anyone who shoots film knows that film comes with a finite, smaller number of images per roll. In 35mm for example, rolls come 20, 24, and 36 frames. In 120mm (my medium-format) and specifically the format my cameras shoot, 12 images per roll. Not hundreds.

I've a compact flash card which I purchased with the very first digital point-and-shoot camera I bought. The card which came with the camera was 32Mb. This card was 96Mb, significantly larger. Later I purchased even larger cards. Currently in the D70s I generally use 1Gb cards and get around 150 images. Periodically I load that 96Mb card into the D70s. I get 17 photographs. Only Seventeen.

The exercise reminds me that every image counts. Practice making them all good.

On the trip to New Zealand, and actually around that time period overall, I recorded some pertinent data about each image when I made it. Some of it could be recorded once for each roll, and specifics only per frame. Digital cameras make this much easier, as the camera will record much of this date in each picture file: Shutter speed, F-stop, Lens, Exposure Speed (ISO), if the internal camera clock is set correctly, Date/Time of exposure. While I'm quite sure that notebook is around here somewhere, I've not seen it for a long time now. So I don't have the specific time of day on these images from New Zealand any longer. Just the memory that the two photos were made during the mornings of their respective days, and not the particular hour and minute.

There is some value, betimes, in knowing that much detail. Other times, it isn't all that important.

Yesterday at Hospital was Stay Late. This one is the longest I've been hit with so far since many years back. Essentially, I worked a 'double' with eight hours extra on top of the usual eight hour shift I work. Tonight I work Nights, one of my weekend commitments. I expect I'll be taking a nap this afternoon.
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Srsly. )

This is one of the photos placed in yesterday evenings Camera Club #2 show. Very different from Camera Club #1. No competition. No judges. No ribbons for places. No points. Simply look at photos & comment if the need strikes. One of the comments to this one? "Um, that's not Florida, is it." Comment, not question, eh?

I'll post some more as the week goes, possibly a couple a day since Thursday is Stay Late day and we all know how that goes. In point of fact, many probably are already in the Pic'o'Day set over on Flickr.

Yesterday was Lady Ever's Day, and I didn't post then because I didn't head home, and therefore general Internet access, until after Camera Club Meeting. Houdini was not amused. But he forgave me.
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Back to Puget Sound... )

No, I didn't walk over to the stairs for a closer examination. The park boundary is clearly marked. I didn't feel like trespassing on the occasion.

In other news, Houdini and I (with a bit of help from Squrrl) made all the Ranch Rounds this morning. This includes replenishing the hog feed. Everything else will last comfortably through the weekend into next week. We are now taking a short break before sorting laundry and starting that chore. Aren't we productive?

Well, yes, somewhat, as I've also done some on-line searching for parts for Harrison Ford 8N Tractor. I'm chuckling a bit. Mother Mary was not so sure that Clyde did us a favour purchasing us such an 'old' tractor. And it is old; Ford stopped making the N series in '52. Thing is, Ford also made a lot of them, and they're popular still. So there's lots of parts available particularly if one isn't adamant about doing a full, proper, period refurbish job. I'm not. I am happy to get him running again.
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Of Federal Way... by about one year )

Not been a bad day, far from it. Nor a great day either. So, just a day. I've uploaded some work and saved a weeks worth of links for Pic'o'Day, something I started experimenting with last week. After all, what better way to ensure good connections to a web site, than to not need those good connections...

And Houdini is becoming quite insistent that it is time to go feed Horses, Cows, and BorderCollie Bros.
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So, because High Country Lakes & Blue Look Cool... )

Lake Chelan, Washington. I'm actually somewhat surprised at myself that I've not posted it already as a Pic'o'Day. Over on Flickr, this photograph has the most views, the most 'Favorites', and the most 'Interestingness' according to, well, Flickr. It does not, however, have the most 'Comments' so I guess people simply go and look.

Ran errands today with Herself, took her shopping. Mostly we bought groceries, did get a few other things, and she got a lot of prices. Then we hurried home to be with Houdini because the thunderstorm came along...


Jul. 27th, 2010 06:57 pm
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Fountain )

This is the second photograph in a set over on Flickr, and the set itself is a sub-set of a visit to the City of Lights, Lost Wages. Las Vegas. Sometimes, though, a single photograph is not the entire image. There are diptych (two images to create a greater whole) and triptych (three, ditto) and such. Sometimes, it is a slide-show. Click on the image itself and you jump over to Flickr. Or follow this link:

Madshutterbug's Flickr Bellagio Fountain Show

which will open in a new window. There, select the Slideshow icon up toward the top of the page.

Don't do this on dial-up, though. **ahem**

For most of this set, Herself and I sat at a table in the Sidewalk Cafe outside the Paris Resort (or France or whatever it's name is... replica of the Eifel Tower overhead). I set up the tripod with the D70s on it, switched it to the remote control, sat down, drank water, and every few minutes or so (didn't measure time, exactly) tripped the shutter.

Go. Watch Las Vegas move by you silently...


Jul. 23rd, 2010 06:07 pm
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Ferns, Hagley Park, Chch NZ )

Though we are a bit overcast just now. Probably will get a bit of something from Tropical Depression formerly known as Tropical Storm Bonnie. Meanwhile, Houdini is nudging my elbow. Pretty sure that means it's time to go feed the Cows.


Jun. 10th, 2010 07:07 pm
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Panorama is a wide-format, not necessarily wide-angle image. It may (and often is) be done with a standard camera/lens combination. It may also be done with a dedicated panoramic camera, which is an interesting beast. In a panoramic camera, the lens pivots on the center of focus point, and thus paints an image on a longer strip of film than is exposed in a regular camera. I don't own one of those.

I've experimented with panoramas rather a bit, starting quite a good length of time before the advent of digital imagery. The key to a fairly seamless panorama is that 'center of focus' mentioned above, rather than the center of the camera or the mounting point to a tripod. Light passing through a camera lens 'inverts' as it is focused; you've seen this if you've looked through some telescopes, particularly simple two-lens telescopes, when you've seen an upside-down and backwards image in the eyepiece. Where it makes that 'flip' is the center of focus, and it is different for each focal length lens.

Digital imagery and manipulation software make it somewhat easier to create a panorama, and the best work still takes that center of focus into account.

Lake Chelan Sunrise )

This photo is from October 2005 in Lake Chelan, Washington. I used a flash mounting bracket to off-set the camera in relation to the tripod mount, putting the center of focus directly over the pivot point of the tripod. It's two frames put together into a single image, and in my case I did not use automation to achieve the compositing.


May. 26th, 2010 07:30 pm
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Mount Ranier & Lenticular Cloud )

I learned, after making this photo, that the cloud halo is a lenticular cloud.

I knew at the time that Mt. Ranier is part of the Ring of Fire, and a relative to Mt. St. Helens. In other words, a volcano. Recently saw a fascinating bit on I believe the Weather Channel projecting what the nastiness will be when (not if, as Ranier is considered to be an active volcano despite no recent eruptions) the volcano blows.

::pause for reflection::

I know a lot of people in that area...

IN Other News: yesterday I did post a Pic'o'Day, only the crosspost process failed (I post the Daily Pic using DreamWidth, same user name). Today that worked, although I've not viewed LJ yet to see did it post for today's date, or yesterday's date.
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Popper and Friends )

Popper and some West Coast friends looking over Lake Mead. They took a day-trip break from Fred-Con to see a big body of water; at least that's what they said. There'd been something in the news that morning though about the LVPD and a ruckus at the Bellagio Fountain...

That's Dredd Phredd passed out behind them... too much Vegas, maybe.

Somewhat more seriously, part of the 'mechanics' of photographing a travelling stuffed toy otter that purports to be a photographer involve keeping said otter upright. At this point, we used one of our old point-and-shoot 35mm cameras, without film, and it still proved heavy enough (particularly if along came a breeze) to topple Popper over nose-first. Hanging from the back of Popper's vest is a die key-chain which worked fairly well as a counter-weight. Fairly well, because it also tended to pull his vest down off his shoulders after a while. The long-term solution is a toy camera, much lighter. Best part is (according to Popper) if you look at it, you'll see some photos he made of Vegas.
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From Down Under, Wrong Season Just Now )

Still no published word as to the outcome of the Critique/Competition on Tuesday. I may of mentioned the photo count total is about 45 or so, I'm not surprised if it's taking a while to get things scanned and up. Disappointed perhaps, not surprised.

Working Nights tonight in OR. Got a few things done about the Ranch during the day, plus a nap in the afternoon. We'll see how this goes, second one and all. Then several weekends 'off' which of course means working on the Honey-Do list. Though there may be some other fun things as well. We'll see there, eh?

Meanwhile, almost time for dinner.
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Which would be because today is work Evening shift at Hospital.

Black Hills Bighorn Sheep )

While I don't recall seeing as many bighorn sheep on the second trip out to visit Sister & Bro-in-Law, that trip did occur during the summer months. I suspect the sheep opted to avoid humans while the weather provided better eating and such. Back in that chilly November of '00 they could be seen a lot of places around human buildup, primarily because that same buildup made it a bit easier to get at food sources.

No bighorn sheep around here. There is a place inside of 10 miles that raises domesticated sheep. People often ask us about purchasing a goat to 'mow' their lawn. We usually refer them to the sheep farmer. Sheep graze, therefor mow lawns. Goats browse, therefor trim all your ornamental bushes back for you.

Today Houdini and I made two runs to the Dump. The first one took recycle-ables as in paper, plastic, and metal cans. Forrest NissanPickup full load, that. Second run took refuse. Six cans full, the larger trash bin size 'cans' made from petrochemicals rather than metal. Should of made photographs, as it is proof we recycle more.


Apr. 30th, 2010 06:42 pm
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Tunnels in Granite )

Further along the Iron Mountain Road (through Custer State Park)there are three of these tunnels cut through granite ridges, all of them sited such that they point the traveler towards Mt. Rushmore.

Interesting Friday at work. That is all.

Pig Tails

Apr. 28th, 2010 06:20 pm
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Pigtail Bridges, That Is )

On one of the approach roads to the Mount Rushmore Memorial, there are two (or three, memory is blurred) of these bridges. The approach comes in over and along a ridge, which provides some spectacular views of teh Monument and some engineering challenges in road building due to the grades. These bridges curve around and pass the road underneath the structure, an engineering innovation to avoid needing to switch-back the road for the grade.

Camera is the Nikon EM 35mm SLR I inherited from my friend, film is Kodak but I don't recall which specific film.

Also, this was in November, and one of the colder and earlier starts to the Black Hills winter that my brother-in-law had seen for a while.

Down Under

Apr. 25th, 2010 04:55 pm
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Otago Bay Sunset )

Evening of 12 September 2001, returning to Dunedin from going to see penguins in the afternoon. Posted in honour of the people who went to some great lengths to make us feel at home, far from home. Peter and Donna since retired from the Bed and Breakfast business, so I can not recommend you take your custom to them.

Taken with Mamiya C330 and 80mm lens, more work with the Fuji Provia 100 transparency film.

It's getting on to evening here, now. We'll be out to feed the kids shortly, and on the way back to the House, Houdini and I will pause, again, to Remember.
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I've actually felt quite a disturbance in my wa not being able to post the Pic'o'Day this week. Due to circumstances, yes, including five and a half hours overtime yesterday. Still... yes.

Abandoned )

The tractor is mine, and while the title reflects what I saw, it was not and is not actually abandoned. It is a 1951 Ford 8N which I use somewhat regularly on my small corner of the world. The photograph is from a test-roll shot with my Mamiya C330 while preparing for a major trip. This photo is post-processed to convert from colour to B&W, since the test roll was to determine did I like Fuji Provia 100 transparency film. I determined that yes, I do, and so took 30 some rolls with me to New Zealand. Purchased another dozen while there as well. That trip also saw me using about the same amount of black & white film, and a few others by different manufacturers. Provia 100 provides a marvelous base image for display, either direct projection (it is a colour transparency film) or printed.

This image obviously is processed to B&W. Another experiment with that process. Curves adjusted somewhat first, then desaturated. Not a part of the Mirror project, and yes I am still looking forward to feedback. Astute observers may well see the (exact) similarity, other than the process to B&W & some cropping, with my LJ icon titled "Harrison".
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Suggest a Title, More Mirror, Thanks For Your Feedback! )

About the photo first: this is from our holiday to South Island, New Zealand in September '01. Terribly cliche I know, yet we did do a lot of the 'tourist' things and got to see Milford Sound. I've previously shown you the B&W landscape of this spot, or fairly close to this exact shooting spot of which I am quite fond. This one rather more meets the requirement for the upcoming NCFPC competition theme including both the mirror surface, reflection, and object reflected. I've gone through several permutations of a title, so that's why the floor is open for suggestions.

As you may see, the day started off with a low overcast; we'd experienced some open sky sunny-ness before driving through Homer Tunnel, under the mountain which blocked a portion of these clouds from passing further inland. This portion of the Sound is fairly well sheltered from the off-shore winds which we experienced later.

From the competition manual, supplementary, image size for the submission is to be 1024 pixels on the long axis; the projector software automatically resizes vertical long axes to the projector max, I've sized this more or less square image to that limitation. Aside from the 'signature' and the fact that I suspect I didn't do my 'end processing' addition of Unsharp Mask on this copy, it's about where I plan on it for submission, including the square formatting. The other specifications for the competition are the specifics on file name for the competition (name, rank, and serial number essentially) and that it be a high-quality JPG.

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