High Key

Sep. 4th, 2010 08:17 am
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Maybe the last in the grouping, depends on if I get enough time today to work up another one for variety. Deadline for submissions to Camera Club #1 for Tuesday coming meeting is Sunday evening.

High Key Devilish Otterz )

Again, selected from previous work rather than spending time in Studio, and post-processing to achieve the High-Key effect. Appreciate your comments so far; for those able to take the poll (crossposting to another blog, where there is a poll capability), please do so. You don't need to feel 'qualified', as that bit is a game of sorts. How will the poll results compare to the actual competition judge results?
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Do NOT Let Otterz Drive! )

wedschilde, I told you not to give him those keys!

In other news, working on High Key images. While this is certainly an easy thing to do using the wonders of digital editing, it is much easier when one starts off with true high-key images...

In other news again, Houdini is reminding me that there are Sky Grumblers about, and he is in need of lap time.
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Otterz Love Sashimi, Submitted to Camera Club Colour B )

I've been cross-posting Pic'o'Day postings, starting here and crossing to LJ. However, the source host, Flickr, has made the whole process a bit more time-consuming with a Shiny! New! Improved! viewing page. I've verified the process used today (not crossposted, because over on LJ there's a poll involved and I'm still unable to submit polls here) works on LJ. It will probably work here as well, as a picture poll.

On another level, it's got me thinking harder about obtaining my own domain and hosting my own photos...
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Definitely Work Safe. Definitely. )

I think I needs me one of those t-shirts. *G*

Hot here today. We are currently hiding from the heat and humidity after:
A) Feeding critters and
B) Feed run laying in stock and
C) Clearing some of the panels out of the way from old Adolescent Doeling Pen and
D) Moving Adolescent Doeling tarp shelter (sun and rain, shelters from both eh) and
E) Hot.

Meanwhile. Just hot. Yes. Definitely.
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Is that a Banana in your belt, or are you just happy to see me? )

The event? Fred-Con. That's the name we gave it, the group of us who in some cases knew each other face-face, in others knew each other via Blogspace, and all of us knew Skippy & Fat Fred Otterz. Someone suggested we ought to get together. Someone else said sure, where? And... Lost Wages, Nevada got mentioned.

What happens in Lost Wages, mostly stays there. Mostly. This is during brunch (bit late to be like Breakfast, really, too early to be Lunch) our first morning there. Otterz and Humanz getting together for a meal, getting to know each other face-face. Even the waiter got into it with us. Grand time.

Posting Pic'o'Day now because this evening I will be at Hospital. Morning chores on teh Ranch are done. Laid in more feed (the never-ending story), replaced a couple of the old feed barrels due to age and cracks in either the plastic barrels or the lids. Yes, I said plastic. The kind used to import olives and peppers from Greece, big barrels, they hold 250 pounds/ 113.6 kg of feed and are weather-proof. Those barrels/lids being replaced are on the order of 8 - 10 years old, and they live outdoors here in North Central Baja Jorja through the heat and sun of summer and the freezing of winter.

OK, so our freezing isn't usually as low nor as long as say South Dakota. It does freeze here. Froze here quite a bit, for the geography, this past winter.

Those cracked barrels (and a few lids) are no longer weather proof. The plastic however is still useful for other things, and likely to show up in other projects as a result. Once it's totally worn out, then we recycle it. Best we can do given circumstances.

Also filled Forrest NissanPickup with petrol, plus a bit for Herself's yard tractor which gets a lot of use around here. Harrison Ford8N Tractor also gets a workout, but he's a bit much weight for mowing over the septic tanks or drain fields, eh? Plus, with moving the adolescent doelings last weekend (and continuing to move them into their new digs) their old spot, out in front of Studio 318 needs to be tilled and planted as a garden.

Will get some other photography work done today before Hospital work. Tomorrow weather permitting, experimental under-water photography in a friend's pool. That will be on film, so delayed gratification for all of us.
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One Armed Bandit Meets Its Match )

Not that I recall them actually, like, winning anything...

In other news, will be changing a tire shortly. Not unexpected, planned for, except the tire was supposed to last just until I got Sydney Subaru Outback to the tire store. Not quite, alas. However, funding available as of today, so we'll get the job done soon.

In other, other news,

Um, yeah. Busy day, what?
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Read more... )

The Ottarz at Fred-Con made a pilgrimage to Rub de Buddha. Group portraits of tourist crowds are obligatory, of course... Feel free to click through to Flickr (the photo is the link) for a Notes Roster of Who's Otterz Who.

In other news, re-shaped the Adolescent Doeling pen today, providing them with some greenery as well as moving it a bit closer to the Holding Pen entry to the Goat Paddock. We will re-claim unused portions of the Adolescent Doeling pen to help re-configure the Buckling Pen into separate but equal (oh, bad Madshutterbug, bad) Buckling and Adolescent Doeling pens inside the Goat Paddock. Worked on that until it got quite too warm out, then retreated inside.

Inside I worked on post-production preparation for the Participant Proofs Disks from the Summer Fae shoot. Only 100 images left to prep, oh my. Rather cross-eyed now so not going to work on those just yet. Should still be burning those disks by Sunday evening (Saturday is a Hospital Work Day, today is Off for that reason).

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Fred Con! What Happens In Vegas... )

The Otterz Mob gathering for a group portrait at FredCon. That's Fat Fred Himself in the back, wearing shades and a trademark Hawaiian shirt. I can pick out a couple others easily (Chibi-Otterz, Popper Aussie & Dredd of course).

In other news, what turned out to be borked about the Interwebz on Monday or when was our router. Evidently the thunderstorm on Sunday evening provided enough of a spike even through the surge protector to cause it some confusion. Resetting it fixed the problems.

In other other news, heat and humidity are arrived in North Central Baja Jorja. Surprise! It's the first day of Hurricane Season!

And in non-news I'm playing hookey from the Camera Club meeting this evening.
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Popper Aussie Otter On Location - Vegas! )

Having figured out what might of gone down on Saturday towards the end of the Session, thought I'd just let folks know... it's just Popper. He's... like that.

Besides, digging into Archives on Flickr again easier than finding something uploadable now. Tired after yesterday's Stay Late ... stayed late.
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Kawauso Ofuroyama, Consulting Detective )

Looking for the missing Easter Eggs, and considering that the Easter Bunny may of been abducted, the Consulting Detective is Consulting. Considering that Clan (Kawauso) and Family (Ofuroyama) are only two parts of his name, I may need to come up with a 'given' name. I'd originally thought that Ofuroyama would be his 'professional' name in his previous career, Sumo. He is a Grand Champion in Sumo, don't you know. Quite a formidable combination, eh?
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Dredd Phredd Goes to AORN in '07... )

Madshutterbug, he bring Dredd to t'is smaller meetin' of nurses at t'is bigger meeting of nurses. It be getting late, an' t'ey gots more to do still. T'ese nurses t'ey be busy, mon.

I suppose I am crazy, to be photographing stuffed toys enjoying adventures. On another hand, it is something of a revenge on childhood tormentors.


Mar. 27th, 2010 07:43 pm
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Popper & Dredd Phredd Arrive in Vegas )

And overheard from two travelers riding the opposite slide-walk (departing Vegas) ... "Hey, where are those guys going?"

Things done today, not a lot. A big handful of small trees which would become problems taken down. Three more which are or are nearly problems to go. Those will want assistance to encourage them to fall in the desired direction, and Herself is off to SCA this weekend. As good as they are, the Bros are not quite good enough to herd falling trees. Errand run, replacement hose bibs purchased. Not replaced yet, but purchased. And a book read.

Robert Parker's Now, & Then in his Spencer series. One of my favourite detective/mystery character sets. Ever since the television show & movies, when I read Hawk I hear Avery Brooks voice. He be Hawk.
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Now with Otterz )

She is a performer. I'd say actress except I'm seeing more and more often the term 'actor' used regardless, or in spite of gender. Which is a good thing looked at from one viewpoint. However, that's all a distraction. She is an actor, and still studying here when we did this sesison. She wanted some headshots, and some pieces with some costumes she'd done for that year's Dragoncon. I wanted practice working the then much more recently set up Studio. I got photos, she got paid, I believe we are all happy about it.

And when I set Popper on the stool and told her to introduce herself... she did. Because she's an actor.

All in all enough things happened today that I list this one as a day NOT to remember. Nothing horrible, nor earth-shattering. Unpleasant, definitely. One thing at least potentially -- hmm, what. Disappointing? Distressing? (not so much though) Well, I'd certainly prefer it didn't happen, and might discover it hasn't happened. Maybe. Plenty of mystery. Because, well, it's been that day.

Which, as I said to a Very Good Friend in person (more or less), I'm not going to continue regaling you with how horrible it was because I'm choosing to change my attitude. Instead of being F*Kn grumpy & stuff, I'm going to be curmudgeonly. Which is why I'm posting more Otterz, even if so early in the Otterz Mob Saga that the accessories hadn't arrived just yet.

Oh Baby

Feb. 24th, 2010 06:44 pm
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Mini-Fred Sez - Anybody want to play? )
He refers to the fact that obviously I waxed entirely too subtle strange yesterday.

From the archives today. Aching a bit in several joints courtesy of rain & dropping temps. Odd thoughts running through my head at times, and I reflect again that I ought to pick up a pocket recorder. I remember the gist of the concept running through my head on the drive in to work, not the details.

Scotch Eggs for dinner tonight.
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With Otterz )

I dive into the 'archives' for today's post, again, as I've got Ranch Watch and am also looking to head over to friends for dinner. Almost time to mix up the kids milk for the evening feed, which will include rounds to Horses & Cows as well. Did run a couple errands this afternoon, after catching a nap with Houdini through the very early afternoon.

This one is from the 2006 trip to Chelan, Washington and the Washington State Council Perioperative Nurses Mini-Congress. That year, I went to the Halloween Costume Ball as a Baja Jorja Tourist... Dredd Phredd went as himself.
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Or, Otterz Mob in SouthCal )

Guess y'all are all kidded out...

In other news, while I'm glad to be back in the OR, I'm missing the opportunity to carry on (even at a slower pace) with the blogosphere here. However, this may even out over time. As is, and today, I am particularly tired. Time to vegetate.


18 Jan. 31st, 2010 09:22 am
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18 Jan. 12th, 2010 07:11 am
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