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Took Popper with me to the event. There is a long precedence for this with members of the Otterz Mob; Fat Fred started it years ago. Otterz love social events, don't you know.

Popper At Yulee Railroad Days

This one done with the iPhone camera, then a bit of post-production though not with an iPhone app.

And, because [ profile] terriaminute mentioned something about portfolio and t-shirts in the previous post, a few selections in the vein that I thought of following that comment and request. I allow, now, after thinking some on it that these selections are based on my interpretation of the question without verifying exactly what she was asking...

Link to a set, "Skulls":

A couple behind a cut because some folk are still on dial up... somewhere... )

Well, actually, the skulls thought came first, and the two Otterz afterwards, mostly because we do both know that particular peculiar Otterz.
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What Happens In Lost Wages Doesn't Necessarily Stay... )

As I mentioned, we went to the Blue Man show and the Cast/Crew came out to visit with everyone afterwards. The Blue Men stayed in character, the band and dancers not so much, and lots of people got kissed by a Blue Man...

Though to the best of my knowledge, no Otterz got kissed.
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Not Golden Dragon. Although it could be. Definitely good food, and lots of it. Lots. We needed lots, 10 of us sat to table. Big lazy susan on table. Big. Fried wantan. Fried tofu. Singapore noodles. Many vegi dishes. Yes, many. Shrimp with walnuts. Om nom nom nom.

Then we rounded up ottarz. They wanted to ride on the hood of Kasuge. No, really, they did. So we let them. Someone complained. I think they said we endangered a minor because of Chibi-Ottar. Hey, is ottars. No worries.

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Mar. 3rd, 2008 08:49 am
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Yesterday proved too nice a day to stay inside, or even to work on things outside. So I picked up the camera and called Houdini and the two of us went on a bit of a tramp on teh Ranch. Thinking the D70 had no card in it, I started to put one in and stopped. Card. Already loaded.

I'd put in one of my longest-term cards, one I got with my own personal very first digital camera. For the D70s it's a dinky thing, a mere 96 Mb which allows at most 16 images when using the Nikon NEF 'raw' format. Now, one of the most often heard complaints arguements from the diehard Digital Iz Eeevil crowd (well, OK, I'm exagerating a bit there but photographers sometimes may be a bit iconoclastic) is that digital photography doesn't require the photographer to think about what they're shooting. They can just shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot because they never run out of 'film'.

Piffles, I say. It's all up to the photographer. It's their choice.

So I left in the 96 Mb 'roll of film' and the day was such that I captured 14 pictures before running out.

Found this little fellow, and a few others, follow the link over to the Flickr space.
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This weekend is the start of the 22nd Annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire here in Hoggetowne. For the past six years, I've been going and helping Herself as well as other friends with their booths. So I'm a Rennie, in that sense. Herself participated in all 21 of the previous Hoggetowne Faires, and I can add into them the first 3 Faires as well.

This year, we're not 'doing' the Faire. The City Cultural and Nature Operations won't take contracts from vendors for only one weekend of the Faire. It's do the whole thing, which includes what we vendors like to call Sticky Dollar Friday (where all the local school children come for half-price as field-trips from school, and received its name because they buy all the sugar foods but little else and all their dollars get coated with that sugar), or do not come. Since Herself committed previously to an SCA event which is next weekend, before the dates were finalised, she's not vending at Hoggetowne.

So today, we went and played Tourist. We paid for admission. Well, OK, previous years we paid for the vendor booth space, but we also made that money back so it's always been at least break-even. I've only been a Tourist once before at Hoggetowne, when I went with Herself's father, one brother, his wife, and their daughter our oldest niece (she was still an infant then, so 16 years ago). We waited in the Looooong line to pay for admission, then wandered through the Faire. And had fun.

Amongst things we did that we've not done as Rennies:

Watch the horse show; the 'Knights on Horseback' doing their thing. They keep announcing it as jousting, but the joust is foot combat.

Even more fun for me, I got the chance to visit with [ profile] dedoc at the SCA Fencer's exhibit. Got to play with a couple of his toys and with him. Oh, my, yes, [ profile] betnoir, he is indeed one eeeevil fellow *G* who reminded me that while my brain remembers much, my body is lagging behind and squeeking loudly of rusty joints. However, much fun still.

Then we headed home, fed the bottle kids, and the horses, and the Bros, and now it's time to feed us.

Nighty night.
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It's been a few years since I've attended a St. Benet's Feast; even longer since I've been 'active' in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism for those who don't recognise the acronym). The last time to a St. Benet's in fact, is like three, maybe four years back. Most probably three, as it resulted later in the year in a wonderful studio session with [ profile] alienorade and [ profile] ichthyus and contrasting sari.

So, Why St Benet's if I'm No Longer SCA? )

Following the gift exchange, we started clearing the hall and straightening up. We got back to the Ranch just before midnight.
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Some time in Studio today, after taking care of the Ranch and between watching the start and end of the Michigan-Ohio game. OK. Congratulations to the Buckeyes, Big 10 champs. 'K, that's done.

Studio time was for shooting some photos that Herself wants for the Levy County Fair web site; that, and an Ot-tars get-together. Received a couple packages yesterday, one of which pleased me as I'd about resigned myself to being stiffed through e-Bay for the first time. It simply seems to've taken a lot longer for the package to be delivered. Feedback posted; if that seller doesn't like that I rated the feedback 'neutral' (the text is not derogatoray, simply states the item arrived in good condition but shipping took way longer than expected), well, too bad. The second package which arrived is from another e-Bay auction which closed a week and a couple days after seller #1 shipped, and arrived within 3 days of payment. Still one more package outstanding.

However, it does mean there's a couple more ot-tars hanging out here. One of them only briefly, but the other looks to be a more-or-less permanent fixture. I'll leave it to either Popper or Dredd Phredd to do the introductions. Though some members of the Ottars Mob have actually already met one of them.

The other pictures are of toy race-car shells (they had radio-control components inside during the fair) and T-shirts. When those are ready I'll probably just post the link to the Levy County Fair web site for you.

Tonight... Herself's famous Home-Made Chili with Home-Baked bread. Eat your hearts out, suckah's!
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Today is Friday for me at Hospital. Unfortunately, this does not mean lots of BossStaysHomeDays with Houdini. But it's good. Due to some confusion in reading recently, I shall clarify a wee bit.

Recent post regarding 9/11 involved a trip in the past.

This coming 'BossStaysHomeDays' which is not stay home days is a trip to start tomorrow. Off to Las Vegas and Fred Con. If you've got questions about that, feel free to ask. Probably I'll get around to answering. You may not like the answers. That's OK. It's all silliness and fun. At least for me.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for some things to finish up here at Hospital before departing.
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Well, looks like [ profile] popperaussie put up pics from the Sushi Bash before I did, here. Though curiously enough they're all pics I took of him... I'm starting to wonder if that otter had film in that camera.
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One of the things I like about coming to this particular OR Nursing conference is...

Friday night is a Halloween Costume Party, complete with costume contest and pumkin carving contest. And, when the pumpkin judging is done... well, there's a foot bridge across the parking lot here. We all gets together, and we all goes out on the footbridge (or down in the parking lot), and we

Tosses our Pumpkins!

The staff here at Campbells Resort love it too. They set out a big tarp (to make cleanup easier), and then sit back to watch the crazy intoxicated nurse Tossing their Pumpkins. One of the guys was sidetracked tonight; there's a group of marine patrol police officers meeting here as well (after all it is on Lake Chelan), who asked him what was up... and while he answered their questions we TOSSed our Pumpkins! WooHoo!

I go pass out now.
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A phone call from a friend, and it's looking a lot better for a daytrip to gorge on fresh fish and rice. The tag for the Subaru is renewed, which eliminates the liklihood of the Subaru being stopped for an expired license on the way to and from gorging on fresh fish. And once again, the magic of the drive away from G'vill and hospital works its effect on the "meh"; By the time I'd reach Tower Road, teh "meh" was dripping off the outside of the Subaru. By the time I reached Parker Road, nothing remained except some memory.

Herself is off to Deltona, but Herself's Sloppie Joe leftovers on sour dough bread is teh die for as a supper. Also, she left a coupon on my desk for 50% off of all picture frames a Jo-Ann's; today is the last day it is good, and while I don't need a lot of frames I do see it as an excellent excuse for a trip into town... and while I'm there just co-incidentally seeing a movie. Anyone who hasn't, and is local enough to do so, and who reads this... if you've got my cell # give me a ring. If you don't have my cell #... *sigh*

Right now, it's getting along to time to go feed the ranch critters and stretch the Border Collie Bro legs.
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Ya wanna see what it is I do at hospital all day?

Go here...

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