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First things first, I suppose, woke up this morning around 05:15 thinking It's a weekend, I don't need to wake up yet. What woke me up? No cats on my chest, dogs quiet. Then I heard a distant rumble of thunder. Ah, sez I to Myself, the rain is arriving. And Myself sez, Any moment now you're going to hear Houdini getting into his den. And we did. About a half hour later, when Madame Queen Mary Kitteh made sure of my wakefulness by kneadie-paw over my bladder, I also saw lightning flashes while using the facilities.

So I spent the rest of the morning enjoying my coffee, watching the Weather Channel on Sky TV (when the rain didn't interfere with reception), and working on some photographs. As usual I'm putting them behind a cut, because hey, I've got the Bandwidth Blues here on the Old, Rural, North Central Baja Jorja dial-up connection, even if you don't.

Flickr Sez I can haz Tell You Iz On Flickr )

I've worked on a couple other pieces over the weekend as well. Those aren't ready to post yet. I just had to get something up, though. Been feeling a need lately.
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Kawauso Ofuroyama, Teaching Assistant

Kawuso Ofuroyama helps teach the Japanese Clothing class this weekend at Herself's SCA event. Photo is on my Flickr (since Flickr wants everyone to know that).
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Yesterday after taking care of Teh Ranch and over Houdini, Smudge, and Squrrl's objections, I hied on down the road to do something I've not done in years. I taught a class at an official SCA event.

The opportunity came with Herselfs invitation. She's still very active in SCA, where I'm not and haven't been for over a decade. Her shire, Amurgorod, hosts an event every fall called 'Road to War'. The past two years were done with a Japanese theme, and with fairly good attendance (though down a bit this year). Last year the theme drew so much commentary that they decided to do so again this year, and expand somewhat on the offerings, hence the invitation to myself.

Good to know people with an in, I suppose.

At any rate, I suppose I know a wee bit about Japanese Clothing, even if what studies I did are now around 20 years out of date. So I caught up a bit on an old pamphlet I started right about those 20 years ago, and put aside as of '92. That's when I shifted my time expenses from SCA to AORN. Caught up a bit on that pamphlet on how to sew kimono (popular and generally accepted name, though the word does literally mean robe or clothing or things to wear) and hakama (baggy trousers for those who don't recognise the word). Printed up some copies, tossed those into the car. Loaded up the clothing I'd made back in the day as well as some Herself made for herself and a couple pieces I made for her. She added a few examples of Made In Japan clothing (not historical period for SCA, all probably made in the 20th Century). Plus a few accessories, and some added by another friend present.

Oh, and a plastic storage crate of fabric chosen some time ago to make Japanese Clothing for the SCA. To show as examples.

Overall, a good class. [ profile] ofuroyama accompanied me as Teaching Assistant. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I did bring him along deliberately, as there is a project for some items he needs, as well as Fat Fred. First step in that process is taking measurements, and taking Ofuro's measurements is as good a place as any to demonstrate which measurements need to be taken to make a kimono. Shoulder width, chest, waist, length of arm (shoulder to wrist), and height i.e. shoulder to ankle. With those measurements made, it is time now to start working up the smaller pattern and making some clothing.

I've made small people Japanese clothing before, so this shouldn't be much different.

And I got a photo of [ profile] ofuroyama as my Teaching Assistant. Look for it later; just getting up now haven't finished coffee.

So on the drive home I was thinking about some of the reasons I stopped playing SCA. The biggest really was time available, what with dedicating more time to my professional association. However, when one thinks about it if one enjoys something enough (and I did enjoy playing SCA for a goodly length of time), then one will make the time for it regardless. Thus, one can not discount that it had stopped being a great deal of fun for me, making it easy to say hey, other things, only so much time.

How evil is it, then (and this may only be apparent to those of you who are somewhat familiar with Japanese culture and theatre), that on the drive home I started thinking about organising something...

Making or acquiring Japanese clothing for a group of the Ottarz, taking them to an SCA Event, accompanied by Myself and an appropriate number of Others, all of whom would be wearing the midnight blue-black unadorned kimono and hakama of Bunraku theatre...

The Ottarz Mob storms the Knowne Worlde and the Current Middle Ages.
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The Railroad and Industrial Federal Credit Union suspended my account.


What is even worse, I don't remember opening an account with the Railroad and Industrial Federal Credit Union once. Much less twice.

I suspect ot-tarz are involved. ::nods:: Because of course, no one would be so underhanded, sneaky, evil, or stupid criminal as to try to defraud me using the Interwebz.
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St. Otter's Festival

The crowd nearly filled the church, though they tended to congregate in the center aisle and pews. I walked briskly up the side toward the alcove with the Icon, my eyes sweeping the crowd looking for someone, something to stand out.

One did, towering above the people around him and headed toward the alcove as well. I sighed, recognising the shape of a bald bullet head. As I neared the Icon I could see a svelte shape next to him, looking petite even though she wasn't much shorter than me. Anyone would look petite next to the guy next to her. I stopped in front of the Icon and waited. They were clearly heading my way. The big guy stopped about 10 feet from me, eyeing me warily.

Well, unless I'm mistaken, we meet the intrepid Chief Inspector Zoektochtmann, said the lady next to him. )
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Skippy's Chemo

The Place to go for information in Holt City is Skippy's Chemo.

It may seem odd, a place that close to a church being a hotbed of news about all kinds of things, but it makes sense in a way. Caffeine and gossip, both ways to catch a buzz. Toss in an after-hours speakeasy and you can find out what wide-awake drunks talk about a whole lot of things they might not aught to. Then they can go ask forgiveness.

We walked through the door just before sunset to find the place already hopping. )

"Hey, where'd you put your shotgun," Weisman asked. Ofuroyama's whiskers twitched.

"Where is easy to reach it if needed," he said. "Go, now, Dutch-san. Time is now important." I trotted off across the street to the front door of Our Lady of PSI.

To Be Continued ...

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International Relations

The ride to the 6th Precinct took little time, traffic moving briskly and mostly being the cable-cars and delivery wagons. Our driver deposited us at the main door and drove off to the garage. I motioned Ofuroyama through ahead of me. We nodded to Sargent Feuerschmidt at the desk, talking to an otter carrying a big camera. The otter bounced over in front of me.

G'day, Chief Inspector. Got anything on that burned-out mech over in Littleton? And who's the bloke built like a brick outhouse? )

"That is a good reason. Yes, Ramaji will move tonight, most probably during the festival. We may gain additional information before. I know place where such is found. We must be ready, and rested." He looked around the room. "May I use chair for nap, please?" I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, sure. I plan on catching some zee's here." And with that I stretched out, propping my boots on the far armrest and my head on the near one. Experience taught me long ago never to waste time for sleep. I was out in seconds.

To Be Continued ...

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Lord Phogg Pontificates

Hobart House is a large Jacobean style brick mansion up on one of the hills along the bay. We drove up to the front of the house, gravel crunching under the mech's tyres, and stopped before a tall square turret with a big oak door. Ofuroyama and I got out and walked up to it. There wasn't any doorknob. I pressed the call bell button and heard the first four notes of Westminster's chimes. "Who lives here?" I asked Ofuroyama.

Professor Phogg-sama, he replied. He knows much about St. Otter you need to know. )

"Good morning, gentlemen," she said as we stepped out and I placed my hat on my head, grasping it at the peak of the crown formed by the four indentations in the crown.

"Good morning, Miss," I replied, and our exchanged smiles drove away the last mournful fragments of the night's fog.

"Come, Dutch-san. We must go to station now." The driver closed the doors of the mech behind us, and we set off into the sunny morning, diamonds sparkling on the waters of the bay beneath us.

To Be Continued ...

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Zzzzzt. Zzzzzt. Zzzzzt.

I leaned against the tree trunk in the shadows from the gas lamp and watched the church across the street. Our Lady of Perpetual Scientific Inquiry stood conspicuous in inactivity, but I got to enjoy the wee hours on a cold, dark morning watching it because the Watch got a tip that someone planned a heist of the St. Otter icon. Fog wrapped itself around me in tendrils like the arms of a damp, dead lover. Hunching my shoulders and turning the collar of my duster up, I wished I had some hot coffee. But the coffee house behind me was still closed, only the neon sign flashing and buzzing, Skippy's Chemo, Skippy's Chemo, Skippy's Chemo.

The garish light washed over a derelict drunk sleeping under a newspaper tent on the cable car stop bench. )

"What do you know of St. Otter, Zoektochtmann-san?"

"Call me Dutch, it's easier. Not much. He was an otter. Someone painted an Icon of him. Now someone wants to steal it."

Ofuroyama nodded. "Driver, please to change destination. Please to go to Hobart House." He turned to me as the driver turned the mech at the next intersection. "Someone you need to speak with, Dutch-san. Good thing is now day, though maybe we still wake him."

To Be Continued ...

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Not Golden Dragon. Although it could be. Definitely good food, and lots of it. Lots. We needed lots, 10 of us sat to table. Big lazy susan on table. Big. Fried wantan. Fried tofu. Singapore noodles. Many vegi dishes. Yes, many. Shrimp with walnuts. Om nom nom nom.

Then we rounded up ottarz. They wanted to ride on the hood of Kasuge. No, really, they did. So we let them. Someone complained. I think they said we endangered a minor because of Chibi-Ottar. Hey, is ottars. No worries.

Cut for Image-ness and such )
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Popper Puked!

Well, OK, a couple more...

I Didn't!
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Now I've slept. Body woke me up at 04:00 local time which is of course 07:00 body time. I told body shut up and went back to sleep. Not sure what the time stamp on this post will be because I don't usually re-set the clock on the laptop when I travel. For my personal journal I'd insert the local time myself, sort of like in the subject line here.

Recap of Travel Day )
It will be time for breakfast in a bit. The cell and Palm are both fed (topping off the Palm battery didn't affect the Funk... hey, the thing is at least 3 years old, probably 5 which is ancient for such tech). Room coffee is OK. Will want more with breakfast. Must be over to the convention center no later than noon to go through registration, because at 14:00 there's some official business to attend. That is, if I don't change my mind and decide I'm not going to be a Delegate this year.
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Been moving way to much to geek out much, but right now it's a GeekSiesta in [ profile] wedschilde's room. So a quick summary posting of Our FredCon:

Friday: Arrive alive! Rush hour in Vegas sux rotten eggs. Blue Man Group is AWESOME! More later.

Saturday: More time at the Venetian, then to Madame Tousade's ([ profile] popperaussie is an attention whore), then other places. Dinner at Todai, Ot-tarz totally disrupt the sushi bar. More later. Fremont Street Experience is AWESOME. Film At Eleven.

Sunday: [ profile] zompus, [ profile] singingnettle and Ourselves load up and truck over to Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam is AWESOME. However, the Establishment enforces a strick No Pets policy, and decrees Ot-tarz are Petz. Little do they know... More later.

Yah, I know, it's a quick summary. Film At Eleven.
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Ticket's Please
Ticket's Please,
originally uploaded by Mad Shutter-bug.
Back at Saltwater State Park couple weeks ago, Dredd Phredd figured we could pay for the trip by staffing this gate. Not sure whether he just can't count, or he's an optimist, though; there wasn't anyone else at the park.
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I expect all those Friends of Fat Fred who actually live with a member of the Otterz Mob won't need to see this. In fact, a few of you who've travelled to some event with Skippy and one of the Otterz Mob will be able to identify as well...

What It's Like To Travel With An Otterz. Cut for pic intense... clickee to see biggee )
Yup. That's about right.
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They are proliferating! For those as may be interested, meet Phil [ profile] popperaussie "Popper" Aussie the Ozzie Otter.

And to quote both Fat Fred and Mini-Fred, "I din't do it, I wan't there, you can't prove it, I destroyed all the peeectures."

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