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Which may only be important to myself, but I felt a need to say it. I adjourned early from the closing festivities (suppose I should capitolise that, as it is an official post-Congress event). OK food, fair band, good dancing. But I'm seeking solitude for the nonce.

Tomorrow... off to San Diego.
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I'm eating leftovers. Specifically, Italian lemon chicken and garlic bread. It's leftovers from the Florida Council OR Nurses meeting last night. I could keep them because I've got a refrigerator in my room. It means I don't have to find a restaurant tonight, which is good because I've got a wee bit of work to do. This is why I'm reading LJ instead.

It's been ... different. Interesting. Different. Like previous years and yet, different. I'm thinking I'm not ready to say much quite yet, need to meditate.
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Arrived alive in John Wayne Airport after some unexpected changes to plan. Am tired, hungry, and not terribly sociable at the moment. Not rude, just... not sociable.

1st Leg

Mar. 27th, 2008 08:12 pm
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Arrived in Tampa, found hotel without problems. Didn't expect any, have stayed here before. Fed the rental car, won't need to do that in the morning. Fed me as well. Have some leftovers which will cope with no refrigeration, so a quick breakfast in the morning. Possibly more tomorrow during the trip, definitely after arrival.

Good night all. Good night, Johnboy.


Mar. 27th, 2008 03:20 pm
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End of workday, heading out to meet my ride to pick up my ride to go take a ride on a jet plane. Will have Internet access this evening, though I don't know if I'll make use of it. Up early tomorrow for that ride on a jet plane. Will have Internet access while away, so who knows what I'll post. Or not.


Mar. 27th, 2008 08:33 am
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At work, not leaving until end of work day. Bags are in car, Herself will come back into town (having dropped me off) to take me to the rental car place. From there, on the road again for the annual hadj to AORN.

And, since I am sometimes a devious sneaky individual (yes, I know, you don't believe this), I must ask...

Is Someone Hiding Something?

Hippie Birdbaths, [ profile] lolleeroberts!
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And to (somewhat) commemorate my upcoming hadj to AORN Congress:

For House of Delegates Roll Call, 48th Annual AORN Congress

From Florida to this one destination
We've journeyed across our great nation,
From where Mr. Mouse
Keeps a much larger House
To partake in collegial oration.

And it should be a rousing debate.
Just how shall we nurses relate?
Will it be much more fun
To vote One by One,
Or shall we continue to Delegate?

As we gather now, colleagues, take note,
With traditions, but never by rote,
As Members-at-Large
And by States are we charged,
And from Florida 77 will vote!

And a wee bit of background... )
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As in Baja Jorja, not Italia. Right around noon, after leaving teh Ranch at just shy of 07:00, so good time driving. My directions to the resort, on the other hand, not so much. That, I'll take on the chin. I'd saved them to a PDF, then looked at them again just a bit north of Ft. Myers and shut the laptop back down. So I drove about a bit before finding the location.

Not terribly impressed so far. First part, not impressed with myself as mentioned. Not impressed with the resort; room not ready when I checked in (in the flyer, says 14:00); they took my mobile # to call when room ready. Went to the Transitional Board Meeting (even though late, but only by a half hour so off I went). Finished that, checked in with the FCORN desk, and got my packet, but there’s no schedule in the packet. When are things happening? Also never got a phone call telling me the room is ready; went to sit in the lobby for a bit and see if I could get on the Internet.

Accessing the Internet requires a room number. So I went up to the desk to see if something could be done to get my access. C’est voila, the room he is ready! No call; but then again, my packet with key-cards is in a stack on the desk there, and I expect I’d be receiving that call within, oh, a half hour of when I asked? So off to my room to drop off the bag with laptop, then down to pick up luggage from the hot, hot car. P.V. from D. is my across-the-hall neighbor. Cool. But I’m not going to the Industry-Advisory Round Table (probably going on now, based on P heading downstairs with jacket over arm and saying See You Soon).

Try to connect, now with my brand-new shiny room number.

Your account is not found.

Call the front desk. You’ll need to talk to the service provider, I’ll forward you... terminal hold music, all of it belonging to the resort. The service provider is an 888 number, not within the resort. Get tired of that, eh? Hang up, and say, hey, I’ll try clearing cookies and temp files, time to do that anyway.

Still no joy.

Restart the computer.

Still no joy.

Call the front desk again; this time I get a different person. This person is much more helpful in that she checks to make sure I’m checked in. After all, I’m calling from a room, I must be checked in. Wait, the resort’s computer shows my room as Vacant. Say what? I’m calling from that room. Did you check in at the desk, sir?

Um, yeah, that’s where I got the key-cards to get into the room. Oh, well, yes. Give me 15 minutes and try again. Your username is your last name, and your password is your room number.

That was...

yeah, probably about 15 minutes ago now. I lay down on the floor to stretch my back a bit. Looked at all the wall art in the room; it’s good art. Clyde Butcher. Two 10x14's matted to 18x22 and framed, and a 19x32 matted the same way, 4" of mat on each edge. So at least the place gets points for taste in wall art, and a 50% sampling of phone calls to the main desk produced results.

Well, should get cleaned up and head down soon, figure out what time things are.
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Or is that often running?

Unofficial start last night, the Open House at Headquarters. AORN (the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses) maintains our Headquarters in Denver. We own the building. And I don't mean, the bank and AORN own the building, I mean we own the building. The mortgage is paid off. It's kinda cool being a partial owner of an office building in Denver.

And every year for the past five now the first evening of the Leadership Conference (which is held in Denver) there's been an Open House on Friday evening. For probably about half the attendees this is the first time they've been to Denver, and also then to their Headquarters. It's a great time! Wander through the two floors of the building where we maintain our offices (the other floors are rented out to other business concerns, though some of them are business' which we make use of as well). Meet the people who are our employees, and who help us in our mission to provide quality, safe patient care to people undergoing surgery (starting to be called 'invasive procedures' in the Modern Healthcare World, and even those classified as 'minimally invasive' such as laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery are invasive; we haven't quite gotten to the level of Bones McCoy and Nurse Chapel of Star Trek fame).

This year, the Denver Chapter is also hosting some hosptitality functions. They're practicing for 2010, when AORN Congress will be held here. Most of those functions will be this evening, but last night a group of us went to the Denver Art Museum.

Oh. My. Gawd.

Some photographs which are not processed yet, and most of which are truly 'sketchbook' to nudge ideas and such, and some notes about different items seen. In no way did I even try to see the whole place, for a couple of reasons. One, we had 2 hours before closing. Two, I don't try to do that usually. I'm quite fully in tune with Jubal Harshaw's art lessons to Ben Caxton in Stranger in a Strange Land, that there is a limit to what one can see and process when observing art.

So. A few notes from DAM:

Sean Landers, Pater Noster
1999 oil paint on linen
Words - up close and read, the artist's thoughts; back off observe visually, patterns & shapes like either a map or other visual representation.

Claes Oldenburg
Clothespin bronze & steel (this could almost be an 'artist's model' for the Worlds Biggest Clothespin in Philadelphia, PA.).

Wilson Hurley
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
about 1981 oil on canvas
He Nailed the light. I've been to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, a much younger me and the camera I used at the time couldn't handle it; this was when my Dad was teaching me.

Charles Marion Russell 1864-1926
In the Enemy's Country
oil canvas 1921
Just a fabulous command of the colours of the Great Plains; there was a quote from the artist on the information card that boils down to no matter how hard an artist tries, there are not enough colours in the tubes to match those in the scene. He's referring to tubes of oil paint.

And now, off to get edimacated.
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That describes my morning. I've got a primary objective, pack my bags and hopefully to make it efficient for the next four days. Then something to eat. Then check out of the hotel and stash the bags until rendevouz time with [ profile] canuckdesz and [ profile] capntypo. Some of that depends on how long the hotel will hold my bags. I'll figure that out when I go get lunch.

[ profile] mini_fred is still snoozing. He's got a serious case of chapped nose, I can tell you.
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It's been a long week packed into a short time. Or, you could call it AORN Congress. I'm at the point of needing to look at the PDA or a newspaper to remember the date. I trust the PDA a bit more, because the paper could be laying there a while.

Tomorrow will be another long day. I must be on site by 06:30 to get ready for the election voting. Tomorrow is also the culmination of my term in office on the Nominating Committee. This is what I was saying I'm looking forward to last week about this time. Tomorrow by this time I'll be done. It's been a good year overall, at least as far as this is concerned. Busy, sometimes aggravating, often demanding, and satisfying. I've had a part in shaping the next few years of my professional association.

My thank-you presents are almost ready. I've a bit of writing to do, and then pack them up in a carry bag to take over.

In the afternoon will be the final House of Delegates. One of the last bits of business will be the Teller's Report, my last official duty for the 2005 - 2006 AORN Nominating Committee.

Then tomorrow evening it's off to the Closing Festivities. Last party of the week.

Then, I go play.
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Tuesday at AORN Congress is known as Nurse-Exhibitor Day. First of all, it's the opening day for the big trade show. And I do mean big. Second of all, one of our primary education sessions is on Tuesday, called the Jerry G. Peers Speakership. It's named for the founder of AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses). The Industry Advisory Committee sponsors this session, and it always features some particularly fascinating speakers. Colin Powell was a Peers speaker, for example. This year it featured Richard Carmona, RN, MD, MPH, Surgeon General of the United States.

I'd go into more detail, truly I would, becuase this was a fabulous session. However, the Big Party is tonight, Nurse-Exhibitor's Night. We are to be entertained by Capitol Steps and Gary US Bonds. It's out the door I go.

Oh, and [ profile] mini_fred is up to something. I haven't seen him for a bit, but he knows all about this party tonight. He did help us out at one of my places. I'm a member of what's called eChapter, one of the organizational units of AORN. We meet on-line, our members are international. We've got a fundraising booth here, and [ profile] mini_fred helped out for a while collecting gift telephone cards to send overseas to our military personnel.

Day Two

Mar. 20th, 2006 10:57 pm
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Well, day two of conference is over, and with it some more of my obligations. THe next two days are relatively light; I'll actually get to some continuing ed sessions and don't have any specific obligations, unless something comes up. Nice time schmoozing with several friends today in the afternoon. [ profile] mini_fred finally showed up around noon, dragging his tail. He perked up a little bit but believe it or not, he's passed out right now, snoring softly.

It's a damn shame he's actually sorta cute when he's asleep.

Tomorrow night will be a big party night.

Tonight was a quiet night; I had some work to do (stuff that needed to be finalized here, and will need to be printed tomorrow), and ate dinner here at the hotel. Good meal, New York strip which was quite frankly red, and quite a tasty shitake sauce over it preceeded a Maryland Crab Soup. Really, it was more a chowder, and wonderfully spicy. Saute' zuccini, carrots, and something, and macaroni and cheese as a side. T'weren't no Kraft mac and cheese, either.

Now it's off to sleep. Another early day tomorrow. Oh, and it's right chilly out there. Snow is forcast tonight, with more tomorrow or possibly ice pellets. Glad I only got to walk a block to the convention center. Glad I got a good coat, too.
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Having had breakfast, I'm doing some final filing work, getting ready to actually start work. Snicked back here because it's probably boring )


Mar. 18th, 2006 07:58 am
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I am up, in one sense, way too early for today. No obligations until near noon, and I intend a liesurely start. My body apparently planned otherwise, though I did sleep at least a half hour longer than usual. Now I am sipping coffee in the room with The Weather Channel on, turned way way down because of the (frequent) obnoxious ads, in oder to determine local weather; cool, and windy.

Dinner last evening with my colleagues on the Nominating Committee at a place called DC Coast. Very good seafood. I had Ginger BBQ Seared Ahi Tuna over rice and sauteed greens, and there is a salmon dish that looked yummy. Finished it off with a chocolate souffle with Jameson's Irish poured over. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I made Mini-Fred sleep in the other bed. I think he found a cat somewhere. For being such a small otter, that bed is pretty ... dishevled.

Mini-Fred's Bed )


Mar. 17th, 2006 02:49 pm
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Well, arrived alive in DC, though I can't exactly say uneventfully. Turns out one of Fat Fred's minions, Mini-Fred, stowed away in my camera bag. I probably wouldn't have noticed except he stuck his head out in Atlanta, and someone noticed him and commented to me. Well, this Congress is going to be more interesting than I thought...

DC hasn't changed much, at least as seen from a cab riding from the airport. Construction going on some places, traffic, big monumental buildings housing government offices. Yep, it's DC. Well, things will get the unofficial kick-off this evening, when I meet with the rest of the Nominating Committee members for dinner and a practice session.

As I suspected, much of the blue funk of the previous week cleared off as soon as I was moving, and on the road again. I've got my reasons for feeling the anticipatories this year, but now that it's happening it's no longer anticipatory.


Jul. 19th, 2004 11:22 pm
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Well, I've been absent for a while.  Not without leave, but then again.  Flew out to Colorado on Tuesday past, met up with sister and bro-in-law near Colorado Springs.  Also met up with a model there, and S took us (sister and I) to an abandoned homestead where we worked for three hours doing 8 months preggers bare momma photos.  I still need to get film developed, but have been very slowly perusing some digital shots.

Following the morning shoot, sister, bro-in-law and I drove up Pike's Peak all the way to the summit.  Yes, Toto, we're not at sea level anymore.  Up there at 14,110 feet, I moved very slowly and deliberately doing deep breathing the whole time.  Got Oxygen?  Digital images of this trip.

Thursday we drove over to Canon and went to see Royal Gorge.  Neat place, but not recommended if one is afraid of heights.  Again, film to be developed and some digital images.

Friday I drove back up to Denver for a nursing association meeting; some digital shots in this area as well.  Saturday evening went to some friends house southwest of town; they've done a lot of work on the house and the grounds since I was there last.  Oh, yeah, baby.

So that pretty much wraps things up.  Still in Denver, but finish up tomorrow morning and fly back home tomorrow early evening.  Won't get back to Orlando International until nearly midnight.  Gonna be tired on Wednesday!

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