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Or most anything I suppose, if one considers 'fish' to be like the 'x' or 'y' in a mathematic equation. Not sure where that came from particularly and somewhat sure, because I've been contemplating the fact that I use such placeholders periodically. Hospital, for example, could be anyplace except that in this part of the blog-o-sphere it corresponds to ****** ** ** which employs my education, skills, and years and years of experience as a Registered Nurse. However, not mentioning the specifics, simply calling the place Hospital, lets me (occasionally) rant on about the dysfunctional dynamics of the place without running too much risk of being fired.

Which has happened, to someone who did exactly that only over at another public website kind of place which shall remain nameless but whose initials are FB. Mind you, not terribly bright on that individual's part at least in my opinion. Still. If you've met me in the Physical, Einsteinian Universe you've probably got a good idea the name of the place. Despite being Retired, I should like to keep the employment status going for a bit. I will say, it is an incredible difference of attitude on my part there. More likely to (diplomatically, most probably) make waves now than in the past few years because now that 30 year investment is SAFE. They can fire me. They can't take the other away any more. Done deal. Contract completed.

In other news on the Placeholder theme, I've little to no compunction about mentioning the names of goods or services which don't function so well such as the old Treo NotSoSmart Phone recently replaced with New Smart Phone, one each for Herself and Self. I'm sure you noticed, however, I didn't mention which Smart Phone replaced the old Treo NotSoSmart because frankly, after a good bit of research, nearly all the smart phones are pretty functional and it's all up to your desired variable mileage.

Currently I'm running into a situation where I'm not sure if a goods/service is interfering with home computing or it is something else going on with, say weather at the Sky Interwebz Service Provider location. Norton Antivirus came installed on the new PC's. After running into the discovery that not all older software is compatible with Windows 7 (to the point of crashing a machine), I let the Norton run rather than installing my licensed copy of AVG. Of course, I intended to inquire is my licensed copy of AVG compatible... and procrastinated. Norton's free period ran out. I checked, and downloaded the free version of AVG, buying a bit more time to make the inquiry. Norton keeps yelling at me that I've turned off my virus and firewall protection (not so, even the AVG free is providing this). Today, link speeds seemed a bit slower.

Thus, is Norton interfering with current operations until I purchase it? Or, is the current newish installation of AVG slowing things a bit as it builds its knowledge base of what I do on the Web? Or, was it the Windows Media Player running in the background? Probably I shall never know, really.

Not too worried about that, believe it or not. I may well go ahead and pay Norton, even after determining if my current license for AVG allows me to upgrade to the Win7 compatible version. It is a truth about the whole anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-invasive-cookies aspect of the Interwebz, and the truth first came to me expressed by my father. Dad and I were discussing whether or not Chevrolet (GM) made better vehicles than Ford since Dad purchased only Chevrolet vehicles. The primary point in his comment is that Ford wouldn't be in business as long as it had at the time if it didn't make a quality product. He purchased GM products because he worked for GM via Chevrolet and received a hefty employee discount.

So all anti-virus software works and will stop nearly all the problems from truly trouncing you. All will also catch some things that another application will not. Thus, running a couple different apps these days begins to make some sense.

And hush about how Apple is so immune to this; the Apple OS is not immune. It simply isn't targeted as strongly as the Microshaftoft products are because the latter made such a concerted effort to take over the marketplace.

Meanwhile, Herself continues to be amazed at how much she's using the features of her new Smart Phone. She'd continued to insist while I shopped to get the upgrades that she liked her brick cellphone, and she only needed a brick cellphone. Note: both of us prefer the 'bricks' to the 'flips' because they are a bit more resistant to physical damage and out here on teh Ranch sometimes the goats or such want to call Aunt Matilda or something. Goats may be pretty rough on flip-style cellphones. Still, within 24 hours of receiving the new phone ... back up a bit.

She brought me a link to an accessory for New Smart Phone and said, will this work? Said accessory is a card reader to accept payment via debit or credit cards. She's quite certain she will make more sales, particularly of the craft work she provides alongside the produce, at Farmers Markets if she may accept/process credit/debit cards. Why Yes, I replied, it will work with Smart Phone. And so she allowed she might be interested in one, maybe, but probably still wouldn't use all that 'other stuph'.

Within 24 hours of getting new Smart Phone, I come home from work and Herself is all 'O Hai! Look whats you can do with Smart Phone! And this too! And this!' All things I'd not played with quite yet, mind you. Then again, I'd been off to Hospital, with my New Smart Phone, and remaining pretty focused on Patients. And that's another place-holder word, which lets you know what I do yet doesn't violate any of the precepts of HIPPA or the basic ethical foundation pounded into me by all my teachers in Nursing College.


Dec. 14th, 2010 01:46 pm
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The Saga, so far (in a nutshell or yanno, electronic bits)
PC Related with Questions. Skip if Not Interested )

Meanwhile, Ranch taken care of, Herself taken care of (shelf installations in her room). Unfortunately the two youngest kids from yesterday, who popped out shortly before sundown, did not survive the night. Mom took good care of them, they were in with the herd in the barn, and still it got too cold for them. The rest of the new kids are doing OK.

* All Knowledge Is Found On LJ
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In between working on some more Ranch chores (like re-covering the gardens, which Herself uncovered to let the rain water the plants) and some in the house chores, have now gotten MadShutterbugPC up and running if not totally reinstalled all software. Damn, that's one run-on sentence.

Got Chrome installed, so back to browser of choice. Can view photographs, still need to install Photoshop. Plus a few other things. Still, progress.

Going to get cold here tonight, which is why the gardens got re-covered.

Also, need to see about making a Joyful Nose. This box should do that.
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In short, the new PC is now up, running, and I'm using that rather than Herself's to do this. When I say up and running, there is limited things done yet:
- Basic system disks burned, including recovery and drivers
- AVG protection installed
- Not much else

So, actually, still using IE. Other apps need to be installed, however we are about to catch up on some other chores since the rain stopped. Also new PC is running Windows 7 so I've joined the world of Win7 users.

Amongst other things that will need changing soon, the default desktop wallpaper which advertises the company which manufactured MadShutterbugPC. Not so much that I mind it; it's a nice photograph of some smoke, and it says Gateway(r). However, I'm much more used (and vain) to my own work.


Jul. 13th, 2008 08:33 am
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So onward to another boring entry, which follows a que from other people I read here on LJ who post what it is they're reading. After all, one of the reasons I read (and write) on LJ is because I've got this monkey on my back, called Reading. Rather redundant use of words, and hey, get over it.

So what have I been reading? For the past couple of months, I've been reading a batch of books which came out of my Eldest Sister's house. Sue would periodically box up books and send them along to her siblings. Got to say it that way because I wasn't the only recipient of this largess. When I went up to Cape Cod to say our goodbyes, Bro-in-Law kept insisting to select some books and he'd ship them along. Which I did, and he did. I'd only selected paperbacks, but there are a couple hard-backs in the box. Those I've not read yet.

Here's the List, cut for the Non-Interestingness )

Yesterday I spent in quite boring not quite catalog work for my photographs. Not quite catalog work because what I actually did was compare files on the Laptop HD with files on backup HDs (plural) so as to thin out and create space on the laptop. Available space was down to just over 1 Gb, not particularly an optimal situation. Since I've been moving about with a convenient, small USB HD of significant capacity, I decided a lot of things could move off the internal HD. So now I'm up to around 15 Gb open space. I can probably create more space than that with some additional, ruthless culling since files are backed up. I'm holding out briefly to see if I actually work with the files I've left on board.

Herself is happy with here desktop PC back from the PC doctor, functional again. Her only stir being she though she'd saved some files onto Venerable Old Laptop instead of onto the external USB drive I'd set up for her use. This proved not to be the case, rather an instance of saving the files to a different directory than she'd intended. Now that she knows where they are, she's happy.

There's still a bit of follow-up I need to do for her, to see if she saved locally an application she downloads, or simply installed it. If she installed it, then she's going to have to revisit the source website and do so again. Oh for the days of DOS, when one could very easily copy a program from one PC to another simply by (compressing if necessary first) copying the directory the application lived in...

Enough of that. Time to head out and check on the Ranch, later today another supply run and Laundry. Joy.
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Regular Gentle Readers will recall my mentioning that Computer De Herself experienced a problem following an intense series of thunderstorms here in North Central Baja Jorja about a week and a half back. Said 'puter does not boot, which I checked by installing a different, bootable operating system hard drive before taking it in to the computer repair shop.

Thus we come to todays phone call with CR (Computer Repairman)

CR: I checked the motherboard, the CPU, and the RAM, it all looks good. But the computer doesn't boot. It's not the original hard drive in there, I wasn't expecting W2K.

Me: Well, I put that drive in to check if it was a problem with Herselfs hard drive, because the PC wouldn't boot on the original drive either. How'd you know it's W2K on this drive? Did it try to boot?

CR: Well, I got a flash-screen that said W2K. Then nothing.

Me: That is further along than we got with either the original drive or this drive in the PC.

CR: Well, it won't boot. I don't know what's wrong, and can't tell you anything without checking the original drive. It might boot with the original drive.

< headdesk >

Is it just me or is there a disconnect in this discussion?

The other possible service from these folks is wireless high-speed Internet connection. Apparently they are using a portion of the electronic spectrum formerly used by some cell phones, now no longer being so used because of improvements in cell phone technology. It does require line-of-sight transmission between antennas. Apparently, there's too much tree cover between us and the nearest booster antenna for the service, unless we put in an 80' tower.

This, because the phone company hasn't extended their DSL lines to cover our phone line. Which, curiously enough, they received a rate increase authorisation from the Baja Jorja Legislature to 'improve services' last year.

Think it's time for a letter to the State Representative.
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Herself's PC is h'ors de combat. I described the late evening storm last week where we lost power, and the next day during the day another strong storm came along. More power loss. After that storm, Herself tried booting up her PC, and called me at work to tell me 'The monitor screen is all blank. Fix It.'

This weekend she went off to a local SCA event, and my game plan was to fix it. Failing that to at least diagnose the problem as thoroughly as possible. Then yesterday and today, both, more big electrical storms. Yesterdays did not bring as much rain as todays did. Lots of rain today. That's another part of the story.

I did my diagnosing after that storm. Monitor works, confirmed by plugging the monitor into another PC. So I opened the box to see if the video card can be replaced. Good news, this PC is a couple years old so I didn't void the warranty by cracking the seal on the back of the PC. Bad news, the video card is built into the motherboard. So I decided to check the hard drive as the next possible source of the problem.

Good news, pulling her hard drive and putting it into an external housing I can find everything on the drive. No data lost. In fact, the drive may even boot. Not sure, but it may. Bad news, putting another hard drive into her PC, one I know is a boot drive with W2K loaded on it, and her PC won't boot.

So at this point I'm open to feedback, but thinking the mother board took a hit in the power surges from the storms. Yes, it's on a surge protector and that is through a UPS backup/surge protector. Could still be what happened. Or something else. Dunno. I do see lights on the mother board with the box opened, just No Joy on power up.

As for the rain today; in about 2 hours or a bit less we received 10 cm/ 4 inches of rain. At one point it was so thick I couldn't see much past Houdini's doghouse, and that was moved within 30 feet of the Big House to get him away from his old sand-pit and fleas. Our pet sinkhole out in the 'parking lot' turn-around area ... had been brim full of water based on the markings on the walls of the hole. Brim Full. It's drained now, slowly (which is also good news, as opposed to a whoosh drain and larger hole...).

I'm so proud of Houdini. Last summer he'd of been in panic mode with a storm like this one. This time, he went into his doghouse and hunkered down. Maybe that old sock with some other items holding my scent really is helping.
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Hospital work ended a couple hours ago, yet here I sit still stealing Hospital's Internets while a rather old laptop churns through the process of re-configuration. That's not quite accurate, actually. It's a shade more than re-configuration.

Herself, shortly after Mother Mary died, received this old laptop from one of her brothers to help with estate business, Herself being co-executor. Worked fine for all of that, however now she's in need of something to take with her to a major SCA event known as Gulf Wars. There's a bit of history with this particular event and our family. Herself was Queen of Trimaris when the whole shebang started ('91, '92, something like that), because, well, she started it. Only she's never been.

This year, I was informed in no uncertain terms that I have the Ranch Watch during Gulf Wars. No worries.

However, Herself is also taking along her bit of business and setting up as the Portuguese Merchant her persona is. Wants the ability to record sales & inventory and such, including conducting credit-card transactions on the day of rather than waiting for return to the Ranch. This of course needs on-line access, which the site provides. Old laptop is running... was running Win98 plus some service packs. Not so much friendly with wireless access to anything.

So I upgraded the OS to an old (therefor legal) copy of W2K floating around here. Right after the upgrade, starting up the laptop, laptop asked for Password.

Self: Laptop, D00d, no password. Never set one. Go to work.
Laptop: Dweeb, watt iz password? No password, no work.
Self: (after some effort, needing to find appropriate disks to achieve command prompt for this interaction) Laptop, D00d, password is Format C: /sys

Which led to today, and waiting for this venerable piece of silicone history to finish installing W2K, when I shall still need to install the wireless card drivers right after installing an antivirus package from AVG. Oh, and probably a video driver, as the CPU seems to think all it can achieve is 640x480 pixels.

I really wanted this done today. Confirmed checking wireless access and everything. Just right now, looks like not so much...
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So second day in new position. Not a radical experience, but still some eye-openers on the whole Novice-Expert continuum. After all, I know I've the knowledge to do this work, and skills as well. Except, of course, that most of the applications I'll be working with are new to me. So there are new, specific skills to learn.

And being as I'm in a Nursing Systems Analyst position, and this is considered a managment position, it means that the privileges I've got in those applications are such that, really, I could like Totally Hose The House. So when venturing outside the 'Test' or 'Train' environments, I'm generally tip-toeing through the tulips. I am Ninja. See, I only look. No Touchee.

On the other hand, I've not got access to the apps I need, less one, and also they are installed on the workstation. It's a venerable workstation; I've heard rumours that it may be replaced sometime soon. A bit slow at times. Still, I'm happy. I've a desk, a workstation, and I can do my work.

Which, mostly right now, involves some learning.

Though it would be nice to have Media Player or something to be able to listen to some music while reading. Perhaps tomorrow will you will see me iShuffle, since Vernerable Workstation can't play music.

Go. Live.

Jul. 19th, 2006 06:09 pm
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We are up. Still little bobbles, but mostly stuff which the 'end-users' (that is, my nursing colleagues in the OR's) won't see. Mostly. Still some little things to fix, and then a bunch of things to tweak.

Why am I so tired?
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There comes the time in any new computer setup when the software is mostly there, and it's time to migrate data. We're just about there. Right now both laptops are buzzing away. Venerable Old Laptop is busy ZIPping some files onto the external HD. That will be pretty much an all day process. New Laptop is busy connecting me to the Internet, and yes the new modem is providing a somewhat faster connection. 37.3 Kbps in fact. Cruising right along as it were.

On a minor note, I'll also be doing a final inventory of the software I loaded on Venerable Old Laptop to decide which if any more apps need to migrate. All very boring.

Note To Geek Friends: still waiting for suggestions for ghosting software. I really would like to ghost this HD before migrating data files onto it.

Herself is off to TMT (SCA event) for the weekend. I'm heading out shortly to go feed the critters, or at least some of the critters, then loading up either Houdini or Mamma Mudge and a big cooler for a trip to Newberry Cold Storage to bring home Piggie Parts. My vegetarian acquaintences need not ask.

Later today I'll be working over in Studio 318; maybe getting in some photography but mostly doing physical plant things. Getting the back room situated as a work room/office for now. Even without phone or other network connections over there, I figure to set up to do the majority of digitising photography work in that location, so the scanner will be moving sometime today.
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Progress (between working for pay, and some yesterday evening) in loading the laptop (because, don't you know, I made a list)

Antivirus (and now McAfee may need to go because it keeps nagging me about updates needed...)
HP Scanner software, with a ? as I've not tested the scanner connected to this box. But the drivers are installed. And the software.
WordPerfect Office 12
Paradox (because I am such a fan of Microshaft, don't you know)
Palm Desktop (including hot-synch)
Adobe Acrobat 7 & Photoshop 7
AT&T Worldnet Connection (not run through yet, haven't connected via phone line)

Yet To Go:
Wacom Tablet (which will need the tablet actually connected to the box)
ACDC (for cataloging photos... maybe)
CuteFTP Pro: because I need to look some things up on Venerable Old Laptop in order to do this. Well, not to install per se, but to install and have it actually work.
Crystal Reports

And, to look at Vererable Old Laptop for the other odd'n'ends I'd been using. Oh, like:
Roxio Media Creator; I'd gotten a message about some installation of Roxio on the new box while installing something else... um, no, not that I can see. Is it incorporated into Winders now?

Seeking Suggestions:
For ghosting software. This installation process is getting complex enough that once I've got the software aboard (and before I start loading data backups) I want to ghost an image as a starting point in the event of major problems. Oh, there's a system restore feature installed, but that's part of Winders. I ask ya, do you think I trust it totally?

Nah. I knew ya didn't.
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General progress on the new box: software installations progress without big problems. Not sure if the scanner will work yet; installing that software package is the only place things seemed dodgy. However, I'm going to be happy to uninstall that if needed, and look for other software. No worries.

Uninstalled AOHell's trial version for excessive annoyingme-ness. Will also un-install McAfee once the current AVG is updated.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Thursday.

New Laptop

May. 24th, 2006 07:27 am
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Purchased the new laptop yesterday on the way home from work. Despite my inclination towards "smaller is better" I did not buy one which matches the old one in physical size. Seems the trend in laptops these days is that smaller is also way more expensive...

At any rate, it is a Gateway MS6455, AMD cpu, 1 Gb RAM, 120 Gb HD, and a 15" screen. Which will help in that it's likely to be a continuing thing that the laptop serves as my primary computer for a while. Meaning, of course, all my photography work gets done on the laptop. So that bigger screen will come in for something.

It is not, quite yet, up to 100% functional. First of all, I need to load antivirus software. Oh, yes, it comes with a "free trial" of McAfee. On the other hand, I'm less than impressed with McAfee these days (being something of an old fan as it were), and extremely less than impressed with Symantec's Norton Antivirus. So I'm going with AVG.

Then we get into the other software I use. And the data transfers (already some work done on that, in terms of getting ready). But I anticipate being up and going in relatively short order.

At which point, the old laptop (still servicable, just acting a bit flaky which I'm not totally convinced isn't a need to re-format, and re-install software due to Micro Shaft Garbage Accumulation (hmm, a new acronym? MSGA... not to be confused with another bit of garbage, MSG) will undergo said re-formatting of hard drive, and re-installation of W2K, and a smaller software package including the application for Herself's Husqavarna (did I spell that correctly?) and her sewing business.

I needs me a geeky icon, I does. Maybe I'll use the old laptop for that one photo idea first...
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Installation of TurboTax took 1 hour 30 minutes. Most of which was the search for, downloading, and intallation of the "updates" since the CD was made and shipped. And that on a high-speed Internet connection. Oh, I just lerves me some software bloat, I does. Software bloat: the Microshaft Virus.

Herself is off to a local SCA horse-related event. Those as attend, with horses, will be qualifying to partake in medieval re-creation equestrian events at the upcoming Gulf Wars. Possibly I will be driving over and photographing some things, as a day trip. Then again, possibly not. I've the Ranch Critters watch, and there are things I really, really want to see done around the house. They are hiking up on my annoyance value list as something which, when done, will help make life more pleasant.

We'll see. One reason for going to the event is could I partake of Roast Hogge, one of the two which we ... hmm, didn't mention that here. OK, brief aside, for those of my LJ readers/friends who may be vegetarian/vegan or simply feel strongly about animal rights. I am a rancher. We raise livestock, and I've been known to say these animals are not pets, they are shares in the "live stock" market. I, too, believe in animal rights; my animals have a right to a healthy environment, to be protected from predators (wild and domestic), to not be abused. We raise our animals essentially "organically", meaning we know what they are being fed, there are no pharmaceutical supplements in the feed (steroids or antibiotics), there are no animal by-products in the feed, and much of what they eat is natural range which grows on our ranch. They do receive pharmaceutical supplements if and when they need them because of their health, and only so long as they need them for that reason.

And as I said, they are not pets. I believe in taking care of them well, because, well, "Ggl├╝ckliche Schweine sind geschmackvolle Schweine." And on Monday two of them became "geschmackvolle Schweine." Past this date, if there's any discussion about such more... earthy ... aspects of our owning the Ranch, I will put up a notice and a cut. If this aspect of my life is distasteful to you, I understand and accept that.

It will not change the fact, though, that one of the reasons for me going to this event will be to partake of some "geschmackvolle Schweine" prepared by a cook who prides herself on her ability to do true medieval period recipes and have them be very tasty. In this case, very tasty pig. Meanwhile, it's time to go take care of those critters.
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I've seen a comment from one of the Flist Folk as to the temperature a couple hours (by road) south-west of us. Heh; I'll see your 58 and Lower you 8. Plus a fairly steady rain, a touch of thunder recently, and it's a very nice day to stay inside.

Which I've not totally done. Went over to the North Wing (as it were) to Studio 318 to continue working on one of the old PC's over there; the hard drive is now completely formatted (two partitions) and some more software installed. Unfortunately (or not, depends on point of view) the Norton schtuph wants to connect to the Internet or it will stop working in 15 days, despite my entering the product code. It's unfortunate because that computer is not connected to the Internet. No phone lines to Studio 318, so it's Off the 'Net. Since I'd like to keep the Norton working I guess I'll haul the durn thing over to the South Wing (as it were) and connect, but not right away.

We're off to some friends this evening for a Solstice party; only about a mile up the road, not a major haul. I'm making a traditional offering for the party, commonly called Cheesy Piggie. Those of you who've been reading a year or more will recognize the concoction, and I'm not going into details just now. Suffice it to say it's actually fairly simple to make, just involved. The recipe starts off with, "First, raise the pig. Second, slaughter the pig and make sausage." Et Cetera.

Other than that, not a lot happening. About to do some more life-straightening things and that's it.
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Excessive Geekiness/Nerddom Within: Enter at Your Own Risk )

And in other news, The Sun Came Up This Morning.
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There are three hard drives sitting in what will be the "office" (possibly darkroom) of the Studio which are problematical; some less so than the others.

All of them came out of used PC's that we acquired for Ruthie. She's over that, as I mentioned back in October she purchased herself a new PC. Or maybe it was September, doesn't matter.

The rather not so problematical drive is the one which ScanDisk, doing a surface scan to lock out bad clusters, delivers the message "... encountered a data error while reading root directory entry number 0." Right, then, as Bones would say to Kirk, "It's dead, Jim." Possibly I will be able to access it as a slave and salvage data.

The one I replaced it with, now, it delivers this message while booting: Stop: "0x00000024 (0x0019025E, 0x0EF033744, 0x0EF03339C, 0xBFF58D3C) NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM" and there's more about disabling anti-virus software (just how does one do this when one can't get the OS to run?) and such to get at the drive. It just hangs there.

While I am a geek, or a nerd, I'm not so much a tech. This one, also, I wonder will I be able to bypass the boot problem and recover data?

Then there's the one which came out of the Gateway Gift PC (the previous two were drives I purchased new). It is loaded with Win XP, and while booting hangs up with this message: NTLDR is missing

I guess I need to find out what the NTLDR is.

ETA (11/28/2005): yup, confirmed wht NTLDR is, it's what I suspected, and it looks less hopeful for that drive as anything other than a slave for data recover. Life is not boring.
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Remind me why I wanted to go into healthcare IT again?

Just one of those days when the magic doesn't seem to be working. Wish I could take days off unannounced like that. *G*
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My personal laptop, which has been plugged in while at the hotel to keep battery charge up, just shut itself off. Twice. Hopefully this is more a sign that the battery (six years old) is actually loosing it's ability to hold a charge rather than something more ... dire. Since I didn't bring the power source with me to training classes, it shall need to wait until after today's sessions to trouble-shoot.

Meanwhile, at least I did get to deal with a couple e-mails that needed quick attention. And lunch is good. This is all to the plus.

We now return you to your Regularly Scheduled Life.

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