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Received the original of this via text earlier last week, while at work. Brought a smile to my face. Did some processing to Herself's photograph to be a bit more painting-like, in part because couldn't make it a big image from the original capture.

Honey I Decorated the Tree )

Happy Holidays, all.
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It's coming on evening and things are winding down here. Herself has a gumbo in the crockpot, will be wonderful Great dinner for a cold night. Livestock are fed, water points disconnected and drain. Let it freeze, let it freeze, let it freeze ... so long as the PVC is full of air, won't matter. Won't break.

This year's round of bottle kids are now onto the Bucket of Nipples. No current videos of this phenomenon, but this one should give you the idea:

Alas, Ms. Broody Henny who hatched out four chicks (on one of the freezes last month) succumbed to a fox. Her chicks are fine, and relocated closer to the House. Also alas, one of our oldest does, June Bug, succumbed to old age. The past couple years we kept her in with the doelings, to provide Wiser Elder Status to them. Wonder who we'll move there now. What Bug left behind is now returning to teh Ranch in one of Herself's gardens, rather a singular place of honour here.

June Bug got trapped beneath some barn flooring by one of our first bull calves, and lost both toes (hooves) off her right front leg as a consequence. No one told her she couldn't do, though, so she just did, with attitude an style.

Work is... work. I am amused that last year, this time, I found myself quite happy and calm to be back in OR, knowing there was one year left to a change in status. Now, with that change in status, I find it quite amusing that my attitude about being there is so much different. What, you think I'm here because I have to be? I'm here because I want to be helping people, not because I have to.

Very interesting, indeed.

Time for dinner.
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So. Some photographs.

New Years Eve, Squrrl BorderCollieBro with some of the New Kids )

New Years Day, Ms Henny & Chicks )

New Years Morning Aftermath... )

Rain today and last night, with some thunder last night. One wouldn't think a 75 lb/34 kg Border Collie could hide himselve completely in the space of an armpit. This proves not to be the case after all...
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I nattered on a bit last week about how the Goats here on teh Ranch started the Winter Kidding. Here are some highlights.

Cut because there's a lot of photos, and there are still folk on dial-up... )

Back home from first day back to work. It's like I never left...
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It's been quite a week here on Tah Ranch. Kidding. Freezing. Warming. Chilling.

Most of the projects I've worked on, most of them, involved things on teh Ranch and revloved somewhat around the whole bit about kidding going on. In the background there's that work on the new PC's, one of which is what I'm working with right now. The other one... well, maybe a bit more work before trying to exchange it. Just because I did put a bit of data on there that I'd as soon not give to someone else. Nothing critical. Nothing identity hazarding. Just something I'd as soon not give away just yet.

Tomorrow, back to Hospital in a new job which is so much like the old job, it is the same position number. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to that. On the other hand, this week away has been nice. Thus, on the Gripping Hand, I could get used to this being 'retired' gig.

Though as I mentioned a bit back, it's been much more a week of self-employment than retirement.

Kidding. Oh my. We're up to 40 live ones. So far we've not had another kid die, though there is one we are not sure about just now. Doe is still nuzzling and bonding to him, but he's not been on the teat yet. We did, this morning, find one of the newly kidded does down, and she died shortly after we found her. Up and moving yesterday, but from the signs we found very probable she got septic following kidding. This is the first time we've lost a doe this way in 20 years. We're taking over feeding her three kids. With a few more does to go, we're near the end of the kidding until next time. Not bad over all.

Houdini says it's time for some couch time, so ta for now.

What It Is

Dec. 18th, 2010 11:57 am
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Kids: No new ones overnight, and doesn't appear the remaining pregnant does are labouring. All the rest are alive, moving, complaining at moms when hungry.

Ranch, other: Not much. Everyone else fed, except cows who get fed in evening. Garden uncovered yesterday so that whatever rain today came along could provide water. So far, sprinkles. Heavier areas of rain both north and south of us (of course). Uncovering the plants this time, from learning through re-covering last time (Herself had folded the 4 mil plastic over itself to the center of the rows) much more like furling a sail, rolling it to one edge of the rows the piece covered. Might make it easer to re-cover when needed.

Computer Saga: figured out which program most probably caused the earlier PC #1 installation crash. Kick myself lightly, because a bit of reading likely could prevent that. Caused me to do further research and determine that at least three, possible more of the apps I own are now outdated for the OS. Figures. Ah well.

One of those is my copy of PerfectOffice, meaning WordPerfect 12 plus associated software. This may be a moot point. Not installed yet, I've downloaded Open Office to see how this works. Big plus, if it does work, is the suite is free.

Kitchen: Confusing Houdini significantly. Herself is our usual cook. I know how, don't particularly enjoy it, so cook only when necessary. Today is my day, though, making a 'traditional' dish for this evenings Solstice Party at S&K's place. It isn't the Solstice yet, they usually hold the party on the closest Saturday other than Christmas. So I'm making Cheesy Piggie, aka Blasphemous Dip.

Herself's brother is here to pick up the small trailer & 4WD ATV he left a couple weeks back, on his way home from a hunting trip. Reason for leaving here is he managed to bend the axle on the trailer, so was overheating and blowing out tyres on the road heading home. He's here with a bigger trailer which will hold both the ATV & trailer for the trip home.

Also doing laundry.

Exciting, eh?

Kid Count

Dec. 17th, 2010 07:13 pm
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Sometimes, in my mind though probably not yours, I wonder if y'all believe me when I say teh Ranch is a working ranch. Mostly this isn't an issue with me. Just sometimes.

Today isn't one of those days.

Mentioned to y'all about the kidding starting during the intense cold of last week. Key word, starting. By Wednesday the kid count (counting the two that died of cold stress) was 15. Today the kid count (counting the two, and one stillborn today) is 34. This makes 31 live kids out there.

Today we warmed up. It's like the heat sucked all these kids out. It's also good that this, probably the peak of the kidding, occurred on this nice, balmy, clear and still day. We've three sets of triplets, all so far (two from today) doing well. One of those sets of triplets isn't moved over to the barn yet, and isn't going to be. Their doe is one of the orneriest in the herd. Seriously, I pity any predator that tries. She's already butted Herself twice. Herself is fine, thank you.

There are still three does we're expecting to kid soon. Tomorrow the forecast is for rain; so yes, probably those three will kid tomorrow. The barn is prepped.

Oh, and one of the chickens I posted in a photo a while back, she showed strong desire to brood eggs. So we let her. Her clutch hatched probably Wednesday, we heard them yesterday. She's got four chicks.

So. There's gonna be a whole lot of goat available for sale next year.
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Not a bad day, per se, yet for some reason as the day wore on grumpiness descended upon me and would not depart. So as I skimmed across photographs (yes, still reviewing for portfolio) and across this fellow, I decided I needed some Lolgoat! )

That is all.

Well, no, not exactly. Showing it to Herself, I became aware that some people won't get this...
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Triple Bella! )

New triplets (see file name below for date) and their mother, 'Nose'. So called for the white blaze on nose. Named in order (more or less) Annabella, Eirabella, and Isabella. Isabella is a wee thing. Not a lot of room in the oven on the bake cycle, I guess.
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Remember No-Name Kid?

Several of you suggested names.

All suggestions delivered to Herself, who stays with the kids while they eat their cereal in the morning (they're still getting milk in the afternoon/evenings).

Herself called out the various names, one each on a daily basis, until she responded to a name.

And the name she responded to is...

drumroll please

What? You thought I'd blurt it out, eh? )
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Elsa the Kid )

You saw Elsa in part yesterday, behind/beside her sister who needs a name. Regarding that, her sister is behind her in this photo, simply the angle & distance & focal length hide her. Names proposed for Sister are being delivered to Herself this evening.

In other news, it is time for dinner.
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Name The Goat ... Warning! Insulin Hazzard )

Curious kid is curious, but un-named yet other than Elsa's Sister. That's Elsa beside/behind with the black & white face. We're bottle-feeding these two.

Might allow more time for the Tell the Story post from yesterday. So far only three stories, what's with this, I know there's a bunch of writers looking at these photos. *G*
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Got Mor Insulin? )

With temps running into the high 20's F / -4 or so C recently at night, and not much above 50's F / 10 C daytime, some sunlight in a spot out of the breeze and full bellies = Nap Nao, KThx.
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Herself is now in on it, and says Ante Up!

She Offers... Triplets! Fresh from the Chute! )

Who will indeed be able to answer the future question 'Were you born in a barn?' with... Yes, actually, we were.

Mother is Corndelia. Received her name because she would eat corn kernels from Herself's hand.

Of Course

Jan. 9th, 2010 11:01 am
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Houdini and I finished Morning Rounds long enough ago for me to come back inside and eat a light breakfast. It is indeed at least as cold as the proverbial Wiccan Mammaries out there; the thermometers I keep in shaded areas (exposure to direct sunlight in North Central Baja Jorja summers leads to disfunctional thermometers) both indicate that the temperature is 0 C/32 F. The 5 degree C wind chill is truly in effect.

So of course one of the adolescent does kidded this morning. Both kids are now in the shelter, one she dropped there, one just outside. I gave her some time with that kid before going into the pen, at which point she promptly ran off to eat with the rest of the adolescent herd. Mind you, there is a feed pan in the shelter with her... At any rate, all I did do with the second kid is move him (is a buckling) into the shelter next to his sister and leave them alone. Minimal touch or scent from me, to give this youngster as good a chance at bonding as I can.

We're still overcast here. Further south is the precipitation, though we could get some. That overcast is mixed blessing right now. It's why we didn't get as cold last night as forecast (though we tried). It's also why we aren't budging very fast towards warmer, and trust me at this point even something around 5 C/40's F is warmer.


18 Dec. 29th, 2009 06:48 am
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )


Jan. 24th, 2009 05:34 pm
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I'm going to go feed the Bros in a short bit, then clean up and start getting ready for dinner. The Faire closes at 18:00, Herself expects to be back to the Ranch sometime between 19:00 and 20:00. Maybe to the earlier part of that because I think she wants to see the kids.

Speaking of the kids, apparently when the Bros were 'disappearing' from sight while we kept an eye on the new additions, they were quite busy here at teh House. I never cease to be amazed at the things Border Collies can learn to do. Nick the cards right out of my cameras, upload to the PC and then upload to the Web. Ya. I'm impressed. But if you want to see pictures of some of the new kids, follow that link.

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