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On the River... but Which River? )

I do believe I need a bit of light-heartedness so here it is.

Building Blocks refers to images planned to be used in other images. For this one I'm looking at what kind of 'boat' (as in really a boat? A folded up leaf? A bean pod?) and where...

Open to suggestions.

Think I'm recovered from the night shift Friday. I added up the hours, though (wondering why I felt so much more dragged than usual) and realised that in the space of 48 hours I worked 24. Ah. Yes.

Progress made on a 'physical plant' project for Studio 318. Removed the feet and cross-pieces from an old bed frame we've got here on teh Ranch (hasn't sold in three garage sales believe it or not). The long pieces will become the foundation for a cart in Studio to store/move the posing blocks I've got. Now to finish de-rusting it, give it a coat of paint and add the platform. Still, progress, yes.
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Tea and Mimosa )

I assign responsibility for anything (good and bad) to being sleep-deprived after working Night Shift.
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Determined Nonwo Is Determined )

Yes, a tad more of the building blocks round. Not sure which one I'll use yet, I suppose that's part of it. (Subtle Hint, Oh Readers, Provide Feedback. *G*

Yesterday was StayLate at Hospital, and yes (no surprise) I stayed late. Been scrubbing rather a lot lately, as well. Always a nice switch-up to be Scrub Nurse rather than Scout Nurse. On the StayLate portion though, back to circulating. How exciting. Today is a Night Shift, so I'm here at teh Ranch posting early.

Mentioned looking hard at several decision trees recently. Decisions for October pretty much in progress. Decision for November is whether or not to attend a state-level camera club 'convention', not sure why I put it into quotes except I'm used to attending AORN Congress which is a convention as well. At any rate, today will see registration paid for that and hotel accommodations reserved. Thus, one more decision tree pretty much in progress.

Decision for December, now, that's still somewhat up in the air. Or at least on all the details. Things are started on that one as well. Oh the mystery. Stay tuned.
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Nonwo as Winter Queen Prisoner )

AS the header line should suggest, this piece is a building block for a larger image. Hence, is a building block. On one hand as a straight-forward image fairly good of itself. On another hand... well, this particular batch will take some work to achieve the minds-eye vision. The general concept combines some pieces from the Winter Fae session done on New Years Eve and the Summer Fae session. Techno, Dooz's partner suggested during the Winter Fae to do some images where Winter Queen could be holding herself in her hand. Getting ready for the Summer Fae session, I thought about Winter holding one of Summer's vassals in durance vile. We tried two variations, this one comes from a group using the rope light to give 'body' to magical fae energies holding the prisoner.

So, a glimpse into a 'behind the scenes' portion. The rope light itself needs some work to be less 'mundane'. Then pull her out of this composition (essentially 'blue screen' which is doable from this because of the monochromatic background(s)) and into Winter's hand.

Today, between calming a Border Collie hiding from Sky Grumblers (thunder) and laundry, we've both been working on silhouette pieces getting ready for this week's Camera Club meeting. Nothing to show directly, other than the piece from the World War Two Memorial that I used in Reflection will be re-submitted. This I can do since it did not place at all in Reflection.

Just now... suppertime.
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Because it is undeniably summer out there in the northern hemisphere... )

Today's Progress:
Not up early; well, yes, because Houdini woke me up needing to use the Big Outdoors. However we both went back to bed when we came back in. Got up some when around 08 - 09. Made coffee. Drank it slowly. That's as opposed to work week, when coffee is consumed rather more rapidly. I like drinking it slowly much better.

Out to feed the critters. Helped with all of it, rather than dividing to conquer as it were. Hmm, could do a two-fer again. Gave one of the pig pens a watermelon. All us Southerners like watermelon. How's that for cliche statements, eh? Still, they did enjoy it.

Back to the house, started laundry. Worked on some building blocks for another photograph, the Ghost in Tudor House. That's pretty nearly ready. Now to select which view of Tudor House really needs a ghost.

Then Herself interrupted me. It's like this. I've seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp portraying Mr. Wonka. I've never seen the version with Mr. Gene Wilder portraying Mr. Wonka. Until today, that is. Rather glad I've done that now. Isn't necessarily a couple hours or so I'd like to get back. Very '60's psychedelic in parts (no surprise since it was made in '71, hardly out of the '60's at all) and representative of a time which still enjoyed musicals. Changed out loads of laundry in the commercial breaks. It all worked out nicely.

Then out to feed the evening rounds. Middle of the day, while hot, seemed less humid and also presented a nice breeze. Evening... temps may of started easing off, but humidity crept up and the breeze blew away, nothing left of it. Sweat soaked by the time we got back in from feeding Horses, Cows, Kids, and Bros.

Now all that's left is feeding us.
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What you say? )

For a day off of Hospital, a day Houdini BorderCollie Bro refers to as a BossStaysHomeDay, not much staying home. Feed run to town, then to Ocala Sams for supplies shot the afternoon. Got back from that and teh Horses greeted me by the gate as it was about their usual evening feeding time. They'd obviously been playing in the shower Herself rigged for them for days like today.

Like today? Hot. Hot hot hot hot hot. Even after the sun moved low enough in the sky that the tree shadows covered all, and the worst of it eased off, hot. July cicadas singing joyfully confirm that it's hot.

Summertime, and the livin' is easy
Fish are bitin' and the cotton is high.
Your daddy's rich, and your mamma good lookin',
So hush, little baby, don't you cry.
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I Like The Portrait )

The past two days both were much more draining than the previous three, and Wednesday was Stay Late. I am very seriously into Brain Clutch Slippage, where engaging in constructive thought is difficult. Houdini is not too upset about this, as it results in some lounging about, often stretched out on the floor where he is able to provide warm fuzzies. There is a very good beer in the fridge chilling just a bit, and it is 7.5% alcohol by volume. I am so not the designated driver tonight. O. Wayt. Not going anywhere anyway!

Payday today, which included:
- On Call Pay, wasn't on call, however this is something Acting Boss directed Paymaster to do for those who wind up working Nearly a Double on Stay Late days.
- Overtime, 11.5 hours
- Paid Time Off, 8 hours, which is the July 4th Observed holiday, upon which I worked, so also
- Regular Hours, 80 hours.

Hmm. Maybe this explains why so tired. Maybe.
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Except, not so much in Studio Land... )

It is, actually, raining here today. Yesterday was Stay Late Day, and while I stayed late, not quite so late as most times. Got home early enough for a late dinner. Today, however, I am rather tired and not so inspired to do much of anything. Well, not strictly true; I worked on a photo from ... day after New Years, I think. Not ready for show yet; working it up as a building block for a sky.
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After Going to Feed the Cows )

Reference more to the Flickr connection than to the photograph. Neither of them look like they were either abstaining from playing nicely, nor interested in feeding cows.

I am of the very strong opinion it is either the sky internet connection, or the particular router that we've got. Laptop, post crash last October, will only connect to the Internet via wireless. This despite the modem drivers telling me they've installed correctly, and the wired network card drivers telling they've installed correctly. Still, W#nd*ws says no network card and no modem, only wireless.

Srsly? Is probably time for new PC's for both of us. Also Srsly? Not so much in the budget just now.

In other news, the music selection is first up on the iShuffle.
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Fae are all ... Tea Partying )

Hmm, I wonder if the Tea Party crew would allow fairies to join?

Thursday, on my day off of Hospital for working today (which due to an interesting quirk of the contract was all overtime, even though the Stay Late was on Wednesday, which means my overtime also received weekend shift differential...) Thursday Herself and I rode part way into town to track down some people that one of the surgeons I worked with (he's since retired) recommended. They are organising/running a gallery, part of which is a constant though changing exhibit of a group called the Gainesville 10. The rest of the gallery the operators try to feature local artists, mostly but not specifically photographers.

They are quite booked up through into next year. However, they want me to submit a portfolio on disk for consideration. (Um, 'Allo betnoir, Bats, Eh?)


I've some pieces in mind, for sure. What I'd like, if y'all feel up to it (well, I'd like it even if y'all don't feel up to it yet that's just the way it is) is to mention which ones of the Pic'o'Day posts y'all think ought to go into that portfolio. Or even some suggestions as to how the process of making those suggestions could be made somewhat easier.


Jul. 9th, 2010 05:54 pm
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Mor SummR Fae )

Tired. One more day to work yet, then one day off, then a more or less regular week. More or less. No poll today. Too tired.
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Fae On A Cruise )

[Poll #1589818]

I am beginning to understand, however, why my friend [ profile] tx_cronopio usually posted primarily a Gratuitous (or something) Friday Poll. Coming up with the questions is a bit challenging. Particularly after a Stay Late at Hospital which lasted as late as last night's did. ::sighs:: Perhaps I'll choose to do one a week as well, with photographs of course.

In other news, am off today from Hospital because I will be working on Saturday. So this afternoon I took Herself on down the road to test a second route to a location she is planning to participate in a Farmers Market. Road time is about the same, perhaps a bit less, than the alternate route but significantly less that the first route she took. Granted, that route assumed a different location for the Farmers Market.

While there, we also looked up a gallery recommended to me by one of the surgeons, also a photographer, I've worked with at Hospital. Found same, a brief and interesting discussion held, and potentially more later.

In other, other news, it's about time to head out and feed Cows. I think. Possibly.
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More Summer Fae... )

[Poll #1588715]

Tempted to make this one another of the 'Tell me the story in this photo' posts. So, feel free, if you want to toss that into the comments as well.

In other news, Houdini is very glad that I'm home from work, as there is Thunder about. In other, other news, I could wonder why I feel so tired as it's only Tuesday, except hey, only one day off this past weekend making this the eight day in almost a row, and eight out of nine working. Joy. Not going to Camera Club this evening because of weather and tired.
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More Summer Fae... )

Tempted to make this one another of the 'Tell me the story in this photo' posts.
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Summer Fae... Um, what? )

A mentor once told me, make no excuses for works in progress. State simply that they are a work in progress if you intend to ask for feedback. So, today's and the next couple or so are works in progress.

[Poll #1588317]

In other news, it is raining here. This is not currently, but may soon interfere with Sky Interwebz Connectivity.
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Summer Fae... Um, what? )

A mentor once told me, make no excuses for works in progress. State simply that they are a work in progress if you intend to ask for feedback. So, today's and the next couple or so are works in progress.

In other news, it is raining here. This is not currently, but may soon interfere with Sky Interwebz Connectivity.
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It is a holiday weekend here in my corner of the Universe, and most everybody is off playing and enjoying themselves. Most everybody, not everyone. Worked last night at Hospital because hey, hospitals don't close on holiday weekends. Will work some more as the weekend progresses. Since I worked the night shift, when I got home this morning toddled off to bed for a few hours, up at noon, and Houdini happily climbed into bed with me. According to Herself he slept most of the night under my desk in the Office. So it's not like he was tired; he just is getting lazy. Heh.

Doing laundry now. Artificially drove up my Flickr statistics in the wee hours this morning after cleaning up at Hospital, by showing pictures to co-workers I've not seen for a while. Welcome to my exciting weekend.

Something About Winter Because It's Hot Summertime... )
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Alternate Gratuitous Skull Shot... )

This is another one which, actually rather seriously, started off with such a Con art show as Necronomicon. I'm tempted to say Doozer, you can't comment, you'd be biased. However, I won't. *G*

[Poll #1586659]
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Alternate Gratuitous Skull Shot... )

Into the Con Art Show?

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Winter Goat )

Geometry, curves, angles...

Glad this week is over. Wasn't horrendous, just... felt long. Tonight is going to be a good, nice relaxing night at home. Tomorrow is going to be working on some fencing. Not with swords, though. Darn.

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