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This past weekend I packed up some pieces and hied me off to Necronomicon. This is (or was, I suppose) the fifth year I've put work into this show, and I really enjoy it. This year a new crew put the show on, stepping in to fill a gap due to a health crisis and they Did Good. They did a bang-up job putting it together and running it and I want to say Thank You!

I put eight pieces in, some which I've shown here before. Well, most which I've shown here before, only one this year a brand new piece and I don't have that one up on the 'net anywhere for a quick link. Will work on that, I will. I'd started working on this piece a couple years back maybe, something of a joke, and then picked it up this year because I decided I want to show something in portfolio to help towards another goal. I'd love to see some of my art on a book cover, eh. So I created the 'Real Book Jacket to a Non-Existent Book' though some who read here may recognise some of the premise mentioned in the story synopsis on the back.

Got to visit with haikujaguar and silvertales who split a table on Writers Row. Bought something from both of them for lots of reasons, and popperaussie nearly got otter-napped off to Down South. Touch and go there for a bit. Mind you I don't think Popper objected much, certainly not at first...
Kit & Popper )

Compliments on Saturdays hall costume, compliments on the Art though no sales, and in general a lot of fun. Generated the last building block I need to work on another piece I'd hoped to put in this year, until I realised I need this particular building block. Now to work on that... not just right now. Picked up another item which I plan to use as a prop or building block, whichever is the better word, more on that later.

Then back home yesterday and arrived in time to help finish up Evening Rounds on the Ranch. Greeted by Houdini bordercolliebrs. Nice when the pooch is glad to see one. Although he did go walkabout this morning, showed up after I finished Morning Rounds and was about to set off into town for errands and a routine doctors appointment.

Now to start tuning up the Booth Display and get ready for the Micanopy Art Festival this coming weekend.

Hence, some time off from Hospital. Never enough of that.
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Yesterday I completed framing three pieces which constitute new work into the Necronomicon Art Show. Then I packed into the portfolio bags acquired earlier this year (only a couple of months? Yes, only a couple of months) plus one box eight pieces plus the usual Artist Blurb. The Office Box is set with those over in Studio; the last of the paperwork for the Show remains to be placed inside that. And the pavilion support tote as well, since I prefer to modify the standard folding panels which comprise the displays in this show.

Still need to pack my bags. That won't take long. One of my friends recently commented on their space in an alternate social networking location should they be worried it took only 15 minutes to pack for a weekend. I replied, 'Sounds about right.' Even if it takes me a tad longer because I will (this time) look to potentially packing two Con outfits. My usual 'hall costume' the past several years includes whatever I'm wearing plus a 'messenger bag' with a towel hanging out...

This year I'm thinking of bringing two extras. One will comprise garb I made years ago while active in the Society for Creative Anachronism and still wear occasionally, though I may add two touches to that (no description, no spoilers). The other is almost steampunk or is actually, though no gears or goggles or such will be visible.

So. Eight pieces for the Show (possibly only seven, depending on space, always better to bring more), bit of self-promotion to put up during one of the panels I will be on (or, maybe, all of them, eh). Pack my bags, load the car, and go.

But first, Meanwhile Back At the Ranch, it's time to mobilise and do Morning Rounds with Houdini and Herself.

Home Again

Oct. 28th, 2012 09:11 pm
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Home again, jiggedy jig jig. Herself & Border Collie Bros greeted. Supper eaten. Quick news, had fun, did well enough in Show, made a small sale. More later.

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Over the past few weeks, I've taken time off from Hospital to catch up on some things around the Ranch and wrap up preparations for one of my (personally) more major shows, Necronomicon in St. Petersburg, Baja Jorja.

Which, for whatever reason, my calendar had for last weekend, not this weekend. However, all is good with Hospital, the additional time off approved (not surprising, as what would you say to someone who is officially 'retired' yet still working for you, so doesn't really need to continue working for you if they chose not to...). All the pieces that are going to be framed, matted, mounted, and such are done, and what remains is to pack the big framed pieces into individual shipping protection (I'm driving down, so I'm the shipper as well), and the smaller framed pieces into a tote, and the pieces for the Print Shop into their tote, and the Office with the necessary paperwork all completed for submission, and the weekend bag, and...

I suppose that suggests the day for you. Between that I shall help some with the Morning Ranch Rounds, because I need to get this done and on the road before too late this afternoon.

On that note, Ta Ta For now.
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I like slow mornings. Quite the 'hook' turn of phrase, that, teasing you into continuing to read I'm sure. This slow morning I've spent with my coffee, and Houdini, and some on-line research in an area I'm wondering why I've spent so little time, considering...

Considering I call myself a science fiction fan, what with starting to read SF - um - I don't remember what age. It is easy to tell you (nor surprising) that some of the famous big names comprised my early reading list: Andre Norton, Arthur Clarke, and of course Robert Heinlein. My oldest sister took me to see 2001: A Space Odyssey in '68. She didn't hold herself to be a big SF fan, nor probably even an SF fan at the time. I think that's when she became one, talking to me after the event.

I love telling people why I consider myself a hard-core Trek fan. Watched the debut aired episode (second in filming order) The Man Trap in the TV department at Sears because my parents insisted (as only parents can) that was the night to get me new clothes for school. With more shopping to do after the clothing purchases, I told them, promised them I'd wait Right Here... and did, managing to see most of the episode. Missed a wee bit of the beginning.

Considering this, I wonder betimes just why my Con attendance is so limited. As in, well, One. Multiple times, yes, yet only one Con.

Considering the biggest reason I started attending Necronomicon again had more to do with the Art Show and my escalating on that long-term plan for 'getting my art out there.' Sort of a different turn of events, since while I do claim to be interested in the surreal I'd not actually until a few years ago thought that could turn into Sci-Fi or Fantasy inspired artwork. Now, I can.

Considering a chat on-line with an artist friend yesterday, when she lobbied pretty hard to convince me to submit artwork to a Con in Virginia, and the hind-brain says to Myself, Myself, DUH! This is quite a venue available for Self-Promotion, eh? That being one of the things I need to learn, it's off to the means to research things, and away we go. Cons? Yup, they're out there. Means to find out when, where? Yup, out there too.

Considering the economy I'm not sure how much travel I'll be doing to attend in person, so that means learning how (not a big leap, really) to ship my artwork to where. On the other hand, depending on where, there may be some travel and personal attendance. Probably will be. Which is dependent on when and where of course. There is, for example, a con coming up in Orlando this weekend. Yah, not so much to be there.

However, two or more months in advance, and I can reasonably think about getting work to a Show. It's not like I need to spend a lot of time getting it ready, I've already made the pieces. There is a logistical decision to make, related to how I've been showing at Necro. The last couple years, I've chosen to display (show) framed finished pieces, and put the matted/mounted/sleeved work into the Print Shop. Shipping framed pieces will be Expensive, so more likely to be sending the matted pieces.

Still... Considering the cost recently researched to get into a very local here in North Central Baja Jorja weekend Arts Festival entails a $20 application fee, if accepted (rounded off) $200 booth fee. The specific price depends on whether I choose a competitive or non-competitive booth space. The application process is weighted to competitive, with three times the number of booth spaces over non-competitive. Either way, the space cost rounds off that price. Beyond cost of goods sold, something I wouldn't actually figure in since unsold pieces are available in future shows, this still means that a break-even weekend starts with bringing in $220 just for Booth fee.

Suddenly, Cons become not only something I know will be fun, will also be somewhat to a lot more cost-effective.

Meanwhile, Houdini is now nudging me to remind me research and prospects all considered, the Ranch Critters are desiring that Morning Rounds be completed.
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Might seem a bit redundant to do a Con Report what with the mini-reports done on the days. On the other hand, might not since those are, after all, mini-reports. On the Gripping Hand, my blog, my dime as it were and so this is how I'm spending it. Y'all read along if you care to.

Travel Report: As mentioned, what with things going on on the Ranch and my own procrastination, it got late enough and I felt tired enough I opted not to drive after dark on Thursday. Instead I got a fairly good nights sleep after loading most everything into Sydney Subaru Outback on Thursday, exception being cooler with some foodstuffs and my carry-on bag. Up more or less regular time on Friday, coffeed, showered, dressed and out the door by ten to seven. Bit later than I'd thought. Not late enough to worry me at all. Stopped twice on the drive down, once for petrol and both for fluid pressure relief. Coffee. Yes.

Art Show Setup )

Then over to Registration, picked up my Guest Pass, 30th Anniversary Messenger Bag and badge holder. Forgot to get my Name Tent Card for the panel, had to go back for it. Checked in with Skippy (of FatFred) in the Dealers Room, got her some ice for her drink. Then off to gawk and gander and just have fun.

And On to the Con )

After that, oh, a few more panels but time moves along. I moved Sydney Subaru Outback out of the garage to closer parking, checked out of the Art Show and loaded that into Sydney, and went back in for the Eye Scream Social and Garage Sale. The Social is a nice visit, the Sale is a fundraiser for Stone Hill. Last year I got some books and other odds and ends, this year not so much. Ate some ice cream (what, you didn't get that from the name?), last bit of visiting with some folks, and then hit the road.

Departed St. Pete at 16:01, arrived at the Ranch at 19:15. Since I'd recorded times both going and coming I could compare notes, and indeed the trip home took about 15 minutes less. I attribute this to two things: Friday traffic on the way there rather than Sunday traffic on the way home, and fewer fluid pressure relief or petrol stops.

The Business Report )

So off I went to Con and home I came from Con, and Herself brought the Bros out for Evening Rounds timed to meet me as I arrived on the Ranch. Squrrl and Houdini came around one of the corners of our private road with Squrrl in the lead, until Houdini saw me waiting by the Horses and then there was no contest. Houdini got to me before Squrrl by about nine Border Collie lengths.

It's nice to be missed.

Con So Far

Oct. 22nd, 2011 08:38 am
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Between odds and ends, people coming by the Ranch and me deciding I didn't want to drive after dark and tired, didn't leave for St. Pete until early Friday. In short arrived, set up, registered and am participating. More later.
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I usually chuckle at myself when I think about this subject, because in case you didn't notice I don't go to a lot of Cons. Or at least, not currently. For a long stretch of time I did, except those cons belonged to AORN (my nursing association) and really, while a Con is a Con, they also possess quite different flavours regardless of same or different genres. Go to one of a different genre and it's like trying to compare Thai cuisine to French.Or something.

Still, I did mention several times that Necronomicon (site is here, if interested for that aspect) was on my calendar. I'm truly not even a particularly high-frequency member of this con, as I've been four times in my life (so far). Nonetheless, I've done some sort of response to things most times. Or, something.

Location, location, location. Necro has been at the same hotel for a number of years now, which will play into parts of this. Curiously enough, my first experiences with the specific hotel involved one of those Nursing related cons. I mention this primarily because those conventions occurred 15 - 16 years ago, and while the place is the same, detail aspects of their interior decorating changed. Going to the FNSA convention there, I recall being wonderfully impressed by a huge oriental folding panel, probably Japanese, and by huge I mean it spanned the back side of the elevator bank there, so on the order of 33 feet / 10 metres long. That was something.

What with my overall plan of Becoming a Viewed Artist (which is different from Becoming a Profitable Artist) as I near the point in time I wrap up a career as Gainfully Employed, the Necro Art Show is a primary reason I go. Enjoying some of the panels is on the list, of course, and seeing people I know yet don't often see as well. Necro has been at the same hotel for a number of years now, which will play into parts of this. Curiously enough, my first experiences with the specific hotel involved one of those Nursing related cons. Here goes, then, more or less in that order.

Probably get long, maybe boring, so we'll do something like the Cut Thing. )

Meanwhile, Back At The Panels )

People! )

And that Mr and Mrs LiveJournal and all the ships in space, was Necronomicon '10. Except... I need a Con Icon. Yes. Or something.

Next year, 30th Anniversary...


Oct. 25th, 2009 08:33 am
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Having a great time. Wish you were here.

Now, of course some things may be less great than others.

Still, having a great time.
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In Three Parts:
Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

After that, another brief conversation with another Dealer in the Dealer Room looking for some resources to make some props I'm contemplating for Studio, plus brief visit with Skippy. Then out the door, across the road for a Subway lunch, and then back up the road to home. Got back to teh Ranch right about 16:00 to an enthusiastic greeting from the Border Collie Bros, and just in time to help Herself replace some of our broken screens. Now, more windows open, far fewer mosquitoes coming in for dinner while we sleep.

Hot, hot soak before bed and after a dinner of Herself's Fried Rice along with watching 'The Water Horse' which she'd recorded while I was gone. All in all, a good weekend followed by a great evening home.

But, yanno, I don't think we're in our 30's any more, Toto.
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Been home for a couple hours. About time to head out with Houdini (who hasn't let me out of his sight more than 2 minutes, about long enough to realise I've wandered somewhere else) to feed cows, horses, and border collies, then Herself will feed me and we shall watch a movie, then I shall parboil myself and flop into bed.

More on Con later. It was good. That shall suffice.
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Pay no mind to the man behind the camera.

Quick recount of the Con so far. Two interesting panels. Quite a bit interesting in the Art Auction room. Some interesting things in the Dealers Room. One interesting video watched. Robert DeNiro as (well, I'm still not quite sure which of the two, so) either a gay, or a cross-dressing, pirate. Yes, I shall want to watch this one again (Stardust). Some outstanding costumes in the Costume Contest. And several old friends visited with.

And a lot of sketch-book photos made. Which means y'all will probably only see about 10% of them, but the rest are most excellent food for thought on some projects percolating away in the hind brain.

And Houdini, not to worry, I shall be home tomorrow.

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