18 Nov. 25th, 2009 07:16 am
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Day. Oh.

Jan. 4th, 2009 02:49 pm
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A bit stiff and sore last evening, after all that maneuvering of the posing block to mount the casters to make it easier to move. Succeeded, it's easier to move. Stiff. Sore. Hot soaking tub helped with that.

Worked on some photographs today. Uploaded to a specialty site, will continue the working uploads over the next couple days so I can make a posting here.

Herself is home from SCA and Iron Chef Trimaris. The 'secret ingredient' this year (provided by the organisers) was... goat. Old goat. Tough, old goat. Tough, old goat with a lot of bone. Got made into stew for the most part, but Herself both wowed and weirded out the judges by quite correctly preparing brains and eyes.


Hm, somehow zombie goat just... doesn't do it for me.
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Stopped on the way home yesterday to do some grocery shopping. Probably a bit early but picked up dog and cat kibble as part of the stop. Worst thing doing that is, I don't have to stop Monday. Herself left Forrest NissanPickup out by the goat feed barrels, I observed as I pulled onto teh Ranch, so that meant first thing out this morning, stow the feed.

Indeed, that is what we did. Herself went ahead to feed the Herd of 6 their morning milk, while I started pouring feed from 50 pound bags into the barrels. Then we served up the goats portion, and while Herself finalised that (the Young Buck pen) I fed teh Horses.

Houdini and I rode in the back of Forrest over to unload feed for Cows. Then back again, to feed the hogs. Soon, piggies, soon. Then up to the House. Herself fed the Dirty Yardbirds while I got started on Cheesy Piggie for this evenings festivities at S & K's place. Browned the sausage while the salsa started to warm in the crock pot, added sausage to that and followed with the Velveeta(R). That's it. Cheesy Piggie. 1 part to 1 part to 1 part.

Of course, the instructions are a bit more involved. 1st, Raise the Hog. 2nd, Know your Butcher, have them make the Sausage... you start to get the idea.

Houdini seemed a bit confused, because Herself wasn't working the Kitchen. However, he did not complain about cleaning off the Velveeta(R) wrapper.

Shortly now we shall go for a brief ride to fill the tank in Sydney SubaruOutback. Could of done last night on the way home except the petrol station is always crowded that time of day. Be easier to do today. Besides, Houdini gets a ride that way. Maybe also Smudge or Squrrl, except we've got that kibble in the way-back and some big boxes still in the back seat.

Oh, and record high hits on my Flickr-stream, much of which I attribute to you folks dropping by after viewing CanHazChocolate kitty. Who is, in case you didn't know already, 1of4 KitnzOfApocalypse.

I believe I'll be taking that box of chocolates to the party tonight, also.
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Turkey Breast, a la Herself as freely transcribed by Himself.

Take approx 7 Lb (3 Kg) turkey breast. Thaw (if frozen). Coat with mixture of ground black pepper, papprika, and onion powder. Stuff the cavity with cranberries (fresh if available, canned acceptible), place in clean bucket. Pour over breast cranberry liquour (made at home preferably, mixture of vodka and cranberry juice), seal lid, place in refrigerator to marinade 24 hours.

Remove from bucket, pour out cranberries. Place turkey breast on rotisserie spit, and cook in rotisserie for 10 minutes per pound (approx. 22 minutes / Kg) until done. Temperature? Hm, that's a tougher one. I'm not sure our little rotisserie has a temperature control. It's a separate oven unto itself. Herself says, conventional oven 300F / 150C but still, until done. Baste with marinade cranberry liquour.

Oh. My. God.

Oh... Cranberry Liquour.
Fresh berries approx .5 Kg / 1 Lb. (Whole canned, cooked cranberries may be substitued if fresh absolutely not available)
500 Ml cranberry juice (The Good Stuff, undiluted & pure)
500 Ml 80 proof Vodka

Place in sealed jar, shake 1x daily for 10 days
Pour into saucepot (3 L or 3 Qt), place on stove on medium - medium high heat. Add something between 4 cups to 12 cups sugar, depending on taste for sweetness. Dissolve all sugar into liquid. Let cool. Bottle. Seal. Save for when you reeeaaally reeeaaally want it.
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In Three Parts:
Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

After that, another brief conversation with another Dealer in the Dealer Room looking for some resources to make some props I'm contemplating for Studio, plus brief visit with Skippy. Then out the door, across the road for a Subway lunch, and then back up the road to home. Got back to teh Ranch right about 16:00 to an enthusiastic greeting from the Border Collie Bros, and just in time to help Herself replace some of our broken screens. Now, more windows open, far fewer mosquitoes coming in for dinner while we sleep.

Hot, hot soak before bed and after a dinner of Herself's Fried Rice along with watching 'The Water Horse' which she'd recorded while I was gone. All in all, a good weekend followed by a great evening home.

But, yanno, I don't think we're in our 30's any more, Toto.


Sep. 26th, 2008 01:07 pm
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Met Herself in town after work yesterday, and we attended a dinner/bridal shower for one of the office partners at a new local Italian restaurant. Food is good, well prepared, excellent quality, the flavours of items & sauces is nice... and rather bland. We both prefer a bit more spice in our Italian.

And for my B5 friends...Today's B5 Quote, Click on Link and Pass It Along... )

Ah, Ivanova, I do miss you so. *G*


Apr. 13th, 2008 09:30 am
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Things done. Much done. Felt productive. Enjoyed Houdini's company for ranch rounds and a feed run. Moved another cabinet/shelf into Studio (recovered same from Hospital) before the feed run. Then off to Laundromat because washer is still on binnacle list since I wasn't here to reimburse repairman for work. Will remain on binnacle list for a while, I'm afraid, as I shall be travelling a bit again later this week.

Served as guinea pig for Herself's cooking plans; she'll be the Feastcrat for the Summer Arts and Sciences event in Baja Jorja. I tell ya, life as a guinea pig for a cook can be really rough. Yeah, rough. Uh huh.

Time to go round on the Ranch again. It is overcast and drizzling.
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We rolled out the door in plenty time to be early, and a good thing that as the place filled up. I mean, standing room only. Copy of book waiting for us, thanks to both [ profile] goth_huntress and [ profile] wedschilde. Mysterious Galaxy is a very dangerous place. I walked out with far more books than I should of, except one of them is a gift for someone else.

At any rate, a copy of Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, Niven & Lerner's Fleet of Worlds, The Zombie Survival Guide, and of course Jim Butcher's new one, Small Favor. Oh, and a copy of their newsletter, but that's free. Felt pretty good with that as a limit when one of the staff at the store set in my hands World War Z.

They are evil there. Evil, I tell you.

And Introducing... Jim Butcher. Photos behind cut )

Following Which )
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Now I've slept. Body woke me up at 04:00 local time which is of course 07:00 body time. I told body shut up and went back to sleep. Not sure what the time stamp on this post will be because I don't usually re-set the clock on the laptop when I travel. For my personal journal I'd insert the local time myself, sort of like in the subject line here.

Recap of Travel Day )
It will be time for breakfast in a bit. The cell and Palm are both fed (topping off the Palm battery didn't affect the Funk... hey, the thing is at least 3 years old, probably 5 which is ancient for such tech). Room coffee is OK. Will want more with breakfast. Must be over to the convention center no later than noon to go through registration, because at 14:00 there's some official business to attend. That is, if I don't change my mind and decide I'm not going to be a Delegate this year.
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Up early today, somewhat in anticipation. Then again I'd gone to bed early yesterday after a bit of work on the Ranch and being tired, so that may be part of it. At any rate, a light fog this morning, would of been quite nice for photography excepting there waited a wee bit more house straightening to finish before our guests from Birmingham arrived. Quite nearly succeeded in that. Was just finishing wiping down the sink in lavatory when I heard a cheerful "Hello" from just outside the door. Of the house, that is. Lavatory is just inside the side door of the house.

In Which Your Narrator Spends a Day With Friends From Overseas )

Kitchen cleanup is first stage done (i.e. the first round of dishes are in the dishwasher and running; second load waits until first is done, of course). I'm here rather than watching the Tube. Time to go read some other things.
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Not too long back (it being not so long after Thanksgiving Day) there was a discussion about turkey and stuffing and such in [ profile] trinker's place. One of the things I mentioned there is Podvarek, which is bird stuffed with sauerkraut. Usually this raises eyebrows, particularly if someone doesn't like kraut in the first place. However, it is IMHO most delectible foodporn.

And now, graciously supplied by my friend [ profile] chaosloki is the recipe for Podvarek, here.

Mmmmm, Foodporn!

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