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Once, oh really even more than twice or thrice I considered seriously the business of being a writer. The key word here is likely business because I said to myself I could be a writer 'when I grew up' with either the implicit thought or the explicit statement that writing should provide my income. My Dad to be fair never said no; on the other hand, he would then point out about writing for a newspaper or a magazine and working on my Magnum Opus after hours, on my own. Oddly enough while I often considered photography seriously as another potential, I didn't talk as much about it.

I asked one of my high school teachers (an English Literature teacher) to read and critique a manuscript for a short(ish) story I'd written. When I met with this teacher after a few days I brought some of my prints with me. My teacher asked to see the photographs before critiquing the manuscript. After looking them over, smiled and said, "I don't see the Spark in this writing. Sorry, but I don't. On the other hand, I see the Spark in these," and touched several of the prints.

Not sure I would say I wanted the Spark of Genius to be there in my writing and I won't say I didn't. That comment didn't discourage me from writing, believe it or not. Instead, it encouraged me to study writing and writers, in depth. Over time, I'd say my writing improved. Still not sure I see a Spark in it either, mind you; that's all right. I've gotten better.

What this all grows out of is that things around here in the Blog-o-Sphere places changed over the rather quite a few years I've been tapping electrons into order to represent words. It feels like fewer people are reading in the places I post. I know I'm posting less often. One of the key factors in the 'business' of anything is consistency, sticking at it, and I'm feeling the absence.

Now, mind, in the past few years I've also been fairly focused at Hospital, first on finishing up the Magic 30, and due to some changes just before hitting that Magic 30 paying pretty strong attention to what I did there. Also, there is a proverb from the Japanese I like, not going to try to quote the original here only the translation: Chase two rabbits, catch neither one.

And I did make a firm decision some time back, yes, my photography is the rabbit I want to catch. Want. My Dad once taught me pay attention to Want versus Like. If one should Like to receive something, do something, and yet it doesn't quite come to pass or not in the exact manner, this is OK, this is good. Want, on the other hand, involves something deeper. There are things, many things, one is willing to sacrifice when one Wants something.

I am willing to sacrifice writing. Oh, studying writing is and has been good. Dad also taught me (my first Art Teacher) to study other art medium, stretch and grow as an Artist. Just -- I am willing to sacrifice making a living of any sort with writing.

Sound sad? Not really.

I am also very clearly in the twilight of my Nursing career. That Magic 30 represents a milestone, and now there are three more years tacked onto that, during which I've cared for others as they needed it. Time runs its course, though, and Time is coming when I will no longer provide professional Nursing care. All along, I've worked on my photography, my art fill the time when I would no longer go to Hospital. So of course, as that time approaches (Perversity being what it is, thank you Oh My Friend Jed) the economy is in the outhouse and not many people are willing to spend what little Fun Money they may have on art.

But Wait.

Herself points out to me that it is, apparently, somewhat easy to begin teaching classes in what I often think of as Community Education; those after hours classes organised (often) by Community Colleges or other educational institutions for adults who are nominally done with school. And one of the things about Nursing, as any of my colleagues will tell you, is that education is an important part of the practice. Teaching patients about their health conditions, their medications, how to cope, how to stretch, grow, heal. Something I've been doing for 33 plus years now and so, not a big leap over to Community Ed.

Recently another acquaintance asked me about studio backdrops. And, um, well, yeah I can pass along a thing or three about studio backdrops. Probably about lighting too, though I'm still studying that on my own. Then again, I think it may of been Hokusai (Japanese woodblock print artist from the Tokugawa era) that said (roughly), "I have been studying diligently the representation of shape and light for some time now, and I believe if I continue to do so another 20 years I shall begin to show improvement." And basics of composition, exposure, and such.

Some of these I've been thinking to do as blog posts, since I do see this blog as a bit of a photoblog with images and discussion strewn about. Even doing that, not much of a leap still to developing classes on this.

Maybe I should stick around a bit longer. Maybe you should too.
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Wed, September 5, 2001 06:46:02

Some Catchup

Not to be confused with the condiment, either. Yesterday was the first day of exhibits, or the trade as I heard my Australian colleagues calling it. The show is in the manner of Congress, but not on the order of Congress. I’ve walked through the whole hall, though I only stopped to talk to about five places.

Three of those were recruiters, and they say they’d love to have American nurses come to work for them. Evidence that the nursing shortage is worldwide. I am tempted, though I think the timing of this venture may be measured in years to start, as well as a year or two in process.

We were late to the first session; Herself accused me of making her crazy in the morning. I will try not to do so today, but I am an earlier riser than she is. This morning she commented she doesn’t know why she sets the alarm clock.

Nothing yet about International Fellowship Night; a great party. Nearly everyone I’ve heard comment on it says the same, have heard one American say she thought the party in Helsinki was better.

Dinner last night, with a group of nurses from Conference, at a place called Dux de Lux. Excellent food, truly excellent beer what with it being a combination restaurant & brewery. They do put out a tip jar, unusual here in NZ. The sign on it says if one feels they've received truly extraordinary service, please do tip. I asked the cashier/proprietor what they do with the tips, and she responded twice a year or so they close the place and throw a big party for the crew.

We left a tip.

I'm still a much earlier riser than Herself. The Trade Show lasted two days, in between sessions much like most other conferences I've attended over time. I've still got the card from one of the recruiters, and I still think, every now and again, about becoming a Traveler, an RN who travels to where there is an acute need and specifically to NZ. There are a few things that cause me to shelve the plan, though, and one of them is at my feet right now. Assignments for international travel would be six months or so at least, possibly longer. I'd need to leave Houdini at home, and I'm loath to do that.

Doing this retrospective, reviewing my notes & where we were, then checking on places and things currently I'm reminded again and again how severe the February '11 earthquake in Chch truly was, and how much it affected the places we were. Dux de Lux is (or was) housed in an old building entered in the New Zealand Register of Historic Buildings, and yet it is still closed, and probably slated for demolition... as are a lot of other buildings in that part of Chch.

No photos with today's post. During conference, while we did make some photos, they mostly were at conference and of the other attendees. I don't have permissions to post those, per se, so no photos.
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Mon, September 3, 2001 15:20:21

Yesterday afternoon we took a pleasant tour about the area with LR and her partner M, she being DJ’s sister. They took us over to Lyttleton Harbor, then to Governor’s Bay for lunch. Following that we drove back across the hills and arrived with plenty time to walk over to the Town Hall for registration.

Map showing the overall area, scanned )

Click on any of the maps to see the full size image; also the photograph

Map showing Christchurch City Centre )

Governers Bay )

Today started the conference. Opening Session proved as exciting and marvelous as expected, flawed only by the overly talkative nature of the Italians sitting behind us in the balcony. We were greeted by flashing lights and thunder, then received a traditional challenge from a Maori warrior. Traditional in the sense that this would be done, and a peace token left in the path. If the token were to be picked up, then relationships continued cordially, other wise, not. Then we heard songs of greeting and welcome.

All of the different countries represented were named, and a representative from that country came forward carrying their flag. There were quite a few, I might add.

I’ve not solved the e-mail problem totally. I’ve been accessing it via the web and the log-on at AT&T; for some reason, here in New Zealand Eudora can’t find my mail, as it appeared to do back in the U.S. There’s two things yet to try, first adjusting the post office where Eudora should look for mail, the second being look for help on the AT&T site or e-mail the support people and ask them to set mail to forward to the alternate address. I’ve also started to configure Eudora to be able to check the new e-mail address. Should be interesting, next time I log on.

At least I am able to check mail, and B postponed the Periop list to me so that I shan’t be flooded with messages.

I’ve seen another person from the U.S. here that I know, S the poet from California. I’m beginning to think I might be able to ask her about places to see in L.A. next year. That’s where she lives.

Also started doing some networking; some Kiwi’s from Auckland who are looking to replace ORSOS, though they don’t think they’ve got the financial support now that I’ve quoted some estimates, what with my quotes being in US dollars. It’s easy enough to do the conversion, and a US$1,000,000.00 price tag converts to better than NZ$2,000,000.00 anyway you look at it.

What follows is recollection... )
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When last we saw our intrepid travelers, they boarded an Air New Zealand flight from LAX to Auckland and departed the shores of the continental United States...

August, 2001 07:20:17 EDT
Across the Equator
We’ve just recently crossed into the southern hemisphere. The computer is still set on home time (so, Eastern Daylight) and I’m not sure what “local” time it is. The last position report on the on-board video put us due south of Hawaii. I think we are flying quite fast enough to stay ahead of midnight but I'm not sure. My wristwatch is set to Pacific time, and it’s showing 04:00 plus or minus a minute. We’ve been snoozing, Herself a bit more steadily than I. Right now, she’s feeling awake.

It gets rather verbose. I spent a good length of time aboard that 747 and amused myself by writing in between watching movies, sleeping, and such... )

Sat, September 1, 2001 12:29:30
Welcome To New Zealand
We’ve been in Christchurch for four hours now. Arrived at our Bed and Breakfast via a taxi ride and the driver quite friendly and informative. Tramped about a bit to sight see while the room was cleaned up, and are now checked in. Seems I didn't specify in any of the communications with our hosts at Croydon House that our flight arrived early in the day, so we parked our bags and stepped out for a bit. We’ve also cleaned up, changed clothes, and are ready to go tramping again. We've two goals on that count, see a bit around here and try to stay awake, fighting jet lag.

Seagulls... telling us this bridge is theirs.
Bridge, Christchurch NZ

Plaque on Rock Along the River Avon, Christchurch.
Placard along the River Avon
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Thu, August 30, 2001 19:24:33
On the First Leg
Fixed the mail checking problem; I needed to set the access via Internet to Yes. That fixed the problem. So international access to e-mail is operable, pending actual dial-up in New Zealand. We’ve watched but not listened to a silly movie about making hair-do’s, and eaten snacks and supper. Earlier on, lots of turbulance as we crossed over the weather front between Texas and Florida. It’s a lot smoother now.

I’m just now firing up the box. I’ll read e-mail and keep this journal minimized. When I wind up for descent into Los Angeles, I’ll go to standby mode and let the box rest.


Herself's parents took us to the Orlando airport to drop us off for the trip. We left Sydney Subaru Outback (then only one year old for us) at their place. A short flight to Atlanta, where we connected to LAX. This was, I believe, my second experience with LAX and it left very little good impression on me.

Arrived in LAX a bit before sunset, and needed to change terminals. We walked, with only our carry-on bags so minimal luggage because our checked bags made it across via the airline luggage handlers. Remember this wee fact, please. Tried out a wee point & shoot 35mm Vivitar, which came as a 'gift' purchasing something else, I think some travel alarm clocks or some such. Probably my first experience with a camera made with a plastic lens, rather than glass.

'Changing Terminals'
Changing Terminals LAX
That's Herself resting on the guard rail, during a pause as we walked from the Delta terminal to the Air New Zealand one. Not sure why we walked other than dim memories that after sitting for the nearly five hours across continent and facing the even longer flight across the Pacific we wanted to stretch our legs. Time, some when between 20:00 and 20:30 I'm thinking.

'Waiting to Board'
Waiting to Board
Air New Zealand 747 that carried us across the Big Pond, some when after 21:30 I expect as it is nigh onto sunset. I remember shortly after taking this photo (same camera mentioned above) that a big group of people started boarding, walking through a glass-wall separated hallway just off our waiting area. Turned out they were folk who'd arrived in LAX from other international origins and en-route to NZ.

We boarded after they did, and took off about 23:00 or so.

The next entry on this journey will be Thursday, and for a good reason as you'll see.
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Wed, August 29, 2001 09:05:19
First Big Day Is Here
We’ve got farm work to do; rounding up bucks for sale. Then we’ve got errands into two towns, Bronson and Gainesville. Bags are (mostly) packed; I’ve got to pack the computer when I’m done. I’m about to try setting up the AT&T Business Account so that I may connect to the Internet while in New Zealand.

Wed, August 29, 2001 17:00:07
Chores, Details, Hmm
Well, most of the chores are done, all that remain are detail chores. Like, emptying out my Mickey Mouse pouch, and then putting the zoom lense for Herself’s camera into it. That way, it’s packed, I’ve got it if I want it, it isn’t taking up space.

I’m about to test the AT&T Business account with Eudora checking the AT&T Worldnet post office.

Wed, August 29, 2001 17:55:07
Well, I’m not impressed yet. I can connect, but indeed, Eudora doesn’t find the Worldnet when I do. I wonder why?

Don't think I'll put all the retrospective quoted pieces into italics; it works for this one as it's short and helps me set the stage. Work on the Ranch as always is present; we needed to wrap some things up so the Ranch-sitter we hired to stay for the month only needed to feed. At the time, web mail wasn't quite as prevalent as now though available. I mostly used dial-up, and those speeds were slow enough to make web mail checks less than attractive. The primary address host I used at the time was AT&T Worldnet. They didn't offer international access, they offered the Globalnet for that. So I'd registered there fairly soon before leaving, and processed through making the connections work just before leaving.

The first goal of the trip: attending the World Conference for the Care of the Patient in Surgery. An international perioperative nurses meeting hosted biannually by AORN and always in a different part of the world. Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease or CJD was one of the really hot topics under discussion.

The destination: New Zealand. Down Under. The first week of the trip would be spent at conference in Christchurch on South Island. Then, whether by coach or rental car we'd tour more of New Zealand, see different sites, meet people, make photographs.

Departure date: 29 August, from Ranch to Deltona and overnight with Herself's parents before heading to the airport on 30 August, from Orlando, to Atlanta, to Los Angeles, to Auckland, to Chch.

The bags, as noted were mostly packed, with only toiletries and a few sundries to be stowed. We wondered about one notice we'd received, that Air New Zealand only allowed one carry-on bag per passenger. Various US airlines allowed one carry-on and one personal bag. Between us we had 120 rolls of film in 120mm and 35mm, and felt we that would be plenty. I'd stowed it inside soft-side lunch bags inside my carry-on luggage, so it could be easily removed and a hand-inspection requested at US airports, rather than running it through the x-ray machines in pre-boarding, along with my twin-lens Mamiya and Herself's Canon AE-1 SLR. Herself's carry-on had our change of clothing and toiletries. Plus our personal bags, mine with laptop computer, hers with some crafts to keep busy on long flights.

It was nearly time to go.
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Best laid plans and all that aside, major "historical" anniversary upcoming and despite that, something's been on my mind coming up to this month. My mind being what it is, it gets displaced sufficiently that the grand plans most likely won't happen. We'll see, however, will require a bit of other work not quite ready to do. Things distract me too easily sometimes, I think. Been telling myself I need to put the time blocks on my calendar, just like the ones which tell me I'm off to Hospital.

Work. On. Photography. Related. Projects.

So. '... One day you find, ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun...'

Indeed, ten years ago Herself and I prepared to depart on a major journey. It involved a bi-annual perioperative nursing conference which is no longer held, staged travel through several points, preparations for the Ranch to be covered for a month, film, photography, and so much more. The Web of course existed (there are college students now, this year, for whom the Web always existed) and rather a good bit of the arrangements took place using that tool. More of it involved me getting ready to check and send e-mail while being a stranger in a strange land.


I revisit my journals periodically, because that's one of the purposes of a journal. Both a storehouse for ideas we've had, experiences we've lived through to provide a foundation for more. Art. And I'd created a plan, potentially a Grand Plan, and... some of it will happen. Other parts won't, because I get side tracked and need to put down on my calendar 'Studio Time'. Sometimes Studio Time is to create new. Some times, it is to consolidate existing.

Curiously enough, I didn't make a journal entry for this date, a decade ago. Two days before, and the day after (tomorrow) yes. Not today. So what, exactly, happened on this date less ten years is... subject to confused memory. However, with judicious editing I will begin, tomorrow, the Grand Project I planned to start, as it is.

A Decade Ago, Today.
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Been at a day-long thing today. Can't really call it a meeting. Several different presentations all short. It's called Leadership Conference for the Nursing Dept. leaders/managers. I qualify now. Scary thought, that.

Now, one of the most interesting bits that was announced is ... smoke. Hospital is a major teaching hospital, affiliated (not part of) a major university and the medical sciences center of that university. Hospital is building a new structure (we open, in fact, in 100 days) across the Road from current structure. Pertinent to the discussion, at least a wee bit, is that new South Tower is on property owned by Hospital Parent Group. The old structure (North Tower) is on property owned by University. In fact, the original structure (it's been expanded, significantly expanded, over time and much of this during my tenure here) was once owned by University.

Hospital Parent Group already restricts certain aspects of Internet access. Specifically, such things as would not appear congruent with a facility dedicated to health, healing, trauma and cancer care, etc. So I can not, for example, go web surfing to the sites of either firearm manufacturers or sellers. I can surf to sights which provide information about firearms such as ballistics, calibre, tissue damage from bullets, and such. That latter is, after all, part of treating trauma.

Inside of Hospital, and even inside of the University Health Science Center has been 'smoke free' for a decade or so now. You want to smoke? You go outside to designated smoking areas. Inpatient, outpatient, visitor, employee, you go outside to the designated smoking areas. Part of the reason the limits extended only to the doors is University did not commit (other than here at the Health Science Center) to smoke-free.

As of Day One Opening of the new South Tower, Hospital (BOTH buildings), University Health Science Center, and the campus grounds around them will be tobacco-free.

You want to smoke or chew? Head a half-mile (more, actually) up the road.

Oh, there will be means and interventions for those patients who need; these will not include smoking or chewing or snuff.

Apparently, University will be promoting a tobacco-free campus elsewhere by a specified date next year. We here at the Health Care Places will start earlier.

About. Damn. Time.

And now, I go home.
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I've now seen at least one episode of two different new Televideo shows about Registered Nurses: Nurse Jackie and HawthoRNe. Interestingly enough, within the past three days [ profile] slave2tehtink passed me a link to a piece published, at least on-line, by the New York Times (link follows and I didn't need a login to view it...), that discussed the image of Nurses in the media. I'm not sure if this is going to be a rant. It will contain elements of being a review. No major spoilers, I'm sure, if you happen to be someone interested in either show.

But it might get long... )

Nursing, according to that NYT article, hasn't fared well in most medical dramas. None of them, to date, truly show what it is that Registered Nurses do for you when you need them. Gather data about your problems. Analyze and assess that data into information that leads to a Plan, to correct those problems to the best of the patient's ability. Implement that plan, which involves both direct Nursing actions and a whole lot of other people called the Health Care Team. Then do it again, to be sure it worked. Change as needed. Rinse and repeat. It's not Medical Diagnosis and Treatment; that's what Medical Doctors do. Yes, they order treatments and medications and then RN's administer those treatments or medications. That is, if something else in the patient's condition doesn't contraindicate it. Or change suddenly, which your M.D. won't see as they aren't at or near the patient bedside 24/7.

All that said, the two shows remain programmed for the DVR to record. Another one of my very good friends told me in the last 12 month, 'You're non-judgemental. That's a very good thing in your profession.' Yes, it is. Fixing those problems rather requires that non-judgemental aspect, and that is one reason why the two shows remain on the DVR schedule. Also Herself rather likes at least one of them. Still, won't be many more of the first one discussed that I'll watch if things don't change rather quickly. Only saw the one of the second one discussed, so there's at least two more viewings in my future.

And that said, I'm not hopeful.
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Hippie Birdbaths, Florence Nightingale.

And a Happy International Nurses Day to all my Nursing colleagues. Read the part a bit down the page at that link about the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

And now, back to work.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 06:56 am
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Today. Might be here. Might not. Have fun! Don't do something that will wind you up in my Surgical Theatre, eh?
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I am.

Looked at in greater detail I could add lots of things to that. ... ready to go home (only can't yet). ... enjoying working on photos even if not everything is going to be shown (some is just practice, and sometimes I'd rather practice with things I like even if I can't show it). ... needing time off.

Well, that last is coming. Another week plus two days and I've got a week plus one day off. It will be bittersweet time, though. Time off as originally planned started this Friday, for the annual hadj to AORN Congress. Which will be next week.

For the first time in 13 years I will not be there.

This, more than anything else, is an indicator to me of where our economy stands. I can keep the roof over our heads and the Land under our House, the food on our table including for the livestock and pets. Our connections to the Grid and Communications remain active, we can still get about as well with fuel and transport. In that last is where the bitter choice came in, as Sydney SubaruOutback needs work done, and the funds to cover that in the timely manner needed, as well as go to my professional association meeting, do not co-exist.

I started off this post with my current default icon, these days being Houdini & I. It is now RN - Florence. It's not simply that I could save money trimming my trip to cover only the days of the conference, rather than as I usually do extending the time a bit afterwards to photograph things in other places. That would conserve funds, yes. And still the equation will not balance.

Decisions made in the near past, Voice raised in our representational government process, all made and done knowing that indeed we, as a population, are not facing difficult financial times, we are in the midst of them. Doing what could be done to help with that because that's what people should do, much less Nurses. Yet still the impact comes: How Bad Is It?

It is bad enough that I am not able to go represent our Patients who need the advocacy, or my colleagues who are also unable to go, to see to the future of a Profession and a People.

No, Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. And I don't think the ride is over yet, either...
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LJ's 'Writers Block' today is:

It's the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day today. From clean needles to safe sex, the fight against AIDS has touched everyone's life. How has it affected yours?

My professional career started before the first news of the unusual disease which affected peoples immune systems came out. There is a great deal more as to how this affected my practice than this one story. A lot of things changed because of it, and since I am a Registered Nurse, it is something which affects me every time I take care of a patient.

One of those patients - I went to check her in and assess her before surgery. This back shortly after I'd transferred from the NICU to the OR, and I still wore a beard. She was blind because she'd been born premature and got caught by another of the risks premies are vulnerable to; too much oxygen will affect retina development, leads to separation and blindness. Fascinated by my beard she ran her fingers through it. She also tested HIV positive.

That she got because of another, early vulnerability, that the tests for donor blood couldn't detect the virus. She'd received transfusions as a premie.

And, her history showed her to be a Frequent Flier here at Hospital. Reviewing her record, I determined that yes, indeed, I could be the Registered Nurse who gave her that transfusion. I wouldn't of known at the time, couldn't know after the fact, and am not alone on the list of people who gave her transfusions.

Still... put that in your bag and contemplate, Oh My Children.
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May be seen here. May not.

Y'all have a good day, now, hear?
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Via the American Nurses Association:
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The last speaker at the FCORN meeting provided a very good presentation on menopause and related issues. What I most liked, though, is that I know her. Met her at Hospital when she was doing her OB-GYN residency, and really liked her then both as a person and a Doc. She's good people on that count. She didn't remember me, which I expected for several reasons. I didn't work with her directly (NICU rather than L&D, even with us going over to L&D for high-risk deliveries to assess and often admit babies). Also, in those days I wore a full beard. And much longer hair. In fact, much more hair, at that. However, after jogging a couple memories we shared a nice little visit.

Arrived home after a mostly uneventful trip. I say mostly for a couple reasons. Started the drive home by staying on A1A north as far as Port Canaveral, then jogging over to I95. It's been more than years since I drove that stretch along the coast. Much changed. I'm not surprised by it, actually I'm not sure how I feel.

Several cruise ships in port, all three of the lines in fact that use that facility, Carnivale, Disney, and Royal Caribbean. However, I'm not going anywhere with them.

Onto I95 and heading north, more of the boring interstate highway trip which is I95. Just south of Daytona traffic northbound slowed way way down, and FL Highway Patrol when whizzing by on the right shoulder lights flashing. That pretty much confirmed my suspicion a traffic accident occurred ahead. Getting up to it confirmed that status, someone (probably southbound but no way to really tell) had flipped their car into the median. Apparently no one was injured, and the car wasn't even much damaged, though still upside down. A wrecker was already on scene to remove the vehicle, plus both that FL Trooper and the local county mounty.

Back up to speed and a bit later off the highway for the dual purpose of meeting up with [ profile] thaddeusfavour and Himself for lunch, as well as SR 40 through the Ocala National Forrest is the way back home. Pleasant lunch talking a bit about writing and more about various movies and such, then away and back on the road. Over the river (St. Johns) and through the woods and over the river (Ocklawaha) and home again by about 17:30.

Houdini seemed very happy to see me back, as did his brothers. Herself as well, if only to vent at me about how slow the Venerable Old Laptop is, and being bumped off the dialup multiple times yesterday (that would be due to the storm I described arriving on the east coast), and I unpacked things and fed the cows with Houdini's help and then the Bros. Really pretty sure that Houdini was very happy to see me, because every 15 paces or so he'd slam into me and rear up to lick my face.

Ate dinner, hot tub soak, plans to take Herself's PC in to Williston where here is a PC repair place for diagnosis (though I'm pretty certain of the answer, want more extensive info re. other parts). I'll do that on my way to work this evening, as my schedule this week is very dis-normal due to the (hopefully) go-live of the shiny new Plan of Care. Evenings today, short day tomorrow afternoon, then two 10 hour days, and Evenings again on Friday. Yes, that's the Holiday. Yes, I'll be working the Holiday.

That's life in the big Hospital.
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Today's sessions are done. This includes the Business Meeting luncheon. The largest chunk of the CE are presented on Saturday, so some folk won't be here tomorrow. I will be, but that's beside the point.

Winding down now. Got a few things to do before going to eat dinner, and there's a party on the beach starting about 20:00. I'll probably go for a bit. Not a lot else to report.


Jun. 27th, 2008 07:02 am
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I am not going to Hospital today, but rather a bit south and east, to the Atlantic coast, and the FCORN meeting. There I shall execute my duties as FCORN Secretary this weekend, while also accumulating some additional Continuing Education. Handy, that latter, because I now start the process over.

That is, I've recently renewed my RN license in the state of Baja Jorja, and recertified my CNOR. The former is good for another two years. The latter is good for another five years, and at that point I may be converting it to a CNOR (Emeritus) as in that five years time I hope to no longer be practicing clinical nursing on anything other than a part-time basis. And that may be voluntary work, as in traveling with one of the various groups which do so to provide health care in areas where it isn't quite so prevalent.

But today, it's travel time. When I leave the Intarwebz this morning it will be to pack (basically an overnight bag, mostly set already), load the car, and depart. There will be Intarwebz where I am going, though I don't expect to be using the access during the day.

Yes, I shall most probably be packing along the camera kit. Not sure what photos may be forthcoming, but if there's no camera, there will be no photos. Which, of course, glosses over the camera in the Treo. So there could be snapshots. We'll see.
madshutterbug: (c)2009 by Myself (Florence)
Today is Florence Nightingale's birthday.

Think about her the next time you interact with a Nurse.


May. 8th, 2008 04:28 pm
madshutterbug: (c)2009 by Myself (Florence)
Any of you who are afraid of clowns (those disguised, costumed individuals who try so hard to make one laugh, they really must be hiding something) need not read further.

Clowns are wandering through Hospital today.

This is all part of something called 'National Nurses Week' here in the States. Rather a commemoration for all the members of my Profession, it is held annually and usually to correspond to Florence Nightingale's natal anniversary. I'm not so much afraid of clowns as they are more serving an unpleasant reminder of how much I've come to depend on a wee bit of technology that isn't currently functioning well. Nor is my progress to replacing that functionality progressing well.

It's all right though. I've not forgotten Flo's natal anniversary. Y'all will be subjected to something about that on another day.

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