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At being a quiet weekend that is. Houdini, Squrrl and I made rounds this morning. I could hear horny goats before even leaving the House, so I knew I wanted reinforcements while feeding goats. And the Bros did well. Plus, I suspect they also went and told a neighbor dog that it shouldn't ought to be over on this side of the road.

I am really quite amused by The New Adventures of Queen Victoria today. The link should open in a new window/tab, as may be. If not, just follow the link via either my Flist or my info page. We are tres amused.

I've been pulling 'hitchhikers' out of Houdini's fur today; seed pods of some sort from something growning on teh Ranch, probably over by hog pen #2, which we went over to check their water flow. They're in good shape. Herself told me this morning she'd turned off their trickle water because they'd gotten quite wet, and with our daytime temps being in the upper 30's C (high 90's F) the hogs get the benefit of some wet. Yesterday and today with the overcast, and some rain, not so hot.

Did get some work done on new icons today, as well as sorting through photos which need their final touches for an upload, probably to Flickr. I do need to work on upgrading my more personal website, by which I mean my photography website. I don't advertise it much anymore, as it is at least four years out of date. I say four because one of the links from the home page is to my Brother & Sister-in-law's boat website. Not part of the world anymore; boat was sold after Bro died. That web site hasn't been functional for nearly that long.

As should be.

Am expecting Herself home sometime this evening, unless the weather shows significant signs of changing for the better. Not expecting that, what with Gustav out there in the Gulf. Called her with a weather update this morning, letting her know we're fine here and what the overall is to be like. They had enough light rain all day Saturday on site that she said they're all pretty much over it, and planned on packing up and leaving today (a day early). Still, I don't expect her until late.

Houdini is nudging me that it's about time to go round, and feed the Ranch critters. So, until tomorrow, TTFN.


Jul. 17th, 2008 05:06 pm
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Not sure if I'll show up on LJ tomorrow; I am taking the day off work because Saturday will be some more training classes, though that's for a one-off project. Do you think I should tell Houdini that BossStaysHomeDays are going to be weird again? Or let him find out on his own?

That is all.


Apr. 27th, 2008 06:25 pm
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Considered, quite seriously, an invite to head down to St. Pete for yesterday evening. Good food, good company, promised to be good times.

Been traveling too much this month. Herself headed off in the morning for SCA, fairly local event called Gathering of the Clans (Scots theme). She took some of her store for setup, had fun. I know 'cause I asked this morning while we chatted over morning coffee.

Me, I opted to stay home. Walked Ranch rounds with Houdini, spent some good time with him. We sat and watched teh cows for a while talking. Well, I talked, he listened. Afternoon, I made a run to the edge of Hoggetowne for a gift card for office-mate who's leaving, taking a new position. Also picked up a couple things for Studio, and replenished the larder a bit for dog and cat food, as well as milk & creamer. Caught up on a couple other little chores about the Ranch, again with Houdini for company. And in the evening, a hot, hot soak. Much needed.

Today we achieved laundry completion, plus some photo sorting, plus a haircut I've been needing for a bit. Feels much better shorter. Herself says the gray hairs are becoming hard to see. Took the luggage bags over to Studio which is where we store them when not in use. There's a few things in one of them which needs to be 'unpacked'. Not really anything I traveled with, they're all things which needed to move over to Studio as that's where they will live longer term. Didn't get the big cotton backdrop washed this weekend; I'll do that next weekend.

It's probably a good thing I didn't take the backdrop with me. As it is, washed six loads and the local migrant workers were in doing their laundry also. There's a lot of work going on now for the migrants, planting work and some harvesting (strawberries, I believe). Sunday is their one free day. So I didn't hog six washers to get all loads done in one fell swoop, leaving more available for everyone to use. Not bringing in that backdrop then this week is helpful to them.

Now it's time to go feed the horses, and the cows their evening ration, and then the Bros. Then it'll be time for our dinner. Tonight is the sausage on a stick pieces Herself did up for her upcoming SCA feast. It's still experimental. These ones were frozen after initial prep work, and the experiment is to see if that changes their flavours or textures at all, thawing and then preparing. If not, it makes prep work easier. She can put them together long before the event (call it a month or so), freeze, and then thaw and cook on site.

So, time to go. Need to keep my chores done 'fore I can eat dinner myself.
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That I've got too much overtime this week. Therefor, I must clock out.

OK. Oh, please don't throw me into that Must Clock Out briar patch. Please.

So. I go home now.


Apr. 29th, 2007 08:26 am
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Slept in a bit again today. Ahhhhh.

Walkabouts with Border Collies. Spelunking under Studio 318. As suspected the leak is most probably at a weakened joint. There's no water connected to the building right now, but there is some residual water still in the tubes. With manipulation, that joint gets wet. However, the tubes are also old and feeling brittle; this is a 27 year old mobile home. When we first moved it out to teh Ranch, we were contacted via bulk mailing about participating in a class action suit for owners of mobile homes.

Seems the particular type of tubing used reacted poorly with chlorinated water and deteriorated rapidly. We hadn't any problems with the plumbing at that point, the place was only seven years old then, and hadn't been on chlorinated water for more than five. And certainly hasn't been on chlorinated water for the past 18 here on teh Ranch. So we gambled. I expect we won; I don't think this problem is due to chlorinated water. Oh, that may of contributed a bit, but I think this is simple old age. After all, it's a mobile home. They are not expected to last forever. Herself, and then Ourselves, is/are the only owner.

So we will continue to use the structure as Studio 318. We might still bring some water service in; as mentioned before, a functional water closet and kitchen would be nice, even in Studio. However, if we do so we will continue with the theme of "Industrial Ugly" in the repairs. I won't be tempting fate by trying to repair the current plumbing.

Not to mention that working under there won't be any fun at all. Not a lot of space, and the vapor barrier is torn up by opossum and/or raccoon, and it's just not terribly healthy feeling under there.

Today we do our supply run (yesterday we did one too, but that was for the Ranch Critters, a feed run). And photos of knives.

Mary Kitty is keeping my lap warm. I shall want more coffee soon.

That is all.
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That may be the only thing we didn't have problems with. No, that's not true. No problems in the house.

Finished hanging and wiring the ceiling fan/light in Herself's Sewing Cottage. Yeah for lumens and air movement. And Herself says it is already a noticible difference inside. Good.

On the down side, the goats dis-associated the thermostat wire from the heat pump. They've taken to going under Studio 318; it's dry there, you see, and goats truly hate being wet. Unfortunately, there's this dis-association previously mentioned, meaning the heat pump isn't working now. No signal to tell it Hey, it's time to pump heat, eh? This will probably entail a service call. Could be worse, we usually do a service call once a year for checkup. It's about time.

Disks delivered to people who modeled for the shoot Thursday a week. Yes, I know, I'm teasing y'all about that one. We'll see. Actually, that's what I'm teasing you about because y'all haven't seen.

Was going to be heading down to O-town for a one-day seminar hosted by Major Software Vendor of the system we use at Hospital. Not going now; seminar cancelled. Can't say I'm heartbroken.

Houdini did not get to go for a ride this weekend. Neither did Mamma Munch nor any of his brothers. Such is life.

There is another cat hanging about the house; lighter grey than the Kittens of the Apocalypse and Ras, but certainly looks like he could be sired by the same fellow. Not mothered by, though, their mother Snuggles experienced the Plumbing Breakage before disappearing. So even if she wasn't et or runned over by sumpin', she's no longer in the Kitten Makin' Business.

He's been shy, but not running off. Herself's been talking to him, and feeding him this past week. He will now tolerate her within arm's reach, though not being touched, and now is talking to me as well. Though I must initially do the cat body language "I'm not watching you" after I put his evening meal down, and be well outside of arm's reach. I am now permitted to sit on the steps and watch him after he starts eating.


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