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Is tired. Big surprise, I suppose, since this may be a frequent description. Work is coming along on matting pieces for the upcoming Necronomicon Art Show, more to go and likely to come down to the last minute (as usual). Planning on getting up to eight pieces framed, and some duplicates of those pieces matted and sleeved to take along. All of this, as usual, fits inside other business such as Going to Hospital for work tours, Ranch Chores and Duties, and now an additional bit.

Month and a bit ago, Herself and I adopted four kittens who'd been fostered at a friends place. All of them were either gathered or otherwise turned in to the next over county Animal Control Service, and as quite young kittens though with their eyes open already. First week or so proved interesting, though we provided the Young Kittens with a private space to slowly introduce them to the KittenzOfApocalypse. This proved a successful plan and over then two weeks or so from first introductions the elder KittenzOfApocalypse accepted the Young Kittenz. Perhaps the introduction of the 'Red Dot' (a laser pointer to play with kittens) helped...

The Young Kittehz )

Chaucer proved the slowest to warm up to Houdini Border Collie Bro. Houdini, for his part, felt some concern. He grew up with cats around, and indeed the KittenzOfApocalypse are good friends with him. The newcomers didn't seem so friendly at first, often exhibiting 'Leaky Kitty Pressure' syndrome with hissing and bottled tails. Bleau cottoned first, he being quite the extrovert, and with the example of their elders the KittehzOfApocalypse even Chaucer calmed down when Houdini was about.

Chaucer received his name from the Agency; he was found near to one of the major library buildings on University campus, alone and wee as mentioned. I started thinking a dog probably caused his separation from mother and siblings. Given some additional data, I am much firmly of this opinion.

Then, last week and because we somewhat lucked into the connection, we brought another youngster out to The Ranch.
Vel & Houdini First Meeting )

This is Vel, or Val, short for Velvet Valkyrie. She was the only surviving pup in a litter of six, the other five being stillborn. Her dam would not accept her, what with the rest of them all being dead, and that family contacted the Animal Control folks for help, being unable to cope with an infant pup needed every two hour feedings and such. Local Animal Control Agency has a network of volunteers willing and able, and as it happened the volunteer who received Vel gets her goat milk supply through us. She told us we might be interested in this pup, and indeed we are.

We felt some concern at how Houdini would cope with a new addition. He grew up with his brothers, and there is some exposure to other dogs in his life. Not all of them were friendly. Based on evidence so far, Houdini is an excellent Uncle. Including that prerogative of Uncles to turn the youngster back to the 'parents' when he's had enough.

However, we are now also re-learning just how much energy a seven week old pup sports. Interrupted sleep is Us. Officially we are 'fostering' her for another three weeks until she hits the age at which Animal Control Agency will adopt out. It is our intention to adopt her at that time.


Dec. 12th, 2010 07:11 am
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Madame Queen Mary Kitteh died peacefully in her sleep, yesterday some when around 23:00.

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille... )
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Just Because )

Just because slave2tehtink is the only person to comment on Anachronistic Surreallity One.

Some fence mending today, repairing two places where bovines tested barbed wire strands either to parting or simply stretching. The simply stretched one, however, when I applied a tightening twist, snapped. Either a combination or one solo factor, Bull did stress it, or I twisted just a shade too much. Probably the latter, being honest. At any rate, both spots mended and a couple others touched up.

Laundry done.

Sound like an exciting day?

Nah, didn't think so.
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Nap Nao )

Lounging regally upon his fooftah pillow, 3of4 KittehsOfApocalypse AKA Fooftah deigns to open his eyes and glare at the intruder interrupting his nap.

Today's weather is... wet, here. Will be again tomorrow most probably. Warmer, and therefor hinting of Spring. We've also seen a lot of Robin Redbreast, and I am wont to think fondly of my mother when I do. She loved Robin Redbreast and I suspect not least of her reasons for this included that seeing them in Michigan truly meant that Spring arrived.

Weather today providing a bit more data to figuring out the problems connecting to Flickr, because initially this proved not so successful from home today. However, now we've uploaded to there and to here and... achieved Pic'o'Day.

However, my knees and elbows are unhappy about the pressure changes.


18 Dec. 23rd, 2009 07:13 am
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )


Apr. 19th, 2009 07:02 am
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Quiet day on teh Ranch yesterday, which is as it should be. Sending out good vibes for the friends and contacts underneath yesterday's torrential rains. We've been there.

At any rate, Smudge & Houdini & I went and fed Cows & Horses in the morning. I've this feeling I've already mentioned that, oh well. Bit of help with the Goats and Hogs, and everybody back to their spots while feeding the DirtyYardBirds. Collected a few eggs. Watered several, and counted up functioning water jugs. Plastic, and several are retired because they no longer hold water. I've got an inkling for using a couple in Studio, the others need to be recycled. And I needed to decide if replacement bases are needed. They are, not vitally, can wait until the week.

After watering Squrrl and I loaded up in Sydney Subaru for a brief jaunt and I know I've written about this already. Tough. That's how quiet the weekend has been so far. Got back, ate lunch (meatloaf sandwich mmmmmm), then did some bits of things about the house. Things like folding laundry, sweeping floors. After that, felt soooo drained I actually took a nap. Something which Madame Queen Mean Ole Mary Kitteh greatly approved of, naps in the afternoon.

She's in my lap now, in fact. This is a good sign. I've meditated over the past few months how well she settled into her move, being a fairly old cat. Back when Herself brought her from the parental units homestead, she already claimed being a fairly old cat, two almost three years back.

It occurred to me there is a great similarity in the setup between here and there. First off, by that point while the children did come by to visit, only the parents-in-law actually lived there any longer. So, in the rather anthropomorphised manner of our thinking her thinking, only the two monkeys, the he-monkey and the she-monkey. Also, for most of her life the In-laws owned the two houses, always with the intention that the smaller of the two, the lake house would be the retirement abode. These two houses were in easy walking distance from each other even if one walked along the road rather than along the power company right-of-way. The latter walk was even shorter.

Mary Kitteh then was quite happy to wander between both abodes, and considered them part of her domain.

Studio 318 is somewhat closer to Big House than those two domiciles were, but this is offset by the addition of Herself's Sewing Studio, Carmenetta's Cottage. Which is also about the same distance from Big House as Studio, in another direction. Madame Queen therefor added a palace to her inventory. And additional subjects, in the guise of Cows, DirtyYardBirds, Goats, Hogs, and Horses. There have always been Dogs. One simply tolerates them.

She gets a bit concerned when one or the other of us depart for these weekend or longer trips. Understandable, as in the previous Domain both the monkeys disappeared and never returned. Well, they didn't quite exactly disappear, as both died at home. As time progressed, though, she's gotten calmer about this, since after all one monkey servant or the other is still present, meals continue uninterrupted, and there are bedwarmers for the evenings and for naps.

This has, in fact, probably been my most important function this weekend, at least from Mary's point of view.
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I will definitely pimp them out. Oh My Yes. *BG*

Two Lumps - Link Opens in New Window

Oh My Yes.
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It's very early, and dark on a Christmas morning. I'm awake with an achy back, and that's what it is is back. Oh noes say the readers another blow by blow recovery post. No; no, it's not. It's an achy back.

On KP Ranch the Business )

The KitnzOfApocalypse Units Business )

Meanwhile, Back On KP Ranch )

So when bytheby passes we expect he'll still be there.

There've been several posts yesterday with folk commenting about naming holidays or saying holidays. Nothing offensive, actually sounding more like it's OK to call it what you want.

Hey, this part of the year seems to concentrate a lot of holidays into it. I hold that's related to Northern Hemisphere Solstice; for whatever reason when it's getting cold and winter's starting, people pretty much want to keep their spirits up so they party. Sure, it's good to party just because, but it's always better to party for a Good Reason. Wow, here I go doing much the same thing, saying much the same thing as lots of other people.

Which is't what I set out to do. I think. Then again, yes I am still taking my pain meds. At night. This is night, I remember mentioning that at the start of all this.

I grew up in the Christian tradition. I celebrate the season; for Christians (specifically Catholics) it's Advent. I'm not a church-goer, I include New Years in that, maybe moreso than my parents did. It's just the Season is what we did growing up, the whole season, Advent.

My Dad included a letter in the Christmas card after we'd had our goat herd a couple years, and it was beginning to grow. He told the legend that on Christmas Eve, the animals can speak Human, to celebrate the Nativity.

It's true; I've heard them.
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Not to be obsessive-compulsive about it, but yes, having a plan is a good thing. After all, if (and when) things go awry, it's easier to improvise off of a plan that it is to make things up whole cloth under stress. This attitude of mine could be a result of my Nursing education, though I really can attribute the roots to my time as a Federally Subsidized Tourist. Every morning at muster, the senior NCO conducting muster would read the "Plan of the Day" which included handy tidbits like what the uniform of the day was, which duty section stood watch and when, even time for special events. Doesn't seem like much, and certainly could be interupted by unexpected events, but again, having the Plan of the Day made improvisation much easier.

Today's Plan started much like most work days. Get up, make coffee, shower and clean up, get dressed, go to work. The point where it changed is when I turned the key in the ignition and Sydney Subaru Outback did... nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Not even lights. The most likely explanation is the demise of the battery, which after all is original equipment (we purchased Syndey Subaru Outback brand-new in August 2000, he being a 2001 series vehicle), and Sydney boasting a comfortable 96,000 plus miles. In fact, there'd been a hint that the original equipment battery would do this shortly before I headed north for AORN Congress. Since I'd been in the throes of getting ready for that trip, I opted to postpone replacement.

Which may be proved today to be a less than optimal plan.

Now, the obvious first improvisation would be to jump-start Sydney Subaru Outback using Forrest Nissan Pickup. Which we immediately implemented. And... nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Not even lights.

Next step, call hospital and let them know I would be late. Then, collect tools, and pop the hood (bonnet for my overseas readers). And discover that indeed, it probably is the battery because both terminals are rather buried under accumulated something which accumulates around battery terminals which are left unattended in relatively moist climates. So the next improvisation comprised cleaning off the terminals so I could even access the lock nuts.

I'd assumed, looking at them, that the positive terminal connector would be the most difficult to remove, and would very possibly need replacing as it hid under the larger pile of whatever it is that accumulates. In the long run, it was a bit more difficult to remove than the negative terminal. Unfortunatley the negative terminal proved easier to remove because it quite literally dis-integrated in the process. The positive terminal, however, proved not as difficult as I thought, and to be reusable, at least for the short run.

Then load the detritus up into the back of Forrest Nissan Pickup and trundle into the nearby community of Williston, there to purchase a replacement battery (3 year replacement warrenty, 84 month pro-rated replacement thereafter) and a replacement connector for the negative terminal. Following the payment there for, load the new swag up and head back to the ranch and the installation of the new battery. With the connections all made, Sydney Subaru Outback started right up, happy as can be with fresh juice.

All of this required about three and a half hours, no worries since I'd told hospital I would be late, and I headed up to the house to wash my hands before heading in to work. Stepping in the door, I spied on the floor just inside a not large but certainly noticable smear of fresh blood.

Say what? Quickly washing my hands, I turned as Herself came into the bathroom and stopped, asking me first what I was doing home, and second, did I know anything about the blood on the floor in the bathroom? We proceeded to follow a blood trail through the bedroom, through the Great Room, and into the kitchen, where we found Three of Four Kitten of the Apocalypse limping on his left rear leg. Closer physical examination revealed a six to seven centimeter laceration on the dorsal surface of his lower leg, from just distal to the heelbone to just proximal to his paw.

Since our small animal vet is located on the route to hospital, Three was immediately bundled into a cat-carrier and loaded into the now happy with fresh juice Sydney, and off the two of us went to drop him off for debridement, irrigation, and suturing of this wound. Not terribly happy to be leaving the ranch, Three spoke to me about his indignity for most of the duration of the short trip to Doc Harbin's. I must say his constant nattering provided some comfort that his unhappiness at least indicated not being in shock or total exsangination.

Dropped him off, and he's probably being sutured up right now. Doc Harbin frequently has partner/assistants in the clinic, usually young vets just out of school and looking for some additional experience before opening up their own practice, somewhere. This time, however, the partner/assistant proved to be Doc Samiek, who we once used to see with my erstwhile companion cat, Ukemi (long since dead of old age) when we lived in Gainesville before acquiring the Ranch. Very happy not to need to explain anything about how I'm able to do such a detailed assessment of the situation, Doc Samiek took report, did his own quick exam, and they bundled Three off to the inpatient facilites.

Today is a half-day for the Archer Animal Hospital, so if Three is not fully recovered from his sedation by noon, they'll keep him overnight. However, they will not charge us for the overnight (though I'm quite willing to pay) because it is a half-day.

Now I'm at hospital, and resuming the regularly scheduled Plan for the Day.

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