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It feels like a long week. Oh, measured in minutes, hours, days no longer than any other week. Measured subjectively, and … a long week.

As a Registered Nurse, this is my 33rd July at a Teaching Hospital. If you aren't in Health Care at all, you may not know what this means, if you are you do, yet you may not be working in Teaching Hospitals and for good reason, because July is when all the newly graduated Medical Students start as Brand New Doctors.

A while ago after reading (or re-reading) Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land I rather decided that I'd apply a concept, or my adaptation of that concept, if I ever found myself saying I hated something. At that point, I would commence to study it (or them, or whatever) and learn a lot more about it, know it quite totally. Only a few things piqued this over the intervening years, and most of them once I'd studied more stopped being something I said I hated.

I. Hate. July.

This is the first year I've said that. And given this is my 33rd July (at a Teaching Hospital) it occurs to me I already did all the studying I need to do. Add to it the few things I've mentioned publicly, and as far as I'm concerned, This. July. Is. Fired.


Now, on the other hand, there are some good things to report. Making progress learning how to work with GIMP. Doing so not quite the hard way, and doing so by working on projects then researching something if I run into snags. Not always researching, today I figured out some easier means to conduct watermarking my images as I worked through a batch from May. All watermarked now, and in the process of saving said files as JPG for web and other distribution, so probably be able to show some new(er) work soon.

Yesterday worked with someone on my Healing Art project; did this session 'on location' at my friends house, where there is now hanging one of the images in the project 'Recursive Series #1'. Some of the work visits that, just because.

Will likely be a bit before I'm ready to show anything from this session, in part because there are a ton of Ranch projects needing work and in part because I hate July and it's still July and bah.

Houdini, however, says it's OK because he is with me and he is enjoying being Indoor Dog.

Date: 2013-07-22 01:30 am (UTC)
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**HUGS** You hate July and I hate late Jan/early Feb for similar reasons. Hang in there.

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