Date: 2014-11-16 03:26 pm (UTC)
madshutterbug: (c)2009 by Myself (Houdini&I)
We've used a variety of different easily raised pavilions, and currently are using an old (nearly time to retire for the use of it) First-Up for the Ranch booth at Farmers Markets. With that one we are going to try putting the hula-hoops over the corner ribs because while it doesn't accumulate water at the corners, it does so at the mid-points of each side. In short, we've found that no matter the company, in a Florida rainshower they are all likely to accumulate some water and all need a self-bailer for the times no one is in attendance (overnight).

I've been thinking about switching to concrete or some other weight than the water jugs in bags. We will continue to use the water jugs in bags with the Ranch booth, because Herself uses that water during warmer months to help keep fresh produce hydrated. One of the farmers market sites we do is Towns of Tioga, also the site of a couple of art festivals we do. Tioga is (in)famous for being windy, even if no place else is particularly so. It's also the only spot that I've done that interactive part of the display trick. Everywhere else, yes the booth flexes and shifts, but doesn't lift.

Some of the art festivals we do as a joint venture. Well, all of them are joint ventures as both of us are photographers. At some we add Herself' jewelry. Once we kick that into the mix, again, we may need to add a trailer if it's going in the Subaru. Load often is covered with a tarp when transporting in the Nissan (or other pickup). Before we decide about trailer, though, we need to play the Tetris game without going anywhere, simply packing to practice and plan.

Our alternative to your BHV will be a full size pickup; we need one for the Ranch as well anyway. We will still need to cope with the exposure to weather, but I am flat out too tired (old) of climbing through even a BHV (which I did own, back in the day we first bought the Ranch) stooped over to shift weights. Being able to move weights (totes, bags, etc) more ergonomically is more important to me than the enclosure from weather. With individual components of the Studio booth being in weather-proof containers, those portions that need protection from even standing water get wrapped in a bath-tub tarp.

We've done a few events with 10x20 space; usually with our friends and business partners for the Ranch being in one part of the booth space and the Studio being in the other.
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