Date: 2014-11-14 03:31 am (UTC)
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Nice booth setup!

We started out using EZ-Ups, but have now switched to the First-Up brand because of a slight difference in the way they're built. The EZ-Up can collect water in the corners if it rains, and eventually that will cause the whole thing to collapse. The First-Up has bowed-out ribs from the corners to the center of the roof, which eliminates the corner water-collection points -- and we don't need the central section of the frame to hang lights on, which some artists do. Our experience has been that any accessories (such as side curtains) sold for EZ-Up or Caravan pavilions can also be used with the First-Up.

Our wind weights are 24" lengths of 6"-diameter PVC pipe, capped at both ends and filled with concrete, with heavy eye-bolts (with large nuts on the ends) inserted into the concrete while it's still wet. They weigh about 30 pounds each, and we fasten them to the upper frame with ratchet straps just as you show yours fastened. The booth may flex alarmingly in a high wind, but I've never had to add my own weight to hold it down!

I hate writing blurb copy of any kind. It's my least favorite part of putting things up on the website.

Our show vehicle (and my around-town car) is a 2000 Pontiac Montana minivan, which generally has all the back seats pulled out for Cargo Mode. It's considerably larger than your Outback, but then we generally have all of Russ' stuff as well as mine in there. For Austin Celtic, where we get a 10'x20' space and have to carry 2 pavilions and a bunch of other extra stuff (most of our shows are indoors at cons), we use the BHV, which is a full-size Dodge van.
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